Excellent quote from Mahomes Dak should read it

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lk8701, Jul 7, 2020.

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    spottrac is making the same mistake with Mahomes that they are making with Tannehill in that while it is true that he has 5 million in dead money the 3rd year of the contract that would not be the dead money if he cut before his 3rd season because his salary for the 3rd season becomes guaranteed the 3rd day of the league year before his 2nd season. Mahomes has exactly the same structure as that but instead of just doing it once, it happens every single year of the contract after the 3rd year where even if you cut him the day after the season ends you still owe him next seasons salary.
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    Well the bar has been set for the next decade...and DAKS nowhere near it.
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    He also realizes that winning is a formula that pays dividends for the rest of his life. Joe Montana is still doing commercials.
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    Its tough to compare. Mahomes is getting paid a lot, BUT his contract is so long it will likely be a value in the end. As well as it gives the team a ton of flexibility to move money, especially with his guaranteed money being paid off well before maturity. Additionally Mahomes is hands down the best qb in the league.

    While I really like Dak and his potential he isn't yet at the point he could carry this team like Mahomes can do with KC. I personally would give Dak his four years and be done. If he continues to improve we will be happy to resign him. Worst case scenario for Dak this season is him missing time and Dalton coming in without the offense skipping a beat.
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    Mahomes just got the fattest contract in sports history

    To emphasize - A HALF A BILLION DOLLARS

    But he did it because he’s so humble, unlike that greedy Dak. Dak would have turned down 10 years and a half billion!!!

    That was sarcasm.
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    he also comes from money, is a first round pick and has been the franchises priority since day one
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    Except mahomes cap hit won't hit 40+ for a few years. With the 1st 3 years cap hits being 5, 25, 31 million each. Also by the time mahomes cap hits the 40+ mark he will be making below market dollars on those cap hits. So his enormous deal is extremely team friendly. Dak's deal is different in part because its not an extension and he wants to keep it short so he can cash in again shortly.
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    was this honorable quote made AFTER he signed the largest contract, total and guaranteed $$, in professional sports history?
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    Dak's stats against the Giants, Redskins, Dolphins - 16 TD's, 3 INT's, roughly 1500 yards. That's great if we only played 5 games a season and only against those teams.

    Dak's stats in the other 11 games he played - 14 TD's, 8 INT's, and the rest of his yards. It looks even worse when you factor in that 6 of those TD's came against the Vikings and Lions. He passed for approximately 0 TD's against the Eagles, Patriots, Jets, and Saints.

    It's not just the overall stats you need to look at. Dak beat up on crappy teams (including a 4TD performance in a meaningless games against the Redskins), inflated his numbers, and now wants to act like he deserves a huge contract when the fact is, he came up short almost everytime he played a team that was even remotely decent.
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    I'm not assuming that. Mahomes' deal is virtually impossible to touch before 2025, and even then and in 2026, it would not benefit the Chiefs much to cut him. Maybe they could get him to renegotiate a better deal for them, but he holds all the cards because of the guarantee mechanisms.
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    Can you name a deal with more guaranteed money in it
  12. conner01

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    He certainly deserves it but he certainly didn’t take less than he was worth
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    No argument from me on that one boss!
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    I’m a cowboy fan but I watch other teams
    There is no player not wearing a star I enjoy watching as much as this kid
    He’s really a fun player to watch play the game
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    you're right. after reading more articles about when the guarantees kick in.

    overthecap has the same thing as sporttrac apparently. thanks for the clarificaiton.

    https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl...eatures $141.428,2021 and 2022 roster bonuses.

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    ..I heard Bezo's is a team player. Amazon guaranteed.

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    It's called FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Which is true, they are not even in the same galaxy, let alone the same neighborhood lol.
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    So basing that off of last season is fair. But let’s factor in his whole career where he had the highest winning percentage against winning teams in the league. Does that count for nothing? Because In every big road game our offense went into a shell reminiscent of linehan. Coaching plays a factor too. Special teams in New England cost us the game. Not dak. Missed field goals cost us games as well. So let’s pump the brakes on everything is daks fault bologna
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    If my salary is already in the millions, absolutely.

    We're not talking the difference between 50 and 60 grand per year here.
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