ESPN: Bears Release Nick Foles

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Miller, May 1, 2022.

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    Gonna be interesting to see the names released because of the draft and if Cowboys will stick to their word and go after them.
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    Lol. Got 'em.
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    Never happen
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  6. john van brocklin

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    Unfortunately, but it should.
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    The Eagle's run was one of the more bizarre ones I can ever recall.

    • Wentz--who is often, meh---played at a near MVP level for almost the whole year (13 of 16 games), then got hurt right before the playoffs. Philly was 11-2 at the time.
    • Foles--who is generally mediocre--comes in and plays average in the last 3 games but then at a very high level all the way through the playoffs.

    Neither player seems to be able to string together a full season and playoffs of great work, but ALL the planets aligned that year so the combination of the two got Philly its first SB ring.

    Then back to mediocrity
  8. john van brocklin

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    It's a shame.
    I really liked this emogie!! :igglestrophy:
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    Go get Jerry!, Stephen won’t.
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    pederson said after sb that what they did was go back and look at what foles did well, and changed the plays and game plan to fit him.
    After that he did great lol.
    Most coaches try to fit a player into what they want to do not what the player does well, go figure.

    I think foles at even 3 mil a year is too expensive for mr cheapo SJ, so you can forget foles, or any other decent vet.

    They dont want anyone who isnt cheap, and no one who could make dak look bad or compete with dak.
    So Rush is perfect for them.
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    Our front office will never sign any QB who will give the great one any competition.
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    What is the list of available QBs at this point?

    Fitzpatrick (?)


    Barring an injury, I don’t see anyone trading for the last two.
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    Sign him now ! Much better than Crapper Rush.

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