Final PFF Grades & Rankings A Season To Forget

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hennessy_King, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. JJHLH1

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    Hard to believe Dak is our only top-10 player on offense.
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  2. Hennessy_King

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    Well him and Z mart but that's a given. Coop was close to top 10 when dak was healthy
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  3. Starforever

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    PFF, takes all of that in to consideration, when making their rankings.
  4. rocyaice

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    Guess you are new around here....Dak was getting 500k around here and got more hate than if you think for a second the only reason Jaylon and Zeke gets hate is because of their contract you are sadly mistaken. Their situations are isolated from Dak. Dak played well. These guys are struggling so they get hate. I understand the latter. Their contracts are irrelevant to the discussion. They are not playing good football whether they are getting the vet. minimum or not.

    And yes in my world I don't care what a guy gets paid. Like I told you in that other thread I don't want Andy Dalton or Tyrone Crawford for FREE. They suck no matter what they are paid. I think that's the issue you are having.
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  5. rocyaice

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    I don't know what that other poster is talking about I like Jaylon too but not enough to defend how he's playing lol. My stance on him is that he's playing bad but the whole linebacker group is. Linebacker seems to be rough all over the league and we are no exception. I don't know what happened to Jaylon....I can't even pretend like I know man....I wish we could get 2018 Jaylon back but I'm afraid that he's not showing back up. I thought Nolan would get more since he was a linebackers coach in New Orleans........

    If you can't decipher between what I'm doing in regards to Jaylon then we can't have a simple discussion. You're too far gone. Call it obsession or whatever but you seem to be the only one who doesn't get "it".
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  6. stiletto

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    TD's probably. Amari had a great season all things considered. Healthy going into next season.
  7. Teague31

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    No way there were 39 better TE’s than Schultz this year.
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  8. Mattitude

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    I wish we could move one of the connors to center and draft a stud guard/tackle to play at left guard
  9. conner01

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    I liked the signing except Poe
    I thought he was done 2 years ago
    But overall I thought we did solid
    Didn’t work out that way though
  10. conner01

    conner01 Well-Known Member

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    Look at coopers too
    These are generally silly rankings
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  11. rocyaice

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    I was behind the moves but I didn't like that we basically fixed our defensive line with what the Panthers got rid of in Poe and McCoy. I figured Poe was finished he was the least of the moves I liked but he was a big boy so I got behind it.....
  12. Wolfpack

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    That DT group is terrible.
  13. conner01

    conner01 Well-Known Member

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    I was excited about McCoy
    I’m just glad 2020 is over and we can put it behind us
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  14. Sydla

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    I saw they ranked the OLs. Where did the total OL finish? In the 20s?
  15. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

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    I mean I think you have to actually see the scores of the other 38 guys......without looking I'm sure like 20+ of those guys probably have similar scores to Schultz.....You are going to have the the tier of Kittle and Kelce....under that probably the Waller's and Gesickis and after that is probably where everyone else goes...that tier 3 is probably where most guys are at.
  16. KingintheNorth

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    Defense would be helped by a new and better DC, but they really need to look at the Front Office for this unit's poor performance.

    We desperately need DT's. This fan base wants to keep propping up Antwaun Woods and Trysten Hill, but they are not NFL caliber starters. Hill is awful. Gallimore is not good either. And the guys they signed off the street or the JAG they traded for were beyond bad.

    Tank and Gregory are fine at DE's. They might be elite once they get some help at DT. Aldon Smith came back to earth some; I'd only re-sign him to a short, team-friendly deal. Jerry will like the story of Aldon and probably overpays. Play Bradlee Anae!

    Linebackers should concern us all. Unfortunately, too much money and too much of Jerry's ego tied into Jaylon and LVE. I really hope we can add a LB in the 2021 draft. A SAM for now that could step in and replace Jaylon at WILL after 2021, if he doesn't turn things around.

    We need a #1 CB. Diggs is all we have there. Chido was a let down, Lewis makes too many mental mistakes. Fans will want to point to Brown's interceptions, but he is not any good either.

    Safeties? Been a problem for years. Front Office is stubborn and outright wrong on this position. Go get a good Free Safety wand watch how much it improves the overall coverage.
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  17. rocyaice

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    As am I....and if theres' some silver least everything screwed up all at once....what are the odds of Dak getting hurt, offensive line all getting hurt again and the defense being the worst in the league? I figure at least some of it has to let up......I just hope they address defensive line..even though its going to depend on who's even available to begin with.
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  18. nightrain

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    Yup, complete overhaul in order. They all gotta go.
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  19. rocyaice

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    To me Woods, Hill and Gallimore aren't the issues. Mind you they addressed that position with Poe and McCoy. That was the true issue. I can live with Woods, Hill and Gallimore being apart of a rotation but I need better starters up front.

    I have no issue with Chido. I'd re-sign Chido and address corner again in the draft.
  20. aria

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    That’s ridiculous. Of course I wouldn’t want them for free either but that doesn’t negate over paying for players that underperform. Good thing you’re not a GM, you sound like Jerry “who cares if we over pay for a guy, let’s do it just because.”

    Their contracts aren’t irrelevant to the discussion. How many people have you seen say “I don’t want Dak, even if he’s free” vs “I’d like to keep Dak but only at a reasonable price”? I’ve seen a few of the former and many of the latter, why do you think that is?

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