For the sake of argument let’s assume we let Dak walk

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Diehardblues, Feb 11, 2021.

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    you left out what do we get for Dak what if its another QB and how many and high draft picks? all very can use some of daks draft pics to move up but if you really want a qb at 10 most likely someone is sliding like Mac Jones, Fields, or will be there. all projected top 10 but could fall to us for sure..

    no one simply LETTING him walk there has to be abig trade, period.2 first easy seeing as what others are going for and thats the minimum with the FT
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    You dont let him walk.

    You mutually sing him to a tag and then trade him to the trade partner both parties accept.

    If you want to draft TL this year you trade Dak to the Jags for their first. You probably need to throw your #10 pick in too.

    Or you trade him for 2 firsts get a veteran QB for 2 years and draft your franchise QB in 2022.

    Anyways you'll compete for a championship rather earlier than never.
  3. darthseinfeld

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    Then you probably take Mac Jones at 10, or Lance of he falls there. Thats not gonna work for you, because I don't think either are going to be very good pro's. I don't think the top 3 QB's are attainable for us
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    You look at our past for your answers.

    Jones thinks he is a mastermind and the driving force of the team success.

    He has been so wise as to fire Jimmy Johnson and wage a feud with him almost 30 years.

    He has hired and fired half a dozen HC trying to find his next Jimmy only to string together nothing but average teams.

    Even the windfall of drafting Dak and Zeke together could not overcome Jerrah keeping Garrett who strung together 10 years of failure.

    Until Jerrah moves on..

    there is no trust from the fan base anymore.

  5. Flamma

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    Other than Lawrence and Wilson, I'm not liking the QBs in this draft. They either depend on their legs too much or hold on to the ball until it's a busted play to find an open WR. That doesn't translate well to the NFL.

    Next year isn't going to be pretty for the Cowboys anyway. So I'd just draft a QB in the 4th or 5th round and go with him next season. Then they might be in better position to draft a QB for 2022.

    Dallas Can't trade up for Zach Wilson because it would cost too much. Can't rebuild the D without premium picks.
  6. GMO415

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    Jerry is dumb but he can't be that dumb to just let Dak walk.
  7. CowboysFaninHouston

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    well, we have paid current players we want to keep (and some that we shouldn't have), we also paid Dak 32M....

    who do you suggest we need to pay on the defense or offense that we can't?

    there is nobody on the defense that we may want to fact, lets get rid of Brown and Jaylon and open up some valuable space. in fact, lets keep Lawrence on the table as well.
  8. cowboyblue22

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    your take is different than mine i dont think they extend him hope they do but boy it just dont look like that will happen
  9. CowboysFaninHouston

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    overpaying by how much? 3, 4M? is that a deal breaker in such a way to go fishing for the next QB, only to waste a few years and then finding one developing and only not want to pay and go through all of it again..

    everyone keeps talking about wanting to build a D and that Dak's contract is a show stopper...are you planning to build a D through FA? you know all FA are over priced. so you are ok over paying for a defensive player and still needing 5 more players, but not over pay for Dak, the key to all of the offense...

    he accepted what was offered. in fact he wanted less. Jones offered a 5 year deal. Dak said 4 years.....
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  10. Corso

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    I might be wrong, but I think he also wanted a guarantee that he couldn't be Tagged also at the end of said contract.
    That probably factored in.
  11. DCwarrior

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    We’re mediocre with or without him.
  12. starcity214

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    "SB wins are a team stat"

    "Defenses win SBs"

    If you guys truly believed this, the best bet would be to sign Andy Dalton to a 10M per year contract, Draft the best available QB at 10..

    Then Use the 30M saved on Dak to sign the top DT, Safety, or DE and build a top defense that way.

    If you pay Dak, we will remain mediocre and by the time we "fix" the defense, the Oline will be in shambles and it become the new weakness holding us back.. Rinse and repeat.

    A real "franchise QB" is supposed to make up for a lack of talent on the offensive side.
    Most QBs are NOT real franchise QBs Dak included.

    This isnt Madden. This is the Salary Cap era and no team can have superstars in every position.
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  13. Corso

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    See, my thing is we had Dak at a pittance for years and how well did this team address the D during that time?
    They failed. And failed ugly.

    To me, it doesn't matter. This team will have some sort of major flaw and we will blame the QB, one way, or the other.

    I'm just glad I don't hold the team's success so close to heart as some.
  14. Johnny23

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    I am a so-called Dak hater and I would be right there with you hating on that moron Manziel.
  15. Mannix

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    Trey Lance, Trey Lance, Trey Lance......make it happen Booger!!!!!!! Hey Booger, roll the really think a miss on Lance will sabotage your chances on a Super Bowl run? Hahahahahaha......hahahahaha.......hahahaha.....just draft him, we need some excitement around here!!!!

  16. Shake_Tiller

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    Let us say the Cowboys are stupid enough to both this thing... and I hope they aren't. And let us concede the small possibility that Prescott's agent is trying to make a name for himself by putting his interest ahead of the client's, which I suppose would make it impossible to do a deal...

    The answer would be a complete rebuild. The team would be split in two. Prescott is their leader and is very popular. The locker room would be soured and probably lost.

    Veterans at key positions would need to be scuttled as they would be past their prime by the time a new QB could truly be effective. We are not talking about bringing in a Brady to fill a vacuum. We are talking about trying to restore a broken team.

    In order to find a suitable replacement, the team would need to spend valuable draft capital. And any decent QB would eventually cost a lot of money. Players would wonder why Prescott couldn't get paid. It would be a mess.

    The odds are Russell Wilson, et al, wouldn't be available, but if they were, the price would be astronomical. And the new QB would be swimming upstream.

    Bottom line, if Prescott isn't the QB, it is a rebuild, and probably one that has to be done with reduced draft capital.
  17. ninja

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    What do you think GMs are willing to trade for a QB who can't pass a physical until likely August at the earliest and wants $35-40M/year with $110M guaranteed on a 5 year contract with a cap looking like $180M for 2021 and a 2022 cap looking not much better?
  18. starcity214

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    Romo was still in the books. So we still paid a QB all those years.

    1 Dak gets you 2 Aaron Donalds
  19. Corso

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    He was in the books for 2 years.
    What about the other two?
  20. Mannix

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    ————The locker room would probably be soured and lost.

    And who should we exactly be worried about upsetting? And why? Pfffffttt....screw all those underachieving bunch of JAG’s!!!
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