Video: Fair and balanced analysis of Dak Prescott

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BigCowboysHomer, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Did you actually watch the video?

    The guy says that Dak is backwards because he has the hard stuff down already but needs to improve his accuracy in small windows downfield, which he says can be improved by repetition. Most young QBs have the opposite problem, according to this guy, in that they have raw arm talent but can’t figure out the mental parts of the game that Dak already has down.

    It’s okay to acknowledge that Dak has areas to improve on. He shows in video the blueprint the colts used to shut us down in week 15 by making Dak try to beat them over the top in man coverage. He couldn’t do it.

    From OTA reports it sounds like this is an area Dak has improved on so maybe we will see Dak’s game really elevate this year if that’s true.

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    Yep good old Tim now starting for our Dallas Cowboys.....another dream that will come crashing down (as in Tim's case) as QB are born not Frankenstein-ed to Dak all you want but what good is a QB who has poor accuracy(plus all his other flaws....Panic anyone) you know your just begging for troubles on offense!
    And ya our passing game is one of the most anemic in the NFL....if its 3rd and 8+ get ready to Punt or kick a FG.....

    P.S. The Red-Zone is a morgue for us .........Go Dak I guess....and God help our Defense and Zeke to keep us in games!
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    Great to hear. I really think we can win two with Dak. Maybe even three if things work out right.
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    This is my response to your anger:


    Get the point. Good let's dance.
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    You know nothing about developing a QB and dont act like you do. Just because you can reference Tom Brady doesn't mean you're knowledgeable.

    Let me guess you could have coached the flaws out of Tim Tebow. You could have coached the flaws out of Vince Young, Ryan Leaf, Quincy Carter and Mark Sanchez. If we let you tell you could have already won a Superbowl with Cooner Cook. Am I wrong?
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    He can't as his Accuracy and anticipation to lead the WR or TE are for the dogs.......and not the Pappydog I might add ....unfortunately for us lol...:(
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    Back at the end of the 2016 I was skeptical seeing that Vikings game and then the Giants game at the end of the season. So yeah I saw it coming. I actually noticed during the season he was throwing a lot of short balls but thought oh they are just keeping things simple because he is a rookie. Yes Dak will throw those deep no risk balls once in a while but where he is extremely questionable is the middle of the field 20 yds crossing and outs. Those are the difficult type throws that requires velocity and accuracy and I dont think Dak will ever be throwing those. On the flip side Wentz was throwing those type of passes his first season but his WRs were all dropping them and he didnt have a #1 guy to throw to.
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    TRUE! Our coaching staff know better than all of us what they have at QB and his pro's and cons hence our limited long game.
    This is the most ANEMIC passing attack since the Quincy Carter days......

    P.S. At least Quincy threw the deep one now and then.....
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    Exactly, he has areas to improve like any young QB and all the hard parts are covered.

    Shortcomings are things you typically cant get better at. But if that isn't what you meant then never mind.

    picking the Colts game as an example seems rather ridiculous don't you think? You could use that to show how ANY player on offense couldn't do something. Zeke got shut out as well. So I guess he cant run then because of that game?

    The criticisms of Dak are waaaaayyy toooo overboard and silly. Most young QB's have things to work on and have inconsistencies. Especially when they face good defenses, have injuries to the Oline, bad coaching, and lack of receiving threats they can depend on.

    But at least we agree we should see him take the next step. Again, don't like the term "really elevate his game" as that indicated that he has underperformed so far in his career. Which again is laughable.

    But maybe Im just too sensitive with all the Romo cry baby trolls mucking up the board. :grin:
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  11. CowboyRoy

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    Tim Tebow and Carter simply didn't have the talent. Leaf, Young, and Carter didn't have the mental makeup.

    Sanchez was had a little of both, but not enough.

