Fast Food Guilty Pleasures

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CalPolyTechnique, Nov 15, 2021.

  1. CalPolyTechnique

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    Gimme your fast food guilty pleasures. You know, those things you know better not to eat. It doesn’t mean you have to eat it with regularity but that you always get it on the occasions you visit these joints.

    Here’s mine….Jack in the Box tacos.

    Something about the way the cheese compliments the ground cat meat does it for me. These things have been selling for 2 for $.99 as long as I can remember. I used to crush these on late nights when I was a teen and my metabolism was like a buzzsaw.

  2. DasTex

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    Not sure it's the food or just the sauce, but every now and then I have to visit Taco Bell, grab a couple burritos and use about 10 packs of Fire Sauce on each.

    The version you buy at the grocery store for some reason, just does not taste the same as the individual sauce packets.
  3. darthseinfeld

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    Haven't been able to get my hands on Jack in the Box since I was stationed on Hawaii

    As far ground cat meat, Ive always been partial to Taco Bell's crunch wraps.

    Not fast foot, but in Rochester a local cheap food tradition is Wegmans $3 Whole *** Rotisserie Chicken. Probably the best value you can get in the planet.
  4. Tabascocat

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    Those nasty tacos were great after a night of drinking. I eventually graduated to the chorizo and egg tacos at Taco Cabana :laugh:
  5. BotchedLobotomy

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    Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos are disgustingly delicious at 2:00am
  6. CouchCoach

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    Krystal sliders and pups, li'l itty bitty cutest ever chili dogs.
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  7. CouchCoach

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    OK, do I fix that agility Pleasures or play with that awhile? I mean some of that stuff does increase your agility to avoid pieces of furniture while in a full on run to get to the toilet.

    Alright, Alright!!! I'll fix it.
  8. JohnnyTheFox

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    O man those JITB tacos are awesome, i remember eating 10 of them on the car ride back to Oklahoma after watching the Cowboys smash the Giants. Good times.....
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  9. MWH1967

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    I can be having a bad day and this fixes everything.

  10. Sammy

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    I go to McDonald's once or twice a year and always get 2 sausage mcmuffins, 2 hash browns, and a large coffee. I assume their sausage is also ground cat meat.
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    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    Wienerschnitzel chili cheese dog and chili cheese fries. About once a month I've got to hit it. I'd give honorable mention to a Schlotzsky's original and a Raising Canes Caniac combo for good measure. I don't often eat fast food, but when I do I......................
  12. BrAinPaiNt

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    Don't get a chance to eat Popeyes much anymore. However I loved it when I was in Louisiana and red beans and rice side was always my fave.

    So the wife buys me Margaret Holmes Red Beans and Rice from wally world and it is pretty good for being canned. Nice Smokey flavor.
  13. Sarge

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    Every 3 or 4 months I go to mcDonalds and eat 4 filet of fish. It never gets old. One time a co-worker bet me I couldn’t eat 10 filet o fish in a half hour. I bet him $100 that not only could I eat them, I could eat them in 10 minutes. We split the cost of the sangwitches, then he paid me my $100 bucks.
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  14. Hardline

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    My fast food guilt pleasure ended the day Taco Bell discontinued these.

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  15. Runwildboys

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    Hooters Buffalo Chicken Fajitas. Thought they discontinued them, but they're just not on the menu anymore. Looking forward to my next!
  16. Cowpolk

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    I use to buy those tacos late night 2 for 29 cents they help prevent hangovers if it does not work Redbull will cure it
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  17. CalPolyTechnique

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    2 for $0.29?

    Wow, was that in the 80s.

    I was actually mistaken. They are 2 for $1.49 now.
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  18. Corso

    Corso Offseason mode... sleepy time

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    Tacos Chinampa tripitas tacos, super extra crispy.
    Basically fried intestines in a taco and it's flippin' great.
  19. Roadtrip635

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    For me it's the McRib, always look forward to when they bring them back and they just brought them back a couple weeks ago.
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  20. Big_D

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    and I think it’s a permanent move. Not just a limited time offer.
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