Don't know why this team doesn't imploy all it's weapons

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IceStarD54, Nov 14, 2019.

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    We have a fullback we don't use correctly or at all. We have a near Olympian speed guy we don't use in Smith. We have a young tight end that kills it every time he gets a chance. Who we don't use enough of. We have better Linemen we don't use over Williams. And that's just offense. Dallas has so many un used weapons they either refuse to use or to stupid to realize they have them. You gonna tell me you can't give a couple of deep bombs to Smith or Austin. Line up in the power eye "old school" and run the ball with the fullback? Bet Andy Reid would be using every speed guy we have correctly.

    On defense. LVE isn't the same player he was last year. Joe Thomas should be starting. Where is Gifford? See what he can do out their at Linebacker. On the D- line why do they continue to want small DT versus a non moveable guy? Teams are just running through our DT's. Our linebackers are running past the runner. And the safeties and corners are just arm tackling. Yet Garrett always talks about playing tough and physical. "REALLY"? Ever taken a look at what the word physical means, Garrett? In closing I just think Dallas doesn't employ nearly enough of their weapons. Why go conventional when you have nukes on the team? Speed kills as does a little imagination. Obviously one of these Dallas is missing. And it's not speed.
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    It's going to be a party in cowboyszone when Garrett gets fired..

    Happy times for all of us.
  3. IceStarD54

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    Jerry wants to give me an early Christmas gift? That'll be it!! But Jerry is the problem also IF he hires another puppet.
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  4. jwooten15

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    Totally agree.

    Every year, there are the grand illusions and promises made by the coaching staff - they're going to set their secret weapons loose.

    etc, etc, etc

    Than the season gets going and all of those guys are predominately MIA. It's infuriating. The ALWAYS revert back to the conservative plays with their "trusted" players and become overly predictable.
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    This organization is about as conservative you can get with the depth chart. Witten over Jarwin. Why? Because he is Witten. Of course, they told us they would be utilizing Olawale more this year and have totally failed to do it. Either they have no idea what they are doing or they were blowing smoke up our behinds.
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  6. John813

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    @jwooten15 They did eventually "release" Dunbar in 2015. Got injured to no ones surprise after a few games lol.
    21 catches in 3 games before landing on IR.
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  7. IceStarD54

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    Conservative? Same way with the play calls. You might see a wrinkle here or there. But when you play Dallas you're not losing to much sleep as a defensive coordinator. They have like 4 plays you prepare for. And on defense with no exotic blitzes you and the offensive coordinator goes to dinner in under one hour.
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  8. DallasEast

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    I will not lose a wink of sleep if Witten got benched but...

    Jarwin 'kills it every time he gets a chance'?

    Jarwin's opportunities have been very limited but is it truth or exaggeration describing his every catch-and-run as a SportsCenter hightlight? (My words not yours).
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  9. IceStarD54

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    When given the opportunity Jarwin has played well. He's by far had touchdowns for more then 10 yards unlike Witten. And at least the defenses have to play honest with him if he goes deep. I won't argue your point but you can't say with a straight face that Witten gives Dallas a better shot at moving the ball then Jarwin. P.S. two or three of his TD's were sport center Highlights.
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  10. Future

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    Jason Witten being re-signed was a huge red flag for this. The NO game was a death sentence to any type of innovation from this offense.

    I'm repeating myself, but this is a staple of Jason Garrett's tenure.
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  11. jwooten15

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    Witten has played 4X the number of snaps as Jarwin; Jarwin has created 5X the number of 20+ yard plays as Witten.

    So yeah, a good percentage of Jarwin's catches have probably made the SportsCenter highlights.
  12. kskboys

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    Huh? Of course Witten is better at moving the ball. He's made a HOF career out of it. Jarwin has shown a propensity for big plays, but has not shown he can move the chains.

    I'd say that you can't say w/ a straight face that Jarwin is better at moving the ball than Witten.
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  13. CowboysWillRise

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  14. beware_d-ware

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    That's been the norm in JG's offense for 10 years. If you don't start in base 11 personnel, you don't play.

    Witten taking 70% of the snaps is absolutely baffling though. He's literally as fast as Antwaun Woods these days, and his hands aren't what they used to be; he's had his share of drops and fumbles. As a 260 pound wall-off blocker or red zone threat playing strictly in short yardage, I can still see him being useful. But as an every-down starter? Why are we not playing Jarwin as the base TE?
  15. Corso

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    Hasn't this fan base been imploring this team to employ all of their weapons for a hot minute?
    I believe so.

    All the assumptions have been made and it generally lays at the HC's feet.
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  16. DakPresgoat

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    Jason Garret doesn’t know how.

    he does not know how to adjust his scheme to his players.
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  17. dsturgeon

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    He doesn't get the move the chain plays. That is the whole point of less witten more jarwin comments.

    Witten does have a HoF career, but we are talking about the 2019 season.
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  18. Ky31

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    Jarwin is better than Witten in every way right now!!
  19. dsturgeon

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    that is going too far, but saying jarwin cant catch passes and move the chains within 10 yards is going too far
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  20. xwalker

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    Nobody that studies the coaches film would agree with your post.

    Devin Smith got 2 starts and the results were minimal.

    Connor Williams has been much better than fans believe. He executes many details better than La'el ever did a OG. A negative play here and there get's fans worked up, but CW has been good much more than bad.

    Zeke is just not that comfortable with a FB. They used the FB more with Pollard than with Zeke.

    They do have Austin run deep routes but you don't see him on the broadcast if the ball does not go to him.

    LVE is fine. He has been banged up, but most of the problems you see are scheme. The LBs often execute their assignments but the scheme has some holes in it with regards to run defense that the Rams first exposed.

    The last thing the Cowboys need is to put a rookie in the lineup on defense.

    Joe Thomas is a solid backup LB. He plays a decent number of snaps. As the 4th LB he plays as many or more snaps than the Cowboys 3rd LB many seasons. If you think Joe Thomas is better than Vander Esch, then you must be listening to games on the radio instead of watching them.

    The Vikings running success was outside. Bigger DTs would not have helped. In fact they needed smaller, faster DTs on many plays to get outside because the scheme requires too much lateral movement from the DTs.

    Fans have been clamoring to replace Heath. Thompson played most of the snaps at SS in the Vikings game and he whiffed on multiple big run plays. Also, they played more 2-deep which is not a run defense alignment because Thompson lacks range.

    The NFL only allows teams to use 11 players per play. Who should Devin Smith take snaps from?

    You want more speed on the field but you also want the FB to play more...

    If anybody needs more snaps it's the guy you didn't mention, Tony Pollard.

    They win when Pollard plays more snaps and lose when he plays less.

    More snaps with Pollard and Zeke together would put more speed on the field than a FB and give them more options on play designs.

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