Diggs the next great corner

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 3rdEyewarrior, Sep 27, 2021.

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    What i like about Diggs too is that he also breaks up passes...puts himself in position to not let the WR catch the ball. We are so used to having CBs that are satisfied with playing off the receiver and just tackling the receiver as soon as he makes the catch. Playing scared. Breath of fresh air to see aggressiveness for a change.
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    Newman was underrated...my favorite Cowboy when he was here. Shutdown Steve Smith more than once
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    Joseph is the wildcard, could really make this secondary real good if he emerges.
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    Fun Fact Diggs son is Cute as all hell
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  5. NotForLong

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    Ues sir
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    And his son helped the team by making his dad promise to intercept the ball and run it for a td. We need that kid on the coaching staff.
  7. NotForLong

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    I wanna see him in the suite with Jerry for one game . . . Could you imagine the conversations . . .pure gold
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  8. Carson

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    When is the last time we had a DB talk smack and back it up??? Kid has that Ramsey swag about him. Kearse, Hooker and Kazee had that swag as well.

    I guess when your older brother is Stefon Diggs you either ball out or get roasted growing up. Kid was solid last season. He is outright nasty this year. I was literally standing up and pumping my fist when he was talking smack to Hurts and Smith. Watch the film, he punked Smith off of the line plenty of times.
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    Bossman fat needs to join in on the feast.
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    You could tell Diggs had done his homework, he knew exactly what Philly was trying to do on those routs and stayed in great position to knock them down.
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    he is from Alabama, so his fundamentals and work ethic are excellent. they run a tight ship there. and he set to improve himself instead of looking for excuses or touting himself (listening Jaylon?). he said he should have had 14 interceptions last year as he had his hands on the ball and he meant it....he works on his craft. self motivated. and that makes for a great pro.
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  12. Carson

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    Hopefully it’s more of whats to come as opposed to playing with Hurts and going against Smith daily in practice
  13. FalseStart75Pozderac

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    Are you serious? - Jeez.....Isnt that more than B. Jones and B. Carr combined during their entire Cowboys tenure?
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  14. Reid1boys

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    Yep, we don't need to see anymore. This guy is a stud. He has that swagger and cockiness I live in players. He's everywhere....just a stud.
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  15. NotForLong

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    I did the same thing . . . and then the very next play they went at Diggs and He knocked the ball away.

    Love it
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  16. conner01

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    We don’t need him around Sherman
    He’s a really good player and will get better
    We don’t need the influence of Sherman
    He’s got the coaching that Sherman got
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  17. BotchedLobotomy

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    Fun Fact:
    T Diggs has as many TD's this year as his brother S Diggs has in Buffalo
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    Yes, have him talk with Everson Walls, too. I'd like to think what his redraft position would be... The consensus at the time was that if he were picked it the first round, it would be understandable.
  19. NotForLong

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  20. shabazz

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    Why Sherman? So he can influence him to be an overrated braggart too?

    Better players and people to get influenced by than "me first" Sherman

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