Does anyone believe in ghosts?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by America's Cowboy, Nov 12, 2021.

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    I understand this can be a very sensitive topic. Many don't believe in the supernatural, especially something they can't explain like ghosts, moving objects, visions or unexplained forces. To some like me who have experienced such experiences with the supernatural, I wanted to not only share but see who else has had such experiences?

    For example, a few weeks ago, my sister and her family showed up in deep South Texas to visit my mom, my brother and I. We all decided to get together for dinner at my mother's house. I grew up in this house. It lies in an old Spanish ranch that was created back in the early 1700s when Spain used to own this land. Also, my mom's house and plot/land lies directly in front and across the street from an old Spanish/Mexican cemetery where people of Spanish/Mexican-American decent have been buried over the centuries and continue to do so today.

    Anyhow, back to my story, a few weeks ago my siblings, their families and I decided to get together at our mother's house. Late that evening when everyone was getting ready to leave, my brother, brother-in-law and I were standing in my mom's living room next to a wall where my mom has some glass window floor cabinets adorning the whole wall where she displays her collection of Christmas themed nutcrackers of various types and sizes (my siblings and I have bought many of them as gifts to our mother over the years since she loves to collect and show them off).

    As us 3 were talking, suddenly this one particular rocking horse nutcracker (shown in pictures below) starting rocking on its own very fast. It lasted for about a minute and a half. We were standing about 5-6 feet away from it. FYI, there were no fans on or any wind blowing that would have caused the rocking nutcracker to start rocking back and forth, much less so fast and for so long. You should have seen the look on my brother-in-law's face. He turned pale white with eyes wide open. o_O:eek::D My brother even freaked out even though he's known and seen a few things here in my mom's old home from when we were growing up over 35+ years ago. I just giggled softly and told them, "You see it! I told you it is real." Just then, the rocking nutcracker stopped immediately. No slowing down whatsoever. Just came to an immediate stop. They both freaked out and went outside. :D



    Anyone else have any stories to tell? :cool::D
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    No stories to tell, but I'm always ready to see my first ghost, alien or Bigfoot! :D And I have the newest Iphone with their camera, so my picture will not be blurry!!

    Not sure which one would be cooler - proof of life after death, or proof of other intelligence in the universe.
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    To believe in ghosts goes against my whole belief system, but once you've experienced it, it's hard to deny it. Maybe it's the way the 5th dimension interacts with our 4.

    So, there have been a few incidents, but the one that comes to mind most when this topic comes up is the time I was helping my girlfriend move out of her family home to move in with me. We were there for a couple of hours, and the whole time I felt just a little something I couldn't put my finger on. I was just a little uncomfortable. Suddenly that feeling got a bit more clear, and looked at my girlfriend and said, "There's something here."

    "What do you mean?", she asked.
    Feeling a little silly, I said, "There's a...presence."

    She turned very pale, and started telling me stories about green spots that just show up on the walls, the living room floor shaking violently for 10 or 15 seconds (Her father was a contractor, and he couldn't figure out anything that could have caused that, though he tried.), sitting in the living room and feeling her mother's arms around her, then realizing her mother wasn't there, etc. One time, she was in the basement and heard her mother walk into her bedroom, so she went upstairs to talk to her, but instead of her mother, there was a spot on the edge of the bed where it appeared someone was sitting, and suddenly stood up. There were a few more stories, but I don't remember them all.

    Anyway, the feeling I was getting started off as just an innocent presence, nothing to worry about, and a couple of hours later we were sitting at the kitchen table, and it started to feel malicious, to the point that I felt like if we didn't leave immediately, thing could get bad. I said, "We need to"

    As soon as those words left my lips, the garage door raised up about halfway and shut again...We scooted on out, and I never went back.
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    I don’t know but I do watch all those paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Caught on Camera, etc, etc. i am sure a great deal is staged but there are a few times that make me go hmmmm.

    Our bodies have energy and according to Einstein……energy cannot be created nor destroyed. When we die, that energy goes somewhere :huh:

    It would be nice if we go elsewhere when our time is done here. There is a question that will bother me forever, will we know we are dead after the fact or does our presence go poof in an instant? Only one way to find out but I’m not ready yet….:laugh:

    Side story:

    My wife took an NP assignment a few years ago at a hospital outside Oklahoma City. So, we went out there for a few months after they found some corporate housing on short notice. The options were limited but they placed us in a new apartment complex that was nearly empty, maybe 200 people lived there out of 400 units.

    There were two instances that happened there that almost made us pack up and go right then.

