Fans, of all current Cowboys and Zoners which 1 of each would you most like to share a 6-pack, etc

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. GimmeTheBall!

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    1. Gregory, player (a fun time!)
    2. Melonfeud, Zoner, (the universe would open up to me) (ABQ, honorable mention)
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  2. cowboy_ron

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    With Gregory, it would more than likely be a Thai stick than it would be a 6-pack.
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  3. pitt33

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    Witten - get some beers in him and have him rehash his announcing faux pas...sorry Witt.

    Sarge - Red, White and Brew. Enough said.
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  4. Rayman70

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    would LOVE to share a beer with Sean Lee...and it has nothing to do with football.Its that he looks like he would be a cool dude to hang with. The zoner would be Cowboyron or Northerncowboynation I think...altho...we have many interesting guys and gals in here. Cern is another.
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  5. Rayman70

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    also...more I think about it...Jason Garrett might be an interesting coach to have some beers with.I know he aint a player..but still. They say liquor is truth serum for that reason, I WOULD LOVE to see what he really thinks about ole Jerry and Stevie. I think it would be Imagine him just going ape**** at a bar next you you ranting about ownership lol...Here Coach...have another round of beer... I bet you he gets PLENTY upset at them. Just throwing it out there.
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  6. Xelda

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    Maybe Looney with his sense of humor. He's still on the roster, right?
    So many Zoners, so few beers.
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  7. Melonfeud

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    Clint Longly/hunka'-hunka' burning BRAINPAINT
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  8. Blake

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    @Ranching of course, because he seems like an amusing drunk. Can't think of a single player I'd share a beer with though.
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  9. Ranching

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    I wouldn't only share, I'd buy! Salud!

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