Eagles QB Cody Kessler hurt

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by viman96, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Did not see what happened but apparently he got hit and pulled from the game. Their 4th string QB is playing now.
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    Our 4th string QB is a sleeper super bowl mvp candidate
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    They need Cody tho with wentz injury history

    Kessler isn’t all pro but he’s a solid backup
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    Hit got a blindside hit. The ref's had him go to the sidelines for concussion protocol.
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    Mike White is available via trade.

    If you have a box of rocks the Cowboys will take it for White...
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    Are stadiums usually empty for preseason games? There is no one at the skins game. I switched over to the GB/Balt game and there are more people in the first 10 rows than there are in all of Fedex. Don’t like the skins at all but that was a once proud fan base. It really is a shame what has happened to them.
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    I have always been curious if it is just our fan base that is delusional. Thanks for clearing that up.... Im sure he is the next T12... :lmao::lmao2::lmao2:
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    I’m willing to bet, that box of rocks has a better career than White
  11. Vinnie2u

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    Jeff Heath?
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    That's only because Wentz will almost guaranteed be injured. ;)
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    Really just a shame.
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    Is this really a topic? :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: Hurry up week 1
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    Another game, another quarterback injury for Philadelphia Eagles.

    One week after Nate Sudfeld suffered a broken left wrist, Cody Kessler was lost to a concussion early in the first quarter Thursday night against the host Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Jacksonville defensive end Datone Jones came free off the edge on Kessler's blind side and put a big hit on the quarterback. Kessler attempted to continue to play, but the officials stopped the game to have Kessler examined. After a trip to the medical tent, the 26-year-old was brought inside TIAA Bank Field and later placed in concussion protocol.
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