Final Thoughts about the 49ers-Eye Candy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboyny, Jan 14, 2022.

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    -We are here again in the postseason against a similar rushing attack that we faced against the Rams a few seasons ago. That game the Cowboys rush defense got totally gashed. Will they have better success this time against a zone rushing scheme that uses a ton of misdirection? They just need to avoid all the eye candy, control their gaps and do their jobs. Might be a good time to bring out those bear fronts.

    -The Cowboys Offense needs to put pressure of the 49ers to play keep up on the scoreboard. Hit them in the mouth first and force them to play our style of football, get the game in the 30's and they will struggle to keep up. Force their QB and their receivers to beat us and have them protect in obvious passing situations.

    -Must not beat themselves with penalties, turnovers or poor tackling. This perhaps is the best team in space with several of their receivers who live off of yards after the catch. Must be a team effort. 49ers aren't the fastest teams out there, fly to the football and get them down. You take away the hidden yardage and force them to convert on 3rd downs multiple times.
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    In theory it sounds like a good idea. Get out in front and make the 49ers play catch-up.

    That plan failed for the rams. This team is capable of playing from behind. But yes, of course it behooves Dallas to get off to a fast start. This game is going to be tight , neither team is going to blow the other team away.

    SF presents a lot of matchup nightmares for the Dallas defense. Dallas offense also presents a lot of problems for the SF secondary. I think Dallas just has more playmakers in total and I think they will make one or two more key plays to swing the game in their favor.
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    Time to let the rest of the playoff teams know that we can't be beaten by the ground game.
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    Thanks for Sharing ...

    Narrowing down what i think are the biggest to Win keys:

    1) Win the battle in trenches; Great tackling & Pass rush

    2) Dak/Kellen bringing their A-game

    3) Make Niners one dimensional & force Grapp to flat pass to beat us

    4) Let Niners prove to beat us- do not beat ourselves ala penalties & turnovers

    5) Do not rely on our FG kicker to win this game; Score ahead points

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    Really believe if we can hold up against the run, we should be able to consistently get off the field. Can our offense score points to put pressure on them to keep up?

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