Twitter: Dolphins claim Taco

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. catiii

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    "What are the Cowboy secrets? Yeah Coach, they got secrets. but man I can't remember a damn single one of them (and he means it!) " Bwahahahaha!
    I ain't worried about no soft tacos.:laugh:
  2. pansophy

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    So that the next team we play could claim him?
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  3. hittheskids

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    Reality is stranger than fiction.
  4. king987

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    I've seen mixed reports about Taco's attitude so I'm not going to touch that topic. I was at the NFL Draft in Philly, right in front of the stage when Dallas picked Taco, so he's a guy I kinda root for as a result, more than the average guy.

    Kinda feel bad for him, getting stuck in Miami. If he's a guy lacking motivation as some say, he sure as heck not going to find it there. Not this year, at least.
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  5. eastsideboy

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    It's not free. Do your homework.
  6. cern

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    We're better off without him. Locker room distraction.
  7. Denim Chicken

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    As he's been inactive, I believe he would be eligible.
  8. Whirlwin

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    I would have loved to seen that thread LOL
  9. stiletto

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    Be ready for the Taco Attack!

  10. Maxmadden

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  11. cowboyec

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    if he does play...Smith or Collins...depending on which side he lines up on...can and will handle business.
    0 concerns...which will also be how many sacks he gets.
  12. Floatyworm

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    I like fish Tacos....:grin:[​IMG]
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  13. Floatyworm

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    People can laugh now @ the Dolphins....but they are rocking it. Cleaning house...stock piling picks....saving cap money. By the time the Patriots/ Brady are done ...Miami should be just hitting their stride.
  14. Hennessy_King

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    2013 actually with kiffin with the worst defense in our history
  15. Aven8

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    You likes collector you............;)
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  16. DeathMonkey

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    "It was awful! They expect you to play hard and like remember stuff! They said no weed during the season! I just had to get out of there!"
  17. ak47kaehu

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    Taco's career is risen!
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  18. Valkyr

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    A Dolphin is not a fish, though...
  19. Valkyr

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    Being claimed by the Dolphins is like being claimed by Rutgers football
  20. gmoney112

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    How many sacks does he get against us? 4, 5?

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