Dislike of the GM is NOT hate of the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by BringBackThatOleTimeBoys, Nov 20, 2014.

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    But a few draw those conclusions. In fact, the more you hold something dear the more likely you are to vent on anyone that ruins it. Hey - the Cowboys are winning this season. Yes, and why hasn't it happened more often the past 18 years? A run closer to the Colts, Packers or Patriots during that period? Or the Landry Era or the middle of the 90's? It called a drought, folks.

    The thing that has distanced myself recently from this team is the absolutely ridiculous arguments of Jerry's role of the 90's Cowboys. Yes, he bought them and cleaned house, hired Jimmy, made the Hershel Walker trade. That was significant. What Jimmy did was more significant in coaching and finding players, Yes, Jimmy struggled a bit in Miami, but in Dallas he leveraged his recent knowledge of college talent along with his coaching to the max.Who has Bill Belichick discussed football with - Jimmy or Jerry? ;) I don't know if his coaching will land him in the HoF, but that's he's been mentioned says a lot.

    Anyone ever argued the statue in the stadium, an Irving school, and a freeway be renamed from Landry to Murchinson?

    The few that have suggested Jerry had a bigger role, even to the point maybe 500 others could have done what Jimmy did is both crazy and infuriating...I can only conclude: trolling, they are related to the Jones, on Jones payroll, not sober. The record since Jimmy's departure attests to Jones' football genius. And while he desperately tries to duplicate the 90's, his pandering for attention no other GM or owner does is just sickening.
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    Ummmmmm okay.

    Do you feel better now bro?
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