Video: Eatman: Garrett lost confidence of his staff

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 30, 2019.

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    Good I hope the door goes hit him in the *** on the way out and when he gets to his new destination of course that will self-destruct in no time anyway
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    Except crazy Jerry!
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    We can’t get rid of Jerry. The puppet must go. This gives us a slight chance of winning a Superbowl. Garrett gives us NO chance!!
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    No!!! You’re not serious are you?
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    What do you think?
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    If there's any part of the delay in the Garrett decision it's this point that concerns me.

    Ed Werder commented that Garrett wanted control of hiring his staff this year if it was going to be a make it or break it year for him. He also wanted to do all of the play calling. It is rumored Jerry said no and he would have to work with the staff he had (and Kellen Moore, who is a first year OC), and that Garrett could not call plays. Then you get situations like Linehan and the kicker situation from this year (which I don't think the kicker change would have made much difference on their playoff chances, but Garrett will spin it that way).

    Garrett could easily argue with Jerry that he was setup for failure. He could say he was forced to coach with his job on the line with one hand tied behind his back. That may be why Jerry is laboring this for so long. He may feel like the move was a mistake, which would explain Jerry's comments after the Eagles game.

    Now four things here. First, if the environment is that toxic why would Garrett even want to stay? That makes no sense. Why wouldn't Garrett leave and get a job where you can prove you can do the job without the Jerry Jones shackles. Unless it's just for Jerry's money, and that should be a huge red flag for Jerry. Second. IIRC, wasn't there a couple of years where Garrett had his own staff and called his own plays and those years did not work out well? Wasn't that the reason Linehan was brought in to call plays so Garrett could focus on game management? Third, if Jerry feels guilty about shackling Garrett in a year where he had to fight for his job why not give him a settlement and both sides part ways mutually? I mean Jerry is a billionaire so a payout would not hurt him if he's thinking team first (which he clearly is not, he's thinking emotionally). Finally, the offense WAS the number one offense in the NFL and put up great numbers. Dak had a career year, Zeke made the pro bowl, and Amari Cooper was banged up and still had a great year. Could Garrett had done any better? Would Garrett calling plays really made a difference?

    Garrett is a mediocre coach and his record shows that. But my fear is Jerry feels guilty about not allowing Garrett to do it his way and gives him a one year deal to "do it the way he wants." TBH, I don't know why Garrett would want to put himself through this if he knows how Jerry wants to do things. And Jerry knows Garrett is mediocre and underperforms in clutch situations, so why would you want to extend him that way?

    From the sound it, it appears they need a full time therapist at Frisco and not a HC. This sounds incredibly dysfunctional.
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    Garrett lost confidence in the coaching staff Jerry put together for him.
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    So it was like this

    Garett: we need to get some water

    Waterboy: get it yourself punk
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    Hes like a turd everytime you flush it than it floats right back up

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