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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. J12B

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    Demarcus Lawrence's play has been absolutely stellar this season and his gamble to play under the franchise tag is paying off. Although his sacks are down compared to last year, he is just as disruptive and shows up in defending the run It is safe to say a big contract coming his way.

    Based off a couple of other recent deals (Mack Danielle Hunter, Von Miller and Vernon ), I put together a possible new deal.

    5 years $100 million/$63 million guaranteed.

    2019 cap hit - 16 million
    2020 cap hit - 19 million
    2021 cap hit - 21 million
    2022 cap hit - 23 million (7 million in dead money and 16 million in cap savings, if released)
    2023 cap hit - 23 million (23 million in cap savings, if released).

    A structure like this would give the Dallas front office flexibility to restructure in future years or release him after 3 years (without too much dead money), if needed. According to over the cap, Dallas is expected to have cap space of $55 million in 2019, resulting in Dallas having $39 million available to expend with Lawrence only counting 16 million towards the cap.

    What do you think of this deal and what are your thoughts on Demarcus Lawrence's future in Dallas?
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  2. Aviano90

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    Should have signed him last year. This year he will probably be seeking $25 million per. I think we franchise tag him again.
  3. HanD

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    He said he won't take another franchise tag .I think he will want 21 or 22 .I'd rather front load so we can save cap for jaylon, Byron, Zeke, Cooper in future years?
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  4. Aviano90

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    He may not want the tag but I would be surprised if they work out a long term deal before we have to slap the tag on him to prevent him from becoming a free agent.
  5. Dextor Clinkscales

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    Let's think about this. I know we want a contract that doesn't seem too heavy on the cap, but why is DL going to take this deal? Mack signed a 6-yr, $141 M deal with $90M in guarantees. Why am I taking 60?

    This has to start at 5 years, $125 with $80M in guarantees and $50 at signing.
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  6. Hawkeye19

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    You can’t preach RKG philosophy and then let a guy who does everything you ask and produce at a high level walk. You just can’t.

    And if they hit him with the franchise tag again— I will be disappointed. It may be what is best for the team in the short term— but it displays zero loyalty and respect back towards DLaw for the way he has handled himself this year (just look at Leveon Bell).

    Pay the man what he is worth and celebrate and enjoy having an elite DE. Don’t draft studs, and then develop them for someone else to enjoy
  7. Fizziksman

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    if he gets three sacks and re-injures Wentz this Sunday than yeah

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  8. Bobhaze

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    A consistently excellent pass rusher who’s still just 26. Great pass rushers are almost as hard to find as a good QB. Pay the man. It’s a must.
  9. J12B

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    Lawrence is not at Mack's level.

    In 2016 Von Miller signed a 6 year $114 million deal with $70 guaranteed. Dlawrence only has 2 consecutive years of great play compared to 4 years with Mack and 4 years Miller had when their deals were signed Dlawrence deal will be slightly less, imo.

    We can probably get him for 5 year/$110 million with $65 to $70 guaranteed. Maybe my first scenario was team friendly but it should be in this neighborhood.

    $80 million in guarantess is where Lawrence's agent will start at but will have to negotiate at a lower asking price.
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  10. HanD

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    I'm hoping they can .but it is definitely possible
  11. Mr_437

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    This should already be done, DLaw is holding this DL together.

    Jerry wanted a war daddy, now pay him.
  12. Nightman

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    They can't give 20m APY and that much in guarantees..... that is into the 4th season and only QBs and the truly elite get that

    DLaw needs to take a 5/90m with 50 staggered gtd if he wants to stay

    DAL has too many big deals coming to give everyone top dollar... they will all have to leave some on the table to a part of the Cowboys championship run

    Remember the CBA expires after 2020 and teams will not want a lot of gtd commitments past that date
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  13. J12B

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    If we get Lawrence for 17-18 spur that would be a steal.

    I think the deal Mack got is going to give Lawrence more leverage during negotiations though. Plus he has now had great seasons back to back.
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  14. jterrell

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    This is exactly why the team should sign Dak now.
    The longer you wait the more it will cost.
    DLaw has some injuries that are a concern but boy oh boy do you wish you had just signed him this past off-season now>? Yes, do darn sure do.
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  15. jterrell

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    Spotrac actually suggests a market value of 6 years for 124M.
    DLaw is going to be very, very costly or he is going to be gone and you have Taco, Gregory and TCraw at DE without an R1 pick.
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  16. Aviano90

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    They can’t sign him now. They have to wait until next year since he is playing on the tag.
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  17. jterrell

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    DLaw is, yes. I was referring to Dak who you can also extend this off-season if he gives you a deal such as what Sturm proffered.
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  18. lukin2006

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    Just pay him. He is proving his worth...
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  19. stasheroo

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    I think this 5 years $100 million could have gotten a deal done this year, but the Mack deal blew that up. If Mack is making close to $24 million a year, that's what Lawrence will be looking for.

    And ask yourself:
    • Do you pay the guy who is regularly performing up at the top level at his position in Lawrence?
    • Or do you pay the guy in Prescott, who isn't ?
    I'll pay Lawrence first and then see what I have left for a quarterback who's 28th in passing yards per game.

    This was a "prove it" year with the team deciding to go with the franchise tag. Well, he has, and now you pay him. Or kiss your pass rush and top-ranked defense goodbye while overpaying for a bottom of the barrel passing game. Smart? Or dumb? Not a tough decision.

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  20. J12B

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    6 years is too long. Lawrence probably has 2 or 3 good seasons left in him where he can be as disruptive as he is now. And he has some injury issues with his shoulder and past issues with his back.

    5 years is a good length for both player and the franchise

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