Video: Fish: Cowboys + Dak agent idea of just 3 years? Biggest win of qb’s career

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Feb 28, 2021.

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    Not sure why Fish chose to eat peanuts on Live spot type video. And why he later didn't just re-shoot it.
    That's David Irving level laziness.

    Key things we do know:
    Dak's ankle likely not an issue at all in negotiations for either side.
    No one has any idea what Dak's team actually wants now.
    The impetus is on Dallas to make the first offer with that MAR 9 dateline appoaching.

    What we can be near certain it will take:
    No more than 4 years of team control.
    100M fully GTD Bonus plus years 1 and 2 is pretty standard nowadays but you are going to need to eat year 3 GTD as well in all likeilhood.
    ~40M AAV. Maybe a bit more or a bit less but in that range. Coming in at 36M or less would be an insult at this point. Dak asking for more than 42.5M would be viewed as greedy.
    So you can extrapolate a basic range for that first offer and counter offer.
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    Regular season games played vs ranked teams
    Trevor Lawrence - 6
    Zack Wilson - 6
    Justin Fields - 8
    Trey Lance - 0 obviously
    Mac Jones - 5

    I'd be careful to characterize Wilson as the least proven.
    He obviously had far lesser supporting casts than Jones, Fields or Lawrence.
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    That is the issue.
    Wilson is going 2 or 3 and you don't get there from 10 without a crazy offer.
    Probably looks something like 10, 44 and next years' 1st. --and the only reason that comes close is if they expect you to suck if you play a rookie QB next year.
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    anything over 37 to 38 is going to start being on the verge of cap cripiling unless his play comes up to top 3 level....which it might, but there are a lot of what if’s

    Dallas smart move IF he still wants 40 plus is to tag him unfortunately and then go from but tag and trade might end up netting the best return...I’d love to have dak but not at 40 mil
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    Dak is not taking less than 40 million
    He and his agent are holding out for that

    If he were signing for less he would be signed already

    that is pretty much known

    whenever you are making posts in support of Dak, that is what you are supporting
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    Where did that stat come from?

    BYU played one ranked opponent last year and they lost (Coastal Carolina Chanticleers - #17).

    He didn’t play against a single Power 5 conference team

    Not saying he can’t be good but he hasn’t played anyone yet
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    Unless you're eating an apple. That just oozes confidence.

    PAPPYDOG "Dak 666" Zone Supporter

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    Fish is a Dak-Groupie.......enough said!
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    Voch twitter feed.
    Wilson played Utah a couple times, BSU a couple but once ranked, USC, Washington.
    The reason they only had the Coastal Carolina game last year was everyone cancelled non-conf and they are an independent so had to scramble.

    They lost Mich ST/Stanford/Minnesota/Utah/Arizona State/Alabama(was rumored kick off week 1 game)/Missouri
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    Tag and trade only works if Dak wants it to.
    He can't be tagged and traded unless he signs the tender.
    And any real return would be contingent on a new team agreeing to a deal with him.
    In the meantime you eat 37.7M on the cap this year.

    So if the cap is your worry tag and trade is actually a really bad idea.

    As to the rest it all depends on how they structure the money and what the cap rises to.

    It's not Dak's job to take less money for them. They certainly didn't tear up his deal when they were paying him 350K to start 16 games and go 13-3.
    The smart thing to do would have been extend him at the end of year 2 for cheap.
    Could have added 4 years at 35-27M a year easily and never eaten large cap hits.
    Would have had a year the end without any SB money hitting you to extend early in that final 4th year of the extension.
    That's what other teams did.

    Dallas played it out taking advantage of the low base salaries to mostly do nothing in free agency.

    If you don't want to pay him just let the guy walk. Get the R3 comp pick and go spend his free agency money on a stop gap and build the rest of the roster up to withstand a weak QB.

    If Dak is worth 37.7M this year on the cap he's definitely worth 40M AVV over 4 years because that 40M will cost you far less a % of the cap as it will rise mightily.
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    Sounds good , he can walk and get his 40m elsewhere.

    nice post buddy, agreed
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    Don't give me that crap!

    One can support the QB without supporting what he is asking for financially. There is a difference.

    Jerry simply needs to let Dak know that he can't and will not pay $40+ mil / year for Dak or any QB. If Dak reneges and refuses to accept that by the March 9th tag deadline, Jerry should put the "non-exclusive" franchise tag on Dak. Let Dak go get contract bid offers from up to 5 different teams in order to gage his actual paid worth, then Jerry can decide if he wants to match any super high offer or not. If not, Dak heads over to the highest bidder but they have to give up two 1st round picks in return as compensation to the Cowboys.

    If this happens and Dak leaves, he and his little greedy brother are going to learn very quickly how big of a mistake they made and how good they actually had it in Dallas.
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    I did not know that, but I don't pay much attention to him also so there's that.
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    I like Dak and applaud him for betting on himself but there is no way I am paying 41.5 which is only second to Mahomes especially for a guy who has won 1 playoff game. I agree with most that we should try to trade him. The one thing that Dak needs to know is that some times the grass is not always greener on the other side. If he stinks it up he might never get another contract in the NFL and out of the league. Also might be missing out on endorsements deals since he is not playing for the Cowboys.
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    Tag him and trade him to Seattle.
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    Zero reason to focus solely on the defense? Maybe not solely. But giving away your next few drafts to move up and draft a guy who may never even be at Dak's level is moronic.
    We had the worst defense in the history of the franchise and people seriously think we need to give away our premier picks to fill a hole we are creating.
    It's beyond stupid. Regardless of Daks potential salary, you don't pretend you somehow get better by removing a guy who is capable and a top 10 player at his position. Look how many team are still looking for a QB.

    But logic fails with you people. Go ahead and tell me how I am wrong with some fools logic.
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    You might need to look at the 39 million dollar cap hi they take for trading R Wilson. That eliminates this scenario
  19. superonyx

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    Woo Hoo another BYU stats QB. Let's give up the next few drafts to move up and draft the next Ty Detmer. These BYU guys always pan out in the nfl.
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    I love these message board Dak bashers.
    Remember when it was Trevor Lawrence we were drafting instead of Dak?
    Then it became Justin Fields.
    Now we are sweating Zac Wilson..

    How deep are the, anyone but Dak crowd willing to sink?
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