Enough McCarthy Hate

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TexasBoys2288, Jan 20, 2022.

  1. JBS

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    Our offensive minded head coach who offers absolutely zero in helping the offense during its 3 month struggle deserves no blame

    got it
  2. heir

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    Never liked the hire at all. He just isn't good. It's not hate. My problem with him is he has been a fraud from day one and most people feel for it.

    "I watched every single game of the NFL season last year".
    "Oh. I lied".

    "We will change our scheme to match the players. Players over scheme!"
    "Nah. We won't do that".

    "I belong in the playoffs."
    "It's the refs fault".

    He isn't a good football coach and he is even less accountable for anything that goes wrong. Many complained about that about Garrett and McCarthy is worse with his excuses and lack of accountability. Ask Packer fans and they will tell you!
  3. Zman5

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    Pencil neck pencil pushers.
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  4. atlantacowboy

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    The dig on MM is the same as it was in GB. He doesn't lead or inspire players. This team comes out flat against every team capable of putting up a fight. Thats a reflection on the HC.
  5. Plankton

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    Carlos Watkins and Connor Williams second this notion.
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  6. jnday

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    Wonder Boy Moore was not the one that was not throwing to wide open WRs and couldn’t read the defense. MM exposed himself when he said that they need to work on having less penalties after the 49er loss. He should have fixed that problem during the season. What was he waiting for? MM is worse than Garrett when it comes to his in-game decision making. Moore and Quinn did a good job. What did MM do?
  7. GimmeTheBall!

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    Yeah man. Puff, puff, pass. Did you know the universe is like ... endless?
  8. Parcells4Life

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    Also listening to McCarthy, even if he isn’t Lombardi he knows 10000% more about football than anyone on this site so I’ll generally give all these guys the benefit of the doubt. There’s very little differentiation in any HC out there.

    Belichick has been destroyed in the playoffs his last 2 appearances and missed the year in between.

    Payton is all hype. Him and McCarthy in their career are generally the same person.

    Vrabel and Sean McDermott look to be really good ones for taking perennial 6-10/8-8 teams and building them into forces.

    Tell me how good a QB and weapons needed to run the scheme the team has and I’ll tell you how good the HC is.

    Baltimore, Tenn and SF do it by running. 29 other teams do by throwing When their OL and RBs are healthy their dangerous. When they get hurt there it’s trouble.
  9. Floatyworm

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    Makes you wonder if Randy was writing his ticket out of Dallas that day.....instead of pitching in and help stop the slide.


    I remember watching Randy on draft day....and all the promises....Good times. :rolleyes:

    Way to pay it forward there chief.....:(
  10. Mk2_Cowboys

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    Garrett sucked beyond belief . McCarthy is better than Garrett ( I mean my Amazon delivery guy is probably better than Garett ) but McCarthy is still a raging meathead. He never prepared the team and is baffled by the game clock. He sucks. McCarthy is yet another proxy yes man to Jerry … in a long history of proxy yes men.

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