ESPN is saying the Jags want 2 no. 1 picks for Jalen Ramsey

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by eromeopolk, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. eromeopolk

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    ESPN is saying the Jags want 2 no. 1 picks for Jalen Ramsey. I have one word for Jones and fans....PASS.

    No player in the NFL is worth 2 no.1 picks. Look at how that worked out for other teams. Remember Joey Galloway.

    If the Jags do not trade Jalen, and he does not get a new contract by either the Jags or the team that trades him, he is going to walk and be available in 2021.

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  2. SeanLee50

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    The Chiefs will get him and it’ll be worth it.

    They’ll be picking late 20s and 30s for a long time with Mahomes
  3. glimmerman

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    I am not sure a team will give up that much for a player with a mouth. He seems a little extra. We have had a few of those. Lol
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  4. PA Cowboy Fan

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    two #1's for a big mouth.
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  5. John813

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    Can they afford him though? Like contract wise. Mahomes is coming up on his 4th year and Chris Jones will be an UFA.
  6. Silly

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    I think Jerry would just release him if he were a cowboy.
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  7. reddyuta

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    Texans traded 2 no 1s for a LT,anything is possible.
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  8. Reverend Conehead

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    I would have to agree. Two #1s plus his contract. Hard pass. Maybe one #1, but even that is iffy.
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  9. doomsday9084

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    Here is the thing, if you ask 31 other people for a million bucks for your left shoe and one says yes while the other 30 tell you you are nuts, you now have 1 million dollars and a missing shoe. It only takes one. As such, unless you are absolutely desperate to move quick the asking price should always start ridiculously high in a negotiation.
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  10. J-man

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    They can ask for whatever they want. Doesn't mean they will get it. But you aim super high to get more than you should. If a team does give up huge draft capitol to get him they are going to regret it. Not because of his play, but because they will handcuff themselves with the lack of top picks to add additional talent and the amount of $ he will demand to stay with them will limit there ability to sign good FAs.
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  11. Flamma

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    Dallas really can't do that. Then you have to pay this guy. And because of the two #1s, he's going to want a king's ransom contract. Going for Minkah for one first rounder would have been a lot smarter. Not that I think they should have done it, just that by not doing it tells me no way with Ramsey. Plus Pitts #1 is going to be a hell of a lot better than the Cowboys #1.
  12. nightrain

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    What would the Hoodie do?
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  13. Furboy

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    And they'd probably trade 4 first round picks if they had them.
  14. Rayman70

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    translation. HE IS STAYING IN JVILLE this year,
  15. eromeopolk

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    Tell him to act a fool, get traded to the Raiders, act a fool to get cut by the Raiders, and become a Patriot for free.
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  16. CF74

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    Good luck with that...
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