For those critical of Witten's return

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Redball Express

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    All this hully baloo about why Witten came back from the booth to play for us again is so elementary.

    People complain he is over the hill,etc.


    Do they not realize he is being groomed as a