Eagles were never the threat

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFever1973, Nov 28, 2021.

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    It's not that the Giants showed up, it's the Eagles forgetting to run the ball in the first half and Jalen Reagor just proving to the NFL that he likes to drop passes. How in the hell did he become a 1st round pick? He's terrible.
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    None of the teams in the NFC East are a threat. It's all about playoff seeding now.
    • The 1 seed gets the bye week but I think that we can all agree that the #1 seed is just about out of reach.
    • The 2 seed is also great because it's a game against a very bad team. If the playoffs were today, it'd be the Vikings but it could just as easily end up being the Falcons or Saints. I actually think that it'll be the Eagles given their schedule down the stretch. It also means two home playoff games, because the divisional playoffs would also be in Dallas.
    • The 3 seed is the last best spot - it's another game against a bad team, probably the 49ers.
    If Dallas gets the 1, 2 or 3 seed, they are on to the divisional round barring some catastrophic injuries between now and then.

    But if they end up with the 4th seed, well that's going to be a tough game. I dare say that they'd be a home underdog in that game. The 4th seed will be playing either the Rams or Cardinals and both of those teams match up very well against our swiss cheese defense. I'm not saying that Dallas can't win the game, just that they probably won't.

    So the NFC East is a done deal but Dallas better start stringing some wins together because they need that 3rd seed, hopefully the 2nd seed.
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    I wouldn't sleep on the WFT, and if so, we've seen this play out before.......shock and reality.
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    Eagles would be a threat if their QB wasn’t a garbage passer.
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    Good call! Seattle's awful.
    LOL. WFT did win.
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    I still think this division is up for grabs until the Cowboys start playing better football again. This week they play the Saints, who are not a very good football team right now. The Cowboys should win. If not we should have serious concerns. Next week the WFT plays the Raiders in Vegas. Washington beat Seattle barely, but Seattle is a really bad football team. Seriously, what happened to Russell Wilson? He looks awful lately. Seems like he wants out of Seattle and he plays with little interest these days.

    But, the Eagles and WFT play each other twice. The Cowboys and WFT also play each other twice. So much can happen based on the outcome of those games. Right now the WFT is 2 games behind the Cowboys. The Cowboys need to win some football games.
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    WFT did beat Tampa...so even though they barely beat a bad seattle team...any given week in the NFL. I think the Cowboys are in serious trouble, the mounting injuries, penalties and recent poor play is stacking up. I think WFT overtakes them for the NFCE crown.
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    Washington Football Team isnt going to go away are they? That is three in a row. A covid decimated Cowboys "could" lose to NO.

    This division isnt locked up boys.
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    People keep overrating Wilson and expect great things from him. He is not that guy any longer and hasn't been for awhile.
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    When you watch WFT, they don't jump out on the screen. They don't do a ton really great but they don't also do a whole lot bad. They aren't a really good team but more of a pest for you. Their offense isn't good enough to runaway with games but their defense is good enough where they are not going to let games get out of hand. This was pretty much the team they had last season who gave Tampa a scare in the wild card round. They also beat Tampa this year.

    Seattle had 5 straight 3 and outs and the game was never more than 1 possession and could have easily been tied.
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    At this point it doesn't matter, the Boys are one and done in the playoffs. This group of players don't have the heart to play a full 60-minute, tough guy game, no these are weak minded players who panic and start holding and mauling their opponent to the point that refs are FORCED to throw flags.
  13. Creeper

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    I have no idea what the Seattle defense was doing. Washington was dinking and dunking all night in between the same running plays. Seattle never seemed to catch on. When Washington tried to throw the ball downfield they were inconsistent.

    Seattle has an awful offensive line. They could not take advantage of Washington's injuries. And Wilson looked awful. Maybe his finger is still not right but he missed open receivers all night. Other times he was late throwing the ball. And he takes unnecessary sacks.
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    Gave a like simply for a seeing post featuring the Jem'Hadar. :thumbup:
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    I always believed that our sieve defense and inconsistent offense were the main threats
  16. Blackspider214

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    Seattle is a far cry from their old days. Even from the last few years they are not near what they have been. Both sides of the ball are not up to par this year. WFT beating Seattle was not some upset in today's season and really, WFT should have probably been favored (I didn't check the line). They are a middle of the pack team.

    Our OL worries me going forward, though. Is it Seattle bad? No but is it really good? Also no. Too many injuries and inconsistent play. 2016 seems like a lifetime ago when this OL was probably the best in the league. They just exerted their will and wore teams down. Week after week. We could sustain long drives with ease. But that was about the last season this core they spend loads of money and resources on was together. Ever since then, injuries. From Fred being injured and then retiring suddenly. Martin then getting hurt when he never missed a game going back before high school. Tyron always banged up. A huge miss on Connor Williams.
  17. Creeper

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    We have to hope McGovern get on track and shows up a little better than Connor Williams. But Tyron is still pretty good when healthy. So it Martin. I hope Collins returns to form as well. There is potential to be a decent offensive line but they need continuity.
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    When will you guys realize this team is a threat? Called it last month.

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