Does Lamb have that elite level talent

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. Cmac

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    Thank you Cee Dee getting heat because of your Boise State offense.
  2. Fmart322

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    If you asked teams to trade for him you would have a lot of takers.
    The kid is gonna be good.
    He's been dealing with terrible QB play.
    Michael Irvins rookie year wasn't spectacular either.
    Give the kid time to grow.
  3. RamziD

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  4. MikeB80

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    He seems like just another guy to me. He is a good lp layer not great and he is not in any way a dynamic punt returner.
    He is lining up inside and getting free releases, what happens when Gallup is gone and he has to beat corners who are in his face outside.

    he just seems like every other good wr to me. I can’t stand the big 12 so I ever watched him in college but I was told he is this dynamic playmaker and he has not been that at all.
  5. WillieBeamen

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    Bruh, delete this
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  6. Northern_Cowboy

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    Cee Dee Lamb is going to be a star in this league for years to come...he has that kind of talent. Having said that he has had alot of noticable drops in the last 4-5 weeks that he is going to have to correct...which i'm sure he will
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  7. WillieBeamen

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    All I know is that he is the second best player on this team and is playing 20% (65% total) less snaps than Gallup. For comparison, Justin Jefferson is playing 76% of the Vikings Snaps and the same amount of snaps as Claypool and he is out performing both in catches.

    He has more catches, yrds, and TDs than Gallup.

    Ceedee will be a top-10 WR by the middle of next season as long as we have a new QB behind center
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  8. CouchCoach

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    Premature to judge Lamb or any other player on this team right now because it's a total cluster. There are players on that field that shouldn't even be in the NFL. You can judge those but Lamb is a good player that just made a bad play yesterday but would that have really mattered?

    That was a team loss, starting with that coaching staff.
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  9. CouchCoach

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    He is adjusting to something he's never experienced before, a dysfunctional team with a questionable coaching staff.
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    -Really after 1 drop, you are dumping on CeeDee Lamb? He has done more then enough to show he is going to be a special player. Lamb is the least of the Cowboys problems.
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  11. Risen Star

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    Quit hating on him.
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  12. Manster_Mash

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    I expected more big plays, RAC, and highlight plays. Clearly, he is #1 WR talent, but I'm starting to question if he can be elite. He isn't even close to as good in the open feild as advertised.
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  13. Creeper

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    I am not going to question Lamb's ability yet, but I am concerned that he does not possess elite speed. I wish he was a step or two faster.
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  14. Northern_Cowboy

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    Somtimes i just can't help being negative!...;)
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  15. Mannix

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    Maybe its the fact that he does not properly fill out the #88 jersey, but there is something about him that keeps sending up warning signals to me that he he will never be Mr. Dependable
  16. TheRomoSexual

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    Lol. “Other than the greatest catch of the year, what other greatest catches of the year has he caught?”
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  17. Rockport

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    He does when Dak is the QB.
  18. Jfconrow

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    I think he’s trying to do too much and it’s a stacked roster. He doesn’t get many opportunities when they spread it around and he’s trying to stand out. He’s still learning, but definitely the most explosive of the WRs.
  19. john van brocklin

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    Too inconsistent at this point
    Highlight catch followed by easy drops
  20. Parcells4Life

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    This. He’s obviously going to get open, and put up numbers. However they keep giving him jet sweeps and he runs right into the defenders without making any miss which is how he made his draft stock at OU.

    You can say a player may not have all the traits he was forecasted to have without saying he sucks.

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