    Instance one:
    To set the stage, our bathroom in the main hallway had a door that would always swing towards closing….always. It was impossible for the door to swing open on its own. The bathroom also had lights that came on automatically when we entered and turned off when leaving.

    Anyways, one night we were on the couch watching a movie and all of the sudden, we heard a slow creaking. That bathroom door slowly opened and the light came on. It lasted about 10 seconds then the light turned off and the door slowly went back to closing.

    Instance two:
    Again, we were watching TV but this time we heard a small ruckus coming from the laundry room. It was just a small room with a door and no window which was off behind us towards the kitchen. We kept a broom and a swiffer jet mop tucked behind the dryer leaning against the back wall at an angle. I went in to investigate and low and behold……the broom was about five feet in front of the washing machine standing straight up by itself.

    As I type this, the hairs are standing up on my arms and neck :laugh:
    My wife is a total non-believer and calls the stuff I watch nonsense but after what she saw made her begin to question things. I did a little research and came to find out that this new complex was built on or close to something American Indian related but couldn’t verify that it was a burial ground or something ceremonial.
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    I had a good friend in the Army. Sometimes I and a few others would stay the night in his families house. It was him, his wife, his younger brother and their parents.
    Sometimes in the middle of the night is father would get up, go to his chair in the living room and smoke a cigarette.

    Shortly after he had passed on, Sadly the guy lost his mother and father in a span of a year and I was a pa bearer at both funerals, I was staying over at the house an asleep on the couch in the living room.

    I smelled cigarette smoke and I woke up and looked and someone was sitting in the chair smoking but my eyes were blurry from sleep and I went back to sleep.

    The next morning I asked my buddy if he got up in the middle of the night and smoked. He said no. I asked his younger brother if he had gotten up and smoked.

    Neither did. Now I know someone sat in that chair, turned on the lamp and was smoking. Both denied it. I still think it was his dad. Who knows.

    With that out of the way. I am normally pretty skeptical about many ghost stories.

    My wife likes watching the youtube shows and stuff with "ghost hunters" ... I think they are a joke and are so fake and silly.
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    Thank you everyone for sharing some of your ghost stories. They are awesome! Later tonight when I'm done with work, I will tell everyone some more interesting stuff that I've experienced.

    Thanks again. Have a great rest of your day.
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    I’m very intrigued. Love ghost hunters and paranormal caught on camera! I definitely believe! Pretty wild story with the rocking horse! Possible relative? Luckily I have no ghost adventures of my own! :confused:
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    Yes, when we lived in our house in Dallas, my wife had this Victorian Christmas tree that she kept up in the dining room year round and turned it on during the holidays. One year she decided to replace some of the decorations and bought some from this antique store that specialized in that and put them on the tree.

    Strange things began to happen like items missing and then showing up and one night when my wife was all alone, she sees this little girl walk from the foyer into the dining room and she freaks and calls me in OK where I am commuting. I come home and she is pretty shaken and we sit up for a while I am playing that Daddy role with the child seeing something in the closet. I need to mention that my wife was a very spiritual person and I don't mean just in religion, she felts things differently than anyone I have even known.

    Well, as you'd know it, she knows this clairvoyant in LA that is with her company and I had already heard stories about Wendy.

    People swore she had powers. My wife ends up seeing this little girl a few more times but she senses she means no harm to anyone and even our dogs would look at her and not bark. To say it made me uneasy that even my dogs would turn their heads is an understatement.

    One night when we had visiting guests from Galveston, the two of them turned their heads at the same time my wife did and asked "who's that little girl"? Now, I am freaking the hell out and accuse them of setting me up and I tell the two of them to describe the little girl and they do it to a "t", just as my wife had described her.

    My wife calls Wendy and tells her everything and she asks my wife to box up and send everything new on the tree to her. She overnights the box to Wendy and Wendy calls her in two days and tells her the little girl's name is Mary and she is attached to the Victorian doll decoration and she is not dangerous but she is trapped and needs to be released. Yep, I am thinking "Poltergeist" all the way on this one and ask my wife if Wendy is a Munchkin. I am ever the skeptic.

    Wendy sends the box back and asks my wife to call when she receives it that night. She has her go through this ritual of freeing Mary, I am in OK at the time, and she does it. Neither my wife or the others that claim to have seen her, and there were others besides our friends from Galveston, ever see her again or feel her presence as some did that instead.

