Fisher: Is there an affordable way that allows Dallas to acquire veteran cornerback Stephon Gilmore?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by darthseinfeld, Apr 29, 2021.

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    His $16.3M cap cost for New England would, in the event of a trade, be divided between the Patriots and his new employer. The $8.5 million of prorated signing bonus stays on the Pats' ledger, and then the remainder of $7.9 million - comes with him (depending on the timing of a $411,000 roster bonus).

    So Gilmore's salary number for Dallas would be between $7.3 mil and $7.9 mil, depending on that roster bonus and how much of another wrinkle in his contract ($500,000 in per-game roster bonuses) is considered Likely to be Earned.
  2. SeanLee50

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    Yeah that’s a big no from me dawg
  3. JW82

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    personally, if they can get Gilmore without spending much draft capital I'd do it all day. I am of the school of give me a sure thing for 2 years over gambling on a rookie. Especially if teh contract is reasonable for those two years. Now you've filled your biggest need and still have all of your draft capital.
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  4. visionary

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    You guys are not factoring in that he will want a big deal

    No way
  5. kskboys

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    Trading for 30 year old CB's is dumber'n dirt.
  6. JW82

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    true, but if it costs you only a 4th rd pick and you have a top CB for only 1 year at 7mil isn't it worth it? I'd look at it as signing a top FA to a 1 year deal. Pats might be willing because it seems the cap hit for them would be a lot higher to keep him then we'd have to pay him. imo
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  7. atlantacowboy

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    As a general rule, you don't make trades with the Patriots. They are smarter than you and probably getting the better end of the deal. If they are trading Gilmore, they probably know something you don't.
  8. visionary

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    one year rentals are only for teams that are expecting a SB.
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  9. JW82

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  10. rocyaice

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    If you make a few big moves like getting a Stephen Gilmore you could become a legit contender.

    That being said, I'd stay away from him. Go young at the position and let Diggs grow with Surtain or Horn.
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  11. visionary

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    The biggest benefit of draft picks is that you get cheap players for 4 years. I’d go Werner, LB OSU who could start next year
  12. USArmyVet

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    Much like the recent trade of QB Teddy Bridgewater to Denver wherein the Panthers are on the hook for much of his salary as part of the trade, Dallas in theory could agree to a trade wherein Dallas trades the #10 pick to NE for the #15 pick and Stephon Gilmore with NE agreeing to pay the majority of Gilmore's contract. However, Gilmore is only under contract for 2021 so if Dallas was going to agree to a trade involving Gilmore then NE would have to improve the trade offer to include another draft pick (perhaps a 3rd) to make it worth Dallas trading back as I do not see Dallas signing Gilmore (who turns 31 this September) to an extension that he would be looking for to stay in Dallas.
  13. Hawkeye19

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    Awesome idea! See you there! Cowboys!!

  14. jazzcat22

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    Was not so smart of them last year when the dumped Brady and handed TB a SB win. Just saying, are they as smart as everyone thinks, or was it just Tom.
  15. CouchCoach

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    If Belichick is offering any CB in a trade, I pass on that. The man loves the secondary as much as any HC, including Carroll, and if he's not willing to pay what Gilmore wants, the Cowboys sure as hell shouldn't with their payroll. This is not the same thing as Jamie Collins or Chandler Jones.
  16. ninja

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    Patriots are swimming in available cap. Why would they want to unload Gilmore for peanuts?
  17. BigD_95

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    But then we would move down and draft the top safety in the draft. Get a needed corner and safety
  18. SeanLee50

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    He’s on the last year of his deal and they likely won’t resign him
  19. unionjack8

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    People pay for this crap.
  20. calicowboy54

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    i think if you get the patriots 15 and 3rd round pick + gilmore you do it.

    gilmore for 2 years
    bpa at 15 44 and 3 3rd round pics.

    yep sign me up

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