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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, Jan 11, 2019.

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    while carrying a 5 lb hoagie.
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    You will experience that thrill of victory soon young person, just hang in there, its a wonderful thing.
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    dag nabbit,,, can you send me that link?
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    The home /road splits on Dak are pretty telling and have me less than optimistic. Coppers home/ road splits since becoming a cowboy are terrible and I’m not sure why he hasn’t remained just as important on the road as home. The defense has its work cut out for this week as well with 3 better than average wr’s to defend, 2 better than average high draft pick Te’s to contend with, and Gurley. The big thing is just the weight of past failures this team has to contend. Even though the players have not been around for the past 23 years those failures are on their minds. While the coaching staff excelled down the stretch until they get this monkey off their back and get this team over the hump I just have no faith in them. One thing I do like is the media other than homers is picking the rams across the board. Either way same outfit will be worn as last week and win or lose ready to go. Go Cowboys!
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    I’m feeling good and worried
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    I think we've got the talent to win. However, this will be a game of mismatches to exploit us via personnel/play calling to create mismatches. In other words, this will be a game won or lost by COACHING. The Lambs know how to do this. We do not...not when it counts. I've seen this show too many times before in the Garrett Era. I've been feeling because of 54 and 55 and Zeke, that this SHOULD be a close game, but with JG and Linehan (and Dak not being "allowed" by the clapper to use his legs and his tendency to take sacks), I'm thinking it could just as easily be the Lambs blowing us out creating another Garrett Era record.
    They're going to exploit Prescott by blitzing blitzing and blitzing some more right up the middle even though many of his sacks were on 4 man rushes and blitzes aren't really required..
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    I'm concerned, the Rams are a veteran team, loaded with talent on the defensive side. I am wondering if they don't step it up three notches for this game.

    If Dallas is close (within seven points) at the start of the second half they have a real shot.
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    If this game is close after the first series in the 3rd quarter I’m liking our chances.
    Pressure will be crushing on Jared Goff to deliver. I think he starts pressing big time.
    Survive early, dirty up the game and make it ugly.
    Get him frustrated and we might just pull it off.
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    I don’t really feel either. I don’t feel real good about winning because I know the Rams have been one of the better teams all year. I know they tailed off a little and have some weaknesses Dallas can exploit but they are still going to be tough to beat. I don’t feel real worried either because I feel Dallas is now playing with house money. They were not expected to be one of the final eight teams. Getting a playoff win with this young of a team is a huge step forward. Therefore, I will sit back and enjoy watching the game. Of course I want them to win but I will be happy if they are competitive until the end. Getting blown out and not looking good, getting outcoached, or just not being ready to play will be extremely disappointing and feel like a step backward. Being in the game to the end and the season will have been a good one to me. They had a great 2nd half needing to win almost every week to win the division and make the playoffs, got a playoff win, and hopefully stayed competitive against the Rams. A win today just takes it to a whole other level of success.
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    If you feel good about our Def then there's no shootout
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    Feel good: It's going to be a home game for the Cowboys and I think it will demoralize the Rams a bit with their fans getting punked in their house.

    Feel bad: The Rams return to early season form.
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    This. An early DC turnover or 2 could set us back a lot. Also Goff can be effective if he has time. If Gurley gets room to run look out.
    They did that last game they beat us. However this is a whole other defense we have. If were within 7 by 4th quarter I like our chances.
  13. CouchCoach

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    I like the fact they've had to play and play hard into the playoffs and their first game. No rust, ready to rock.

    Nothing scares or worries me because this is just another game and will have 0 impact on my life, win or lose. It has already been a good season and has been extended beyond my expectations in the preseason as well as through the first 8 games. This is all sautéed mushrooms but the steak really didn't need them.
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    Really good point. We should get a sense tonight of what Goff is made of.
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    Feel Good:
    • Gregory & Lawrence getting pressure on Goff
    • Smith & LVE for the most part neutralizing Gurley
    • The crowd & energy in the stadium
    Feel Worried:
    • Donald & Suh vs Williams & Looney
    • Our WRs being able to consistently win on the outside
    • Playing a clean, turnover-free game
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    I feel fine. Not really up, not really down. I feel like last weekend. I feel like the second half of the season.
  17. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I'm really nervous. lol

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