Don’t judge your opinion based off media scouts

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, May 1, 2021.

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    He also was a part of the Green Bay front office that got Brett Favre from Atlanta and won a Super Bowl. And ran the Eagles war room one year and drafted four Pro Bowlers. Only reason he was fired by the Cowboys was because he and Parcells got into a bad disagreement about Charles Woodson. Broaddus wanted him here in FA.

    In regard to Parsons, he said as recently as Tuesday on the Fan that that's probably our pick if both corners are off the board so I'm not sure what you're talking about there.
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    We got lamb last year. You forgot already? We also got Diggs last year. I loved both of them
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    As much flak as 'the fans' get, they've been right more times than not. Taco wasn't popular at all here and people were ruing that we drafted him instead of TJ Watt. Taco's no longer here and TJ Watt is a significant contributor on the Steelers... all pro and pro bowler. He was RIGHT THERE FOR US TO TAKE. We have to comfort ourselves that somehow he wasn't a right fit and imagine that he wouldn't have done that here.

    LVE, a lot, including myself called him Bobby Carpenter 2.0 and showed great concern for his neck injury. His first year, he looked excellent, but his neck concerns DID come into play eventually and he may not even get a second contract. Trystan Hill, who had to sign a work ethic contract, has done nothing here. Randy Gregory was one of those picks that had talent as expected, but missed half his career due to blazing up.

    The guys who have done really well, a lot of the fans were excited for. Trayvon Diggs a lot of people on here felt was a steal, and he showed a lot of potential. Michael Gallup was loved for where he was picked and he blew those expectations out of the water.

    I think what we can really hope for is that Quinn just implements this amazing system here and our position coaches just completely molds these guys into something unbelievable.
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    oh lord. Broaddus has a history of being a complete failure in scouting. he is only ever semi right because he gives 8 different opinions and leans on his "group of 7" whatever they are called if they are even real.
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    Consensus means the group. One outlier is just outlier.
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    I’m actually intrigued by these 3rd round picks but what I’m upset about is Dallas taking them where they did.

    We needed to have a big round and we reached for guys and got cute.

    But hey.. This team sucks and drafts linebackers in the modern era of football who haven’t put coverage skills on tape and pay mediocre QBs 40 million a year.
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    Romo.... : )
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    not my argument but just want to point out this is NOT why broaddus was fired the first time under parcells. Its a nice story that broaddus likes to tell creating the image that he was smarter than parcells and had all the answers but its simply not true. If people knew the real reasons he was fired both times by the cowboys they would not worship him.
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    Yep.. these experts are so in tuned that they picked Dak to be the best QB of his draft class coming out of the fourth round.... and these same draft experts are so smart that they predicted that RG3 to change the game and have a 12 year stellar NFL career....

    These are the same draft gurus who said some current QB in Baltimore named Lamar Jackson wouldn't do much in the NFL his first few years....

    How's any of their advice working out on these matters so far??? The only difference between these "draft experts" and the rest of us is.... we do our draft predictions from a couch or a sports bar, they do their predictions from a studio desk, thats it.
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    We are replacing Armstrong with basically Armstrong after taking a guy last year that is also basically Armstrong.

    It's bizarre.
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    The problem is you guys think pulling out one success story out of HUNDREDS of mid to late round failures somehow proves the point what the Cowboys did yesterday was perfectly fine and maybe even smart.

    It's stupid rationalizing. It just is. The Cowboys had 5 top 100 picks, which are premium picks. They had a chance to command that Top 100 and instead they came away with one likely starter, another with talent but needs serious maturing and three guys who, at best, might be decent depth, at worst, we won't ever hear from them.

    It was a peculiar draft, especially the third round, where they appear to have drafted for very specific need, ignoring better players under this misguided belief that what they needed was very specific type players.
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    Can’t judge any of this thing now. Hell we have UDFA’s make the team every year. Steele was one of them and started almost the entire year.
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    not with what they owe him, lol
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    yes. this is the flaw. They did the same with parsons. No matter what they say they just used another premium pick on a linebacker. That is 3 top 40 picks at linebacker in five years. I have no problem with this essentially if they were all good. One cant play at all and is an egomaniac, one has a chronic neck issue and one punches teammates in the face amongst other things.

    they just throw darts every year. The longtime loyal fans of this organization deserve much better. Look at the chiefs. The chiefs had that hack Carl Peterson running the show for like 20+ years. They did the same kind of crap Dallas does. As soon as they got rid of him and brought in a guy in reid and gave him control they became a highly functioning organization.

    There are people out there who could run this organization like a football team and win, Parcells did just that in a short time but he was too old to stick it out and keep dealing with what you have to deal with here. Its pretty sorry. As my friend who works for the team always tells me, This is a marketing company that dabbles in land development, natural gas fracking and football and no one can say which is the priority or who is in charge.
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    Can = quality of life
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    Stupid rationalizing is judging players before they've had a chance to hit mini camps, training camps and had a chance to get acclimated to their specific coaching staff and schemes.
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    Im not. No one on this board can say whether these are good or bad picks, not for at least a few years.

    But here’s the problem: it’s where they could have gotten them. No one was taking Wright in the 4th or 5th. And if they did, pick someone else from the list. Teams that draft well not only arrange their own board but they have situational awareness and know where others generally have them ranked. If you want to fixate on a player that’s fine, but know in what round you can get him.

    Picks 1 and 2 were fine. I’m ok with the Osa pick too though it was early. But then you’re picking consensus late round picks in the third, when you need immediate contributors. Pick them later.
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    So we’re not supposed to listen to the “experts” this year but only because most didn’t give us good grades. If sure if it was the other way around, some of you would be singing a different tune.

    BTW, if we’re not listening to the experts I guess I can say Parsons sucks and is over rated so please don’t quote me what any of the experts who gave us an A said, their opinion doesn’t matter.
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    Gruden was also in the media.

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