    Dak is head and shoulders better then all those punks. Is that not obvious to you? I guess not.
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    Its going to be funny after two weeks next year when Dak has enough pass attempts to qualify for the all time leader boards and he is 8th all time in passer rating 96. 3rd all time in completion % 66.1 and 2nd to only Aaron Rodgers all time in interception %. 1.7 But somehow he’s awful at passing the football....oh yeah and he rushes for 6 tds every year.
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  14. Kevinicus

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    Those passer ratings and completion percentages may be good over the entire history of the nfl, but today, in this modern era, they are extremely pedestrian.
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    This guy really nailed it on Dak. He said what I have been saying he has accuracy issues and wont throw the ball into tight windows down field. Teams that can stuff the run and play man to man will beat Dallas most of the time. The place where this guy and I dont agree is you can get a little better with your accuracy but your only going to get so good. This answers why Dak struggles to throw TD passes in the redzone. I dont like the way the guy compares Brees and Brady short passing game and acts like it's ok for Dak to have the short passing game. Brees and Brady have already proven they can shred a defense by throwing the ball over the top. Defenses would rather make them have 12 play drives hoping Brees and Brady will make a mistake. In Daks case defenses aren't worried about him going over the top.
    More and more teams will be using the Colts game plan.
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  16. Idgit

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    Thing is, Dak’s tight-window (less than a yard of separation) throw success iirc is among the best in the league.
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    If only he could throw it over a linebacker and in front of a safety.
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    I get what you are trying to do here, but the list of QBs you have given here, are nowhere similar to Dak Prescott.
    • Tim Tebow at least had a positive TD-to-Int ratio (the only guy on your list)
      • Unfortunately that came with
        • less than 48% completion percentage
          • Dak is nearly 20 percentage points higher than that. AKA Huge Difference
        • About 151 yards per game per start
          • Again, a huge difference when compared to Dak
          • To show how big of a difference that is, you are talking about
            • Tebow throwing for under 2,500 yards in a season
            • To Dak's 3,600+ yards in a season (225+ ypg)
      • Yet Dak's TD-to-Int ratio is well over +2.5
        • Seriously, I can't believe ANYONE truly believes Dak is anything like Tebow as a passer
    • Most of the guys on this list failed due to maturity issues (Young, Leaf, and Carter)
      • Leaf's arm was second to none
        • Yet with all that "arm talent", he failed in the NFL because he could not handle the job or the scrutiny
      • Young had the arm, just terrible mechanics
        • Unfortunately he was drafted by a team with a HC that could not make him better (See Jared Goff)
        • Even with that, it was his inability to handle early failures that lead to him not succeeding in the NFL
      • Carter had a good arm, just bad decision making
        • Both on and off the field
      • And I think even Dak Haters can agree, lack of maturity is not an issue for him
    • Mark Sanchez may be the closest to Dak from your list, but even then it's not close in any regard ...
      • Despite given plenty of opportunity (Mark had two 500+ pass attempt seasons in first 3 years compared to Dak's having just one)
    • Passing Yards
      • Only Topped Dak in passing yard in a season once.
        • Mark's best year = 3,474
        • Dak's worst year = 3,324
      • Passing Yards per game
        • Mark's years as full time starter = 195 ypg (or 3,120 yards per year)
        • Dak's years as a full time starter = 226 ypg (or 3,610 yards per year)
    • Passing TD production
      • Outside of 26 in 2011, Mark never reached 18 Passing TDs in any other year
      • Full Time Starter
        • Mark = 68 Passing TDs in first 4 years
        • Dak = 67 Passing TDs in just 3 years
    • Interceptions
      • Mark doubled Dak's Int Production in his first 3 years (51 to 25)
      • As Full Time Starter
        • Mark's lowest Int in a year = 13
        • Dak's highest Int in a year so far = 13
    • Completion Percentage
      • As Full Time Starter
        • Mark did not pass 57% completion percentage in a year
        • Dak has not gone below 62% in a year so far
    • QB Rating
      • As Full Time Starter
        • Mark did not pass a 79 QB Rating in a year
        • Dak has not been below a 86 QB Rating in a year so far

    I get it, some don't like Dak and that is your right. But can we stop with the completely abstruse comparisons to QBs that show virtually nothing in common with Dak?
  19. stasheroo

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    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing that. I’m going to look into this show as this young man seems to be well prepared and does a good job.
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    That’s where I see him having issues, too.

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