Fired as an NFL HC - what would you do?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by goshan, Jan 15, 2022.

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    Got fired as an NFL head coach? The way you approach your next job opportunity will determine if you ever get another head job again.

    McCarthy. Fired from GB. Rogers said he was an idiot. Sat out a year. Re-invented his personal brand by saying he hung out in his barn, watched every single game, and had a renewed focus on analytics and modern football. Hired as HC of Dallas Cowboys.

    Quinn is run out of atlanta. Blown leads. Loser. Takes D-coordinator job at Dallas. Dallas D improves greatly, and he is one of the hottest HC options. Followed the McCarthy script - re-invented his personal brand after getting fired based upon 'studying himself' and re-tooling his defensive thinking to be far beyond the ''legion of boom'

    Garret run out of Dallas. Mr 500 but overall his reputation was ok. Takes O-coordinator job for Giants. O is terrible. Gets fired. He will never get a head job again and probably not an OC job. Should he have sat out a year and re-invented his thinking and personal brand? I think he should have. Even though I think he sucks, I think its 50/50 he would have gotten a HC opportunity if he would have sat out a year and created a 'computer and stats football lab' in his basement and re-packaged himself in a fresh way. He is way too stubborn to do that tho...

    Of all the coaches who just got fired, what should they do? Take coordinator jobs? Obviously it's case by case. But I think you have to think hard about sitting out and creating a new story about urself, especially if you have had enough success as a HC.

    What would you do?
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    I’d take the millions I made and retire to the Flathead Valley of Montana for the summers then go south in the winter to play golf year round
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    yeah that's a good thought
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  4. RoboQB

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    Wow! Never get a head job again!?! Ever?
    Poor Garrett.
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    Pull a Jimmy, move to the keys and work for an NFL show.
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    Houston owes Culley $15M. He doesn't need to do another thing the rest of his life if he so chooses.

    Nice place to be
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    That would really be dependent on what offers are there.
  9. Risen Star

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    League Commissioner can't coach a team. It's a conflict of interest.
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    Move to the Faroe Islands. Beautiful weather year round. Nice crisp temperatures all year but never freezes. Oh, and I'd love to try whale meat some time.
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  11. Typhus

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    It gets complicated.
    Way overqualified for a McDonalds management position.
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  12. Cowpolk

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    Find a hot gold digger and spend money
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  13. Hardline

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    Hope a Division I college team makes me an offer.
    Take the job and make just as much money as an NFL coach.
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  14. CowboysDrew

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    I mean, me? I'd retire. The mental pressure and stress of a HC job isn't for me.

    But if I didn't want to do that and it was, yeah, it'd be coaching rehab or a step down. If an NFL coach can recruit, college could be calling.

    If I were Garrett I'd go back to his old mentor Saban and get into one of his "advisor" slots where he's rehabbing fired coaches. I think with the further tutelage of Nick Garrett's process might actually work in college as opposed to the pros. He was always tied to the concept of beat your man with superior talent, and that's what college ball is all about, but who knows.

    But yeah "rehab" seems to be the answer in most cases. For a few others it might be just sticking to what you do well, see Wade Phillips.
  15. KJJ

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    Your first job as an NFL head coach may determine if you’ll ever get a second chance. No assurances that if you fail your first time around that you’ll ever get another opportunity. Some don’t and end up going back to being a coordinator or take a job with a network in the studio or in the broadcasting booth.
  16. KJJ

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  17. GMO415

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    Over 50 years old and have been working since I was 15. Never been fired. Never will be.

    Can't imagine.
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  18. fivetwos

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    What I WOULDN’T do is go to a place with no QB in place.

    You have two years to win now as a HC.

    I have no idea if it's impatience, fan pressure in the age of instant gratification, or what....

    Even if you do well in your first year and play a fourth place schedule, and inspire your team to an upset or two, jeez you'd better improve on that in year two or teams seem to find it best to move on.

    I guess that's the best way to sell hope and that's kind of what it's about....

    I mean, it may have been time for a team like Minnesota to go in a different direction, but it's going to take devine intervention more so than a guy like Kellen Moore to win with Kirk Cousins.
  19. fivetwos

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    See me in my office asap.

    Bring play book.

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  20. darthseinfeld

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    Quinn didnt reinvent himself. He is running the same scheme he has always run. He just has better talent
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