    Now, this is where I get my proof that Wendy was indeed gifted. When my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer, she and Wendy began a strong relationship and talked every week and spoke their own language. After she passed away, Wendy came to Dallas just to see me. We had lunch and when we had finished with all of the small talk and some general uneasiness on my part, Wendy reaches across the table and takes my hands in hers and I could feel this tingling sensation in my arms, looked me in the eyes smiling and tells me exactly the time my wife passed, 1:10pm, and that she felt her spirit soar free from the pain and she wanted Wendy to tell me that she was in a better place.

    I had one other situation of a spiritual nature occur while my wife was sick and one after she passed that I will not go into as I have half convinced myself that I was under incredible stress at the time and could have imagined it. But both were so crystal clear that I have a hard time doing that.
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    Never seen or expierenced anything like that.
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    Not Ghosts. energy and spirit ? yes.
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    Don't believe in ghosts, demons or sky wizards.
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    The only ghost that is true is the Holy Ghost.
    Any paranormal activity is demonic.
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    I used to get regular visits from the same ghosts. One was a woman with an 80s haircut wearing a bridal gown. Her Mouth was all bloody and she would do this evil smile where you see her pointed teeth. With her were these weird little human-like creatures that looked like human babies, except they had pointed ears and pointed sharp teeth. They defied gravity and always hung out at the ceiling as if gravity were reversed for them.

    I would see this scary stuff and then get up and turn on the light. Every time, as soon as the lights were on, they were all gone. But they kept coming back night after night. I know I'm known for funny tall tales, but I swear, I did indeed see this night after night for maybe 2 months.

    I honestly think I was hallucinating. I was on these anti-bi polar meds even though I'm not bipolar. I took them to prevent migraines. Ever since I've been off these meds, I haven't seen these weird, scary scenes anymore. Some people would say these were ghosts. Others would use the rational explanation that I was seeing hallucinations due to my meds. But I include this in the thread because I did see them. Decide for yourself what explanation you think is best.
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    Since that happened when you were taking those meds and stopped when you stopped, that would be my conclusion and I had a salesperson in OK that had been on an experimental meds program that caused her to not only hallucinate visions but hear voices and they ended the test program abruptly.

    Rev, when I hear some of the side effects of these meds, for example Ambien and things people do in their "sleep", I think these pharma people use us too much like guinea pigs. And anything in the psychotropic or sleep field should be treated with suspicion until proven otherwise.

    Took them over 10 years to find out Prozac was leading some young people to consider suicide more frequently and some commit it. I would say that didn't help their clinical depression.
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    Yeah, I had problems with A LOT of those meds. Many of them made me gain weight. I know use a medication that is a once a month shot to prevent migraines, and I don't have all those awful side effects. I'm busy on a health-oriented diet now plus exercise to get all that weight off. I wish I had read ahead of time the side effects because A LOT of people online said they had problems with weight gain. A few also said they hallucinated weird stuff.

    But I think it is true, at least in my case, that my ghosts were drug-induced hallucinations. Even though I knew they weren't real, it was still freaky to see that stuff night after night.
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    There have been too many accounts over the years from people not on drugs, stupid teenagers playing pranks, drunks, etc for anyone to claim that there cannot be anything there. If you are a reasonably intelligent person who actually bothers to take a good look around you.
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    But the question is; What is out there? Personally, I think the best bet is that anything like that would be part of a higher dimension that we can't detect.

    For instance, if there were beings living in a two dimensional plane within our three dimensional space, anytime something of ours intersected their plane, they'd only seen the parts that were contacting that plane. Imagine it like a sheet of paper, but without any thickness at all. Now imagine a basketball crossing through that plane. All they'd see is a small point that turned into a ring that got bigger and bigger until the center of the ball passed though, at which point the ring would get smaller, become a point again, then disappear.

    Now try to apply that same scenario to a dimension beyond what we can see, intersecting with ours. I don't know what that would look like, but maybe it would look paranormal to us.
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    Or maybe when we croak we go to a different dimension as some kind of energy and now and then we leak through weak areas in the barrier between dimensions.
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    I believe in the super natural, but different than most.

    Humans are not ghosts. After death they have somewhere to go.

    I believe there were hybrids created. Angels mated with humans and animals and created hybrids (histories told all over the world, on cave walls, building architecture, mythology). They are abominations and something that was not meant to be. They have no place to go, no rest, and that is what is roaming the earth. These beings are deceitful, and have been around watching for a long time.

    We are now seeing the rebirth of hybrids through technology. Maybe people who corrupt their bodies will become abominations, and no longer have somewhere to go and be forced to roam.
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    One of the possibilities.
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