Finally a PFN draft I Love

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chuck 54, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. Chuck 54

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    My personal favorite PFN Draft to date. Those who wanted a flashy name at #10 will be disappointed, but I’m excited by my haul, along with pet cats.

    Trevon Moehrig - starting FS
    S TCU
    Nick Bolton - starting MLB, keeping Jaylin and LVE on the outside
    LB Missouri
    Daviyon Nixon - Instantly the best DT on our roster
    DT Iowa
    Rashad Weaver - developmental edge with the frame and size to be in rotation eventually
    EDGE Pitt
    Nico Collins - my hidden gem at WR from a team with no one to get him the ball...will replace Gallup next up on him.
    WR Michigan
    Kelvin Joseph - after the top 3, I got 2 of my 3 favorite CBs back to back...upgrades for our scheme
    CB Kentucky
    Trill Williams
    CB Syracuse
    Marvin Wilson - a great run defender who also can bring some push
    DT Florida State
    Jamin Davis - special teams, developmental LB that may replace Smith next year
    LB Kentucky
    Robert Hainsey - With Martin the logical OT if anyone goes down, along with all the time spent on two young tackles, I felt another guard was more important, so ND’s best.
    OG Notre Dame
    John Bates - A big solid very good blocker to replace Bell cheaper....not fast, but good hands....same guy
    TE Boise State
    Tedarrell Slaton - no pass rush, but here’s your 6’5” 360 lb run stuffer for short yardage and goal line.
    DT Florida
  2. Future

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    Other than the fact that this is pretty unrealistic in terms of where you're getting guys (Jamin Davis, especially), I like the players. But I don't really understand these quantity over quality approaches to the draft. You're basically drafting a bunch of guys knowing full well that most have no chance to see meaningful snaps.
  3. darthseinfeld

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    My biggest issue with trade down mocks is that it's way unpredictable to be realistic.

    In this draft, if a QB isnt there we probably wont have a dance partner
  4. Chuck 54

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    I hear you, but I think the first three and both CBs will play a lot. I think Wilson and/or Slayton will be designated run situation guys, and I would hope Collins gets 1 year before taking over for Gallup. Of course, everything changes in everyone’s mock drafts if suddenly we sign a CB, S, DL, etc in free agency.

    My main reason for moving down in round 1 is because Dallas will never take a DT up there, and if you draft a LB or edge or even OT, there’s no guarantee your #10 pick even starts. I personally don’t see the top 3 corners being elite and far above lots of other corners, especially in a zone scheme. The ratings we read are usually ranking secondary guys based on press man coverage. For example, Asante Samuel Junior is strictly a man coverage guy who has struggled with zone concepts in college.

    It’s all in fun. All my other drafts made me sick after taking Surtain and watching so many players who could start on or defense being picked between 10 and 44.
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  5. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    6,829 Likes Received’s all for fun, but history has shown us that even straight mocks seldom hit on more than 25% of the picks in round 1. It’s really just a way to learn about guys I didn’t know much about. In lots of mocks, teams are moving up for WRs, CBs, Edge players, or OTs when they start falling off the board.
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  6. Chuck 54

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    In this particular draft, Jacksonville moves up to take Pitts at #10 to pair with QB.
  7. J-man

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    In my last PFN mock I made a trade at 10 with the Jags, who wanted Pitts, for the 25, 33 & 106 plus I made them a counter and we swapped picks 65 and 75 too. I had a great draft with those pics. I can't remember exact spots for each player but landed Barmore, Moehrig, Werner, Roche, Newsome, Rumph, Adebo, Barnes, Tonga, Johnson
    2 at each position at DT, DE, LB, CB, S
    plus OT Hudson and RB Sermon in the middle rds.
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  8. Future

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    Well if both CBs are playing a lot, are you assuming that they beat out Reggie Robinson? Diggs and Brown are locked in as starters, so you're looking for a third starter and then a depth corner. I don't see Robinson, Williams and Joseph all earning those spots at any point in the next 2-3 years. While there's a bit of value in scattershotting to improve your odds, at some point, you have to play the guys you draft. Undercutting your own guys with new blood every year doesn't really get you anywhere.

    It's the same thing at DT. They'll sign at least 1 vet, but after that you've got basically Hill, Gallimore, Wilson, Nixon and Slaton. Drafting Wilson only to cut Hill seems like silly resource use.

    Like I said, I like these players a lot - the corners and Collins in particular - so I'm not really questioning them specifically. But big picture, it just seems like we're using the draft to throw bodies at holes, and that's not really how you end up filling them successfully.
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  9. Future

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    I think the volume of trade downs is more unrealistic than the trades themselves. I can see someone moving from 17-19 to 10 to get Pitts or one of the WRs for sure. Fundamentally, I don't think that discrepancy changes this mock.
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  10. Chuck 54

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    Exactly what happened here.
  11. Chuck 54

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    Reggie Robinson is a safety and never got to play. Plus, 4-5 CBs seem to get playing time every year for various reasons.

    you nailed it on the tackles. Wilson and Slaton would be 1 Techs. Hill seems to be an injured 3 tech. I’m not sure what Gallimore is, but he came on some at the end. Dixon is definitely 300 lb 3-tech, and is the best of the bunch. It was probably overkill, but at the time they were the only players on the board that I saw as bringing something more than what we have.
  12. DoctorChicken

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    I love this draft. Best FS in the draft and a starting LB would be a win.
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  13. Chuck 54

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    True. I moved from 10 to 25 which grabbed 2 extra picks, one at #33. My only other trade was inthe middle rounds a couple spots when I had two CBs on the board, but neither was taken. We all know that in real life, whenever the Cowboys think like that, we get screwed and lose the guys we
  14. morasp

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    I think trade back is the way to go, it's my default in mock drafts lately. It's only unrealistic if the trade value doesn't add up. There are a lot of good players late round one to the middle of round three. It would be nice if drafted a real safety this year, Bolton would be a tackling machine, and Nixon would be disruptive in the middle. Wilson is is dropping due to a drop in production last year but his good tape is really good and he's value at 138. I've quit drafting Joseph due to off field concerns but if those check out he would be a steal.
  15. jrumann59

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    Or you end up PSing or outright cutting them.
  16. RS12

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    Davis and Joseph are borderline 1st rounders so this seems highly unlikely. Btw who will be the obligatory over drafted injured player this year?
  17. Bigdog

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    I like it a lot. The only issue I have is I am not a big fan of Marvin Wilson
  18. DFWJC

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    It's really not true though. There have been plenty of non QB trade downs in that 8-12 range.
    The most recent one in 2019 was Pittsburgh trading up to 10 to get a Linebacker, ironically (given it could be an LB again this year if not a WR or QB)
  19. McKDaddy

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    people forget that you still have to trim the roster at the end of camp. it does you no good to draft players who have almost no shot at making the team. package those picks to move around and get player(s) that have a good chance of contributing. (they don't have to start or start right away but contribute and likely develop)

    to spend all the energy & resources to draft a guy in April only to cut him in August is just a killer
  20. McKDaddy

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    i think there is a legit chance to move back some & really rack up some picks while still getting better value

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