Explain the JJ "rumor" before the game?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FLCowboyFan, Jan 19, 2022.

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    The game is the game and we all have to get over the turd bucket that it was. But I'm still totally perplexed by the whole set of stories coming out that Jerry "may" make sweeping changes if they lost. This was the title on NBC Sports "Report: Jones could change coaches if Cowboys lose to 49ers".

    This could be total guessing on the part of the media but I could have sworn that it was based on a interview in Dallas that Jerry gave before the game. Is this true? If so, why on earth would Jerry do that and then stay the course afterward? It certainly didn't help the team to play better?
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    Probably just the media trying to get attention and clicks.

    Looks like a status quo off-season is incoming.

    Probably going to have to cut some good players because of bad contracts like Dak’s.
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    The media was trying to stir up drama. As much as I think MM is an average coach, you can’t fire him after the improvements the team made. The Cowboys actually made it as far as they could go. Dak had the ball with two minutes to go, three timeouts, and three injured 49ers. He will never get a better chance to engineer a comeback playoff victory again. If MM had Rodgers we win that game. Dak is paid more then Rodgers.:facepalm::facepalm:
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    They will restructure and keep who they wanna keep and I think you know that.
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    Click bait headlines. Read the full stories and you will see the essence of the story is not the same.
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    Nope. Some good players won't be retained because of bad contracts. They will be replaced by scrubs.
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    ‘Who they wanna keep’. That’s a nice, cloudy area to hide in so you can feel better when they inevitably lose good players.
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    Two words: Click and Bait.
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    Jerry Jones does not pay head coaches to sit on the couch. He won't fire McCarthy with three years remaining on his deal - it would be admitting failure on the one hand, and the other is that he does not want to pay someone not to work.
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    Well Jerry COULD do anything. He's the Owner. So it's an accurate yet meaningless report.
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    Unless they are finally going to trade for Sean Payton, there is no point in firing McCarthy.
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    JJ has his head in the sand (and somewhere else dark and stinky) and is hoping and praying the vitriol will just die down.

    I believe he and SJ want nothing more than to maintain status quo and “keep the band together” because “we were so close!!”

    The Cowboys are and have been a laughing stock and will remain so until macro organizational change takes place.
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    Per that post game interview, Jerry was more concerned with the fact this team was about to be fleeced in free agency. He was basically saying a roster that like is hard to put together and when stars do align, you have a real shot to win in a short window. It’s only a matter of time that the talent you have is pulled by other teams. So he was basically livid that many of our unrestricted FAs that played well are about to bounce.
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    Booger will say things for effect, he likes drama. Like blaming the offense problems on route running.
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    Maybe but in reality who is getting cut that NEEDS to be retained? Contracts will be restructured and players will be resigned based on the cowboys value of them. How long is that list I can’t say cuz it’s a Jones family secret, but I will say that we will land our guys. Sit tight. LoL
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    Again, perfectly vague.
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    JW Blue is a hell of a drug.
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    He could still make changes. Remember how long it took to fire Garrett? I don't think he was ever going to look outside the organization for a new head coach but if someone were to offer Moore or Quinn a head coaching job then maybe he replaces McCarthy with them.
  19. Vanilla2

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    Smoke and mirrors my friend. The only hope I have is that we try to build around Parsons and maybe try fielding a consistently tough defense for once, but I’m not sure how many jerseys that’ll sell
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    I think this explains it.

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