Does Aikman win a SB with any team from Parcells forward?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyRoy, Jul 2, 2022.

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    True but I imagine most great passers aren’t as accurate on deep ball as shorter routes. I’ve never heard Troy deep ball being criticized. Maybe I missed that .

    This is beginning to sound like an attempt to bash Troy in order to uplift Tony and Dak.
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    fair enough. all I'll say is Dallas hasn't had a super star QB since Roger left.

    Good ones? Yes . Dak is a good one, he just needs a lot of help.
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    Reality is HOF inductions better define greatness or best of an era than fans can. The rest is speculative.

    Fortunately great players can also be recognized on lesser teams if their performance is best or near the best in the league .

    In the end Troy made the most of his opportunities on great teams . He played his best on the biggest stages. And Impact is also prerequisite for induction.
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    "He played his best on the biggest stages"

    very true.
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    The championship game we lost with Troy we turned it over 3 times in 1st qtr getting down 21-0. We made a miraculous comeback which most defined as heart of a champion but against another great championship caliber team came up short .

    I was never prouder of that team in 90’s era . We showed everyone what we were made of . But it also illustrates how well he played or rose up in other championship runs . It makes a difference .

    He didnt have one of his best games on the biggest stage at least early on in 94 championship game and it cost us a better chance at a 3 peat.
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    Dallas was 1-4 on the road in the playoffs in the Aikman era.

    The home field was important. I know, that's obvious, but just sayin

    The stats in losses

    11-16, 114 yards, 0 TDs, 1 int, 63.0 rating
    30-53, 380 yards, 2 TDs, 1 int, 93 rating (the comeback attenpt game...solid)
    18-36, 185 yards, 1 TD, 3 ints, 37.4 rating (yikes)
    22-38, 286 yards, 0 TD, 1 int, 70,7 rating

    so 3 TDs, 6 ints in those 4 road losses. Except for one game, we needed home field.

    I'm an Aikman fan, but he WAS surrounded by an amazing team and HOF coaching staff
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    I know for sure you can never compare QB ratings and stats in general across's really silly.
    But here are his stats for ALL playoff games

    Aikman (hardest era)__58 comp%, 23 TDs, 17 ints, 88 QB rating (very good for that era)
    Romo (easier era)__ 62 comp %, 8 TDs, 2 ints, 93 QB rating (very good in any era)
    Prescott (even easier era)__61% comp rate, 6 TDs, 3 ints, 87.9 rating (not as good, but not awful)
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    He definitely would not have won during the Romo years.
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    • The NFL was not dominated by the passing game back then.
      • Marino's highest completions per game in a season was 24.
      • Montana's highest completions per game in a season was 20.
    • If you were under 18 in Jan 1995, then you probably don't really know that happened in the 94 season NFL championship game.
    • Overview
      • Aikman broke the NFC Championship Passing Yards record. Even now it ranks 4th.
        • The 3 above it are between 1 and 2 decades later during the 'passing league' era.
      • They were down 21-0 by the middle of the 1st quarter.
        • The remainder of the game they outscored the Niners 28-17 to end up at 38-28.
        • What they did in that attempted comeback showed the greatness of Aikman.
    • Pressure
      • The Niners had a great defense in 1994.
      • Blocking Problems
        • Rookie Larry Allen was playing RT because of Erik Williams car accident mid-season.
          • LA had injured his ankle the previous week the Division round 35-9 win over the Packers.
          • In the Niners game LA could only move forward. His ability to move laterally was near zero.
          • They end up having to help block with Moose or a TE.
        • Tuinei had played through injuries that season and struggled at LT in the extreme muddy conditions.
      • Summary:
        • Aikman was getting hammered on all passing plays.
        • It was just a question of if it happened before or after the pass.
        • Aikman had 3 INTs but only 1 was 'on him'.
    • Turnovers
      • INT 1: (Q1)
        • WR Kevin Williams had the ball in his hands, but the DB out-muscled him and took it away.
      • Fumble 1: (Q1)
        • Aikman hits Irvin for 16 yards, then Irvin fumbles.
        • Niners get the ball with 39 yards need to score.
      • Fumble 2: (Q1)
        • Kevin Williams fumbles on a Kick return.
        • Niners need only 30 yards to score.
      • INT 2: (End Q2)
        • Hail Mary type pass with 3 seconds remaining in the 1st half.
      • INT 3: (Q3)
        • Down 38-21 in the 3rd quarter, it was time to take chances.
        • With an unblocked pass rusher within a few inches coming at him, Aikman throws ~35 yards down field.
        • Deion (debatably) pushed off Irvin and made the INT.
    • Niners Defense
      • DLine
        • Bryant Young: 4x Pro Bowler
        • Dana Stubblefield: 3x Pro Bowler, 1997 Defensive POY
        • Dennis Brown
        • Rickey Jackson: HOF
      • Linebacker
        • Ken Norton: 3x Pro Bowler
        • Lee Woodall: 2x Pro Bowler
        • Gary Plummer: 12 year career
      • Defensive Backs
        • Deion Sanders: HOF
        • Eric Davis: 2x Pro Bowler
        • Tim McDonald: 6x Pro Bowler
        • Merton Hanks: 4x Pro Bowler
      • Backup Rotational DLinemen
        • Richard Dent: HOF
        • Charles Mann: 2x All-Pro
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    I don't know. That 2007 team was stacked and the Patriots were vulnerable as the Giants showed. That team did have a huge leadership deficit however, with Cupcake and Garrett. I don't think Aikman goes to Cabo and his leadership holds the team together to at least get a rematch with the Pats. The unknown would have been how Aikman handled TO, but he was still fairly quiet in 2007.

    In 2016, we got HFA throughout the playoffs with a rookie QB. I doubt Aikman would have wasted that opportunity falling behind to the Packers like we did. He wins that game and a home NFC Championship game at least.
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    Hard to tell he had a great team in the 90s perhaps one of the best ever

    but put him behind some of Romo and Daks teams and under Garrett and I’m not sure

    one things for sure neither Dak nor Romo had the fortitude to get into that *** like Troy he and Irvin both were fiery leaders and that’s a trait that we could have used post parcells
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    I’d pay money to see how the Aikman/TO dynamic worked out. Aikman had a way of winning his teammates over because he always had their back. You won’t see Aikman going to Cabo with Witten either. And he probably gets in Larry Allen’s grill in his later lazier years just as much as Parcells. Aikman was never afraid to hold his teammates accountable, including the defense.
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    Moon's teams were stacked. He wins a super bowl w/ an O that's not gimmicky trash.
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    My bad. I thought I put 3 fat fingers
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    Disagree. ATL was a better team, but horrific playcalling did them in.
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    Yeah, it was just weird. Troy could throw a 40-50 yd frickin' laser, but his deep ball was not great.
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    Maybe with the team that Parcells built in 2006 or 2007, if we're talking about a seasoned Aikman. I look back on those years and while Romo was very exciting to watch, he wasn't as good as he was the last few years of his career. The 1992-95 Aikman might have been enough to get those teams over the hump.

    I think that would have been the best shot. In the years that followed we had differing problems that would have held the team back, but mostly defense. The defense was much better last year, so maybe he could have made the difference then as well. I think the 2011, 2014 and 2016 teams had too many defensive deficiencies to get much further than they did.
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    Aikman won 3.
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    Who cares he won three with his group.

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