Fan cutouts to fill stands

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Zone' started by Wolf2k5, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Wolf2k5

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    I saw some baseball teams were going to do a promo where you pay to have a cardboard cutout of yourself sitting in the stands for all the home games. They then send it to you afterwards to have.

    will the NFL do the same and if so would you purchase one?
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  2. Meat-O-Rama

    Meat-O-Rama Vegetarians are so stupid.

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    Depending on what it costs, it would be fun to do.
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  3. Hardline

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  4. StarBoyz83

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    No idea why anybody would pay for that lol
  5. CouchCoach

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    I want a cut out of me to watch games on TV with me. Finally find someone not to argue with me.
  6. Tangle_Foot

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    I would want multiple cutouts reactions, depending on play outcome.
    :) :mad: o_O :facepalm:

    Maybe I could get a package deal:laugh:
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  7. Avery

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    Well, people spend money to buy plots of land on Mars so anything is possible.

    If you wish to do this, I would prefer you just Venmo me some money and I'll use it to finish my basement. Your name will be immortalized on a plaque that will hang down there. Hell, I will write your name and any message you want on the framing lumber.
  8. Bullflop

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    That sounds stupid to me. If I'm not sitting in the stands, why pay for a cardboard replacement? How absurd is that? Thanks, anyway!:omg:
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  9. John813

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    Boy I don't envy the person going through the pictures if they do this.
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  10. Texas2Step41

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    Should only be Jimmy Johnsons
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  11. Jake

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    What I really don't want is pumped in crowd noise. If there's no crowd then let me hear what's going on in the game, although I guess censoring choice words could be a problem.

    I'd much rather hear the game than fake noise, and I've heard every curse word in the book, but no doubt someone out there would feel *GASP* offended. :rolleyes:
  12. lane

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  13. Bizwah

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    I'm wondering if this might inspire some virtual reality game experiences. I always thought there would be a market for pro sports to have the ability for fans to buy virtual tickets. You could have different seats available, and could have "fans" around you. This would help you "feel" at the game. I'm sure the technology could be developed. With VR goggles and the right headphones, I'm sure you could get more of a fan experience than just playing ball at an empty stadium and pumping in crowd noise (like MLB).

    I'm watching the Royals and Cardinals right now. The pumped in crowd noise reminds me of a 70s sitcom.
  14. Hagman

    Hagman Put Niland and Green in the ROH

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    So fill the stands with cardboard cut outs that just sit there and don’t cheer, don’t clap, don’t make any noise… So you’re saying it would be a lot like a regular AT&T Stadium crowd.
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  15. Beast_from_East

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    Pay for it?

  16. HotDog37

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    Why not make the setting to something very small and allow virtual attendance via zoom for a settled attendance price. Have your mini Jumbotron and have a running ticker of some fans, sometimes showing faces with a time delay (to edit out the punks). It would be like arena football without the live crowd but with a live virtual crowd. If it was done right it could be interesting. Have some of the players do some virtual zoom interviews after the game and if you pay to watch the game you get discounts on various snacks going forward like popcorn. Beer (hey no one cares if you're virtual). Beef Jerky. Stuff like that. :D
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