Fisher: The Cowboys aren't looking to dump Zeke this year or next year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, May 23, 2022.

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    very true. The elusion and ego of the front office is amazing , especially jerry being protective of his picks ( zeke ,dak etc ). He can be very stubborn , Even his pick as coach ( Jason Garrett) as a 10 year stubborn disaster.
    Zeke's contract will go down as the dumbest RB contract ever.
    Dak is threatening to be the most expensive QB deal ever not to reach at least a CCG or have a deep playoff run ever , category .
  2. Thomas82

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    I tried to tell anybody that would listen that this likely wouldn't be Zeke's last year as a Cowboy.
  3. Sydla

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    Lawrence had two years left on his deal and the Cowboys extended him beyond those two years.

    It's unlikely the Cowboys want to extend Elliott (or any TB for that matter) more years than they have to.

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    Risen---i dont get it....Zeke is not who he use to be.....move on.....and learn from mistake dont pay second contract to RB.....unless you land Barry Sanders or Adrian Peterson or Gore etc
  5. Calvin2Tony2Emmitt2Julius

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    I know , the point is if Zeke gains 1500 yards, adds another 250 receiving, Dallas will be a much improved team. Where would the sense be in getting rid of him.

    My point is to act as if Zeke is automatically gone is just wishful thinking by some who don't like RB's getting paid
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  7. fivetwos

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    They will cut Elliott after this season no matter what happens.

    Then they will proceed to spend a very high pick next year on another jersuh sailin triplet RB.

    If there are too many Elliott jerseys remaining on hand, Jerry will get on the phone with the player and insist he wear #21 for some bogus sentimental reason, this way they only have to swap out the name patch.

    Gotta make Jerry Jr's jersuh sailin numbers look good so he feels as important as his brother.
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    Someone call 911 to check up on them Zeke detractors...

    They might be in serious physical distress.
  9. Loso86

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    Lawrence deal os pretty muxh just a 2 year extension which lowered his Cap and Salary
  10. starfan1

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    youre just a hater lol!

    I agree BTW
  11. SteveTheCowboy

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    DAk knows he owes Zeke. No Zeke, no Dak. Some might be happy with that, except we still might have had Romo a couple more years. There's just no way for some to be happy.

    No Dak. Zeke is Dak BFF.
  12. Sydla

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    But the part you seem to be glossing over is they were willing to go out a couple more years for Lawrence to lower his hit. I don't think the Cowboys want to extend a TB more years to lower his cap hit beyond when Elliott's deal would officially end.
  13. Diehardblues

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    He is only about 4300 yards ( 7,386) from reaching 12,000 yards , which all except Gore with16,000 with 3rd most who is sure to get in , are in HOF.

    Zeke if remains healthy could reach that in 4 -6 years. And Jethro is just the kind of owner who might keep him playing just to prove his point. The closer he gets the more our owner will want to stay the course.
  14. Loso86

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    HVent glossed over anything, you must have overlooked the reports where they don't want to release him unless they can't rework the money
  15. Sydla

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    But the problem is to rework the money they would have to extend his deal even further into the future.

    How likely do you think the Cowboys want to be paying Elliott? His current contract runs through 2026. At that point he’ll be roughly 30. You think the Cowboys want to tack on more years to his contract?

    Because short of Elliott agreeing to a pay cut, the only way to cut his cap hits and rework the money is extend him beyond 2026.
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  17. Loso86

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    Listen I'm not denying what your saying but they can redo the deal however THEY want to in which dropping his cap and making those back years voidable with no guaranteed money then. It's doable. Not saying they will but it's been talked about
  18. Pass2Run

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    The important part of this video starts at .01.

    He makes great points as far as stats, and situational football. I sometimes even get caught up in what seems like an obvious opinion. But we have to be objective about our own evaluations.

    Wait a minute.

    Are you saying that they???

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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    wash rinse repeat...and Mike Fisher is more than happy to tell you this. He is downright giddy,snarky and complacent as he tells us fans if WE are being delusional wanting 2 explore the idea of dumping Zekes terrible deal. This is the level of complicit arrogance in Dallas by the Media and team front Office. He may mean well, but the man is part of the culture issue.
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    I don't think Zeke will be around to see 10,000 yards with the Cowboys.

    More than likely he will last another 1-2 with the Cowboys and then get picked up by a contender on a paltry contract for a stretch run.

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