Do you believe the Cowboys and Dalton talked about this?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, May 5, 2020.

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    With the weapons Dak has on offense now I don't see how he cannot succeed. If he plays under the franchise take and doesn't get us to the NFC Championship then maybe he isn't as good as people think? Certainly not worth 40 million a year. I would rather him play under the tag and reevaluate after the season. He had a stacked roster last year and how did that turn out? We all placed the blame on Garrett but now Garrett isn't here to be the fall guy. Do we really want to commit to Dak for 4 or 5 year for 40 million a year if he's not the answer?
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    I do wonder if Dak and his agent raised an eyebrow when Dallas signed Dalton and winked when Rush was released.
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    Best way to do a prove-it deal, eh?
    For a fourth rounder, he gave them four years of good service with two post seasons at a rookie salary. He performed better than some QBs who were paid much more. So, this season of play on the EFT at 30MM+ kinda rounds the AAV out for him to about 8MM. If he is less than expected after the season, put a different tag on him or trade him. Then, we have the possibility of Dalton as insurance until we get the next guy.
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    I’d be fine with that.
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    The only talk i noticed was dalton said right after he was released Mike McCarthy and him talked. Now does that mean he talked same day or next day or couple of days? Either way I think McCarty and CO. had Dalton on their Radar for a while now. For the future who knows? Aint no Mrs Cleo around here.
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    No, they did not talk about that. The situation is what it is... Dak is their starting QB. He will sign something by the 15 July deadline. All of this is understood by Dalton. Dalton signed to be Dak's backup for one year, nothing more.
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    I think the Joneses told Dalton that Dak is the starting quarterback, but they expect him (Dalton) to step in if Dak isn't available. Then, based on his job performance, the Cowboys will evaluate from there.
    You don't talk another player's contract with other players.
    I think Dalton knows he's coming to back up Dak with an outside chance of possibly starting if Dak is not available. And then he'll go from there.
    The key for Dak is to get into camp on time and not give Dalton a chance to make an impression, win a few games and put Dak in the same situation he put the Cowboys and Romo in.
    This scenario is not lost on the Joneses or Dak or Dalton.
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    Both sides knew the deal and signed a 1 year deal.
    Dalton isn't signing here or anywhere else for 3M as a presumed starter.

    This has all been widely reported so the speculation at this point is more wishful thinking and goofiness.
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    You left out draft a QB in the first round next year.
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    Dalton needed a soft spot to land and already lives in DAL and no one was talking to him about being a #1 right off the bat.

    I am sure it has entered the Joneses mind that should Prescott decide not to sign, they are in better shape than they would have been. Dalton has said this is a refresh and reload for him for the second half of his career so he does have plans beyond this one year with the Cowboys.

    This was a bad year for QB's and he and his agent realize it. Many teams are giving it another year with what they have so the openings were not there.

    The most interesting thing to happen in this would be for Prescott to not sign and them start this new O and season with Dalton in that #1 spot. It is up in the air about any preseason games but the Cowboys would have to make the call about rescinding the tag on Prescott because he could show up not ready for the season and they'd have 31.4M for a backup for part of the season. And then, who's to say McC and Moore don't like what they see with Dalton and these weapons?\

    I don't think that happens because he would lose 31.4M for one year and those endorsements would dissipate once he was painted as the greedy player hurting his team by not showing up and with so many people out of work, his career would be over and he would be the most hated athlete in sports. He's not stupid.
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    There’s a new sheriff in town. Don’t think if Dalton shows well in camp that Dak won’t get the hook after a whiff or 2 like we saw last season.
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    I think Dalton knows what the deal is. If for whatever reason Dak isn't out there week one, Dalton has a tremendous opportunity to re-ignite his career on a loaded offense. Then he puts himself in line to get a big new deal, if not with the Cowboys, than somewhere else.

    So, that in itself explains the one year deal. Dalton gets to come home to Texas as a Dak insurance policy. But in all likelihood he spends all season holding a clipboard, pockets $3 million, and enters free agency again in 2021.
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    Not even if it means Rodgers wins us a Bowl? Because he could do it. How do you pass him up?
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    Zero percent chance that happens.
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    To me, it went the other way. They did talk about it and that's why Dalton's contract is structured the way its structure.

    He'll take three million to be a backup. But if Dak decided to not sign the tag then Dallas would have to pay him more money. And that's were all of the incentives come in at. So if you look at Dalton's contract, they definitely talked about a pay raise if he has to play more.

    If he does play a good portion of the season and plays very good, then they'll start talking about re-signing him.
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    You conjure up a pretty good Jerry. But I see him giving the wink and saying something quite opposite: "Right now, you're the most experienced QB we have under contract. We're hoping to get Dak signed but you never know, we might need you to start the season as something more than just a back-up so get yourself ready just in case."

    I'm not sure Dalton will play much beyond this year. Maybe a year or two after that. Maybe. I read his comments about setting himself up for the future and the next stage of his career by coming home to Dallas to suggest that it is his post-football career and future that he has in mind.
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    1 is the best option unless you're a dakslobber and don't care about the Cowboys.
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    For the fans, it doesn’t save any money. It’s not like they can pick Andy dalton/Carson Palmer over Dak and suddenly a 20m a year DL appears on the roster. Just pick who’s better.

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