News: Drew Pearson: Cowboys QB Dak Prescott 'A $40 Million Disappointment’

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jarv, Jan 19, 2022.

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    Jerry is desperate to show the world he is football guy by showing how drafted and developed a 4th round pick into star. Just like he was desperate to say he discovered and developed a great head coach in Garrett. Same with Moore as an OC. Seeing a trend here? Billionaire owner playing with his toy and holding the fans hostage for decades.
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    They Marinelli him. Force him to not make miatakes.
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    That offense would make us long for 1989.
  4. RS12

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    Bryce Young at Alabama should be the top pick in 2023.
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    Jerry wants to keep them no matter the cost. He seems incapable of making the tough decision. It’s definitely a problem. And these will be costly for a while.
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    True that Drew, True that
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    He’s also giving an opinion that not everyone that’s played at the NFL level is going to agree with. If Roger Staubach gave his opinion on Dak it would be totally different. I can only imagine the bashing Dak would be taking if he had the meltdown Kyler Murray had Monday night.
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    You know what, I really like that idea. If anyone hasn't figured it out by now then I feel you may be willfully blind. But this year was it. We had the most talented roster since the 90's and everyone got healthy at the right time. We're only going to get worse as the talent erodes. I say suck it up, trade anyone that can get us something. So everyone you mentioned and I'd throw in Diggs, his stats can get us some draft picks. Then bring in all the high priced losers and say this is your team.

    Basically what I'm saying and what would make me happy is stop restructuring these bad contracts. Instead of kicking the can down the road with bad contracts and then eventually paying up with dead money, let's trade young guys for future draft picks. Get veteran minimum guys in to replace them and grind out these contracts until their done.

    So instead of winning the NFC east (maybe) and losing in the playoffs (if we get there) with unmotivated rich players let's have these guys play out their contracts and start over. No matter what the next 3 years will suck. So let's suck with the plan of getting out of salary cap hell, accumulate draft picks and reboot.
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    Lol That's probably because our coaches KNOW Dak doesn't have the arm to do it

    Any of the top 5 QBs (Mahomes, Allen, Rodgers, Brady, Stafford) would have taken those 2 shots at the endzone. if your QB is a Dak, Hurts, Bridgewater or any of those "bus driving" QBs you don't have that luxury lol

    Come on man. McCarthys full of crap talking about your best option is 1 shot from the 20 lol. If anything, that just makes the field smaller and favors the defense. But go ahead.. It's everybody elses fault i know..
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    My honest opinion (and i could be wrong as I don't work for the team) is that Jerry is the smart one in this situation. Dak could have been signed years ago but there was always someone in the front office that was unsure and not sold on Dak and in my opinion it was Jerry. I could just sense that Jerry wasn't sold. I remember Jerry playing bad cop and Dufus JR playing the good cop always praising Dak in the media. I think had Dak not gotten injured as he did, he wouldn't have been signed. Jerry caved in to the media no doubt. But i also believe there were people in the front office in Jerry's ear trying to convince him to sign him for reasons beyond football. He didn't just sign a QB, he signed a spokespersons. There's no doubt in my mind that the same people that thought it was "cute" to have the sunlight shining through the stadium are the main people that "convinced" Jerry to sign Dak.. But at the end of the day, Jerry had the final word. He deserves all the criticism because deep down I believe he knew better.. But hey, could have been worse.we could have a deal like the Chiefs gave to mahomes. In a way, im glad Dak got greedy. Maybe the resdskins will pay him 200M 3 years from now to be their can only hope lol
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    Just once I'd love to see....

    Dak....ya know what Jerry I'm a single guy got no shoes to buy no mouths to feed and I got these endoresments going on, how about 25 mill a year and if we win a Superbowl 40, deal?

    Still the whole thing is beyond ridiculous, 25 mill a year, whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who out there has made 25 mill in your life time? Guys raise families on 30, 000 a year and this guys needs 40 mill for six months work, wow!!! I bet his daddy, grand daddy his great great grand daddy and his daddy never came close to making that in their life time combined.

    Get real, sheesh!
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  13. MountaineerCowboy

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    I don't care about how Kyler Murray played because he doesn't play for the Cowboys.

    Kyler Murray being a bum does not make me feel better about Dak being a bum.

    You guys have got to stop looking at other players or teams being bad to justify to yourself the Cowboys players and team being bad. You gotta expect better than that.
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    I think the bigger issues will be if we need a new OC and DC.

    But penalties must be addressed with OL. Pre snap and holding .

    Leading the league in penalties isn’t a recipe for success.
  15. Section446

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    Average QB being paid like he's elite... The Cowboys way.
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    Like I've said before, you can count on one hand and have fingers left over, the amount of times in his career, Dak has thrown a TD in the last two minutes of any game.
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    Would have gone further if Romo wasn’t tossed aside.
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    Penalties are a HUGE problem, and most of that to me is coaching. Our own damn fault. I will say they watch Dallas more closely than they do many other teams, though.
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    Is this is a Cowboys fan or are you joking with this statement? How old are you? Do you play fantasy football? Have you ever played football? Just, wow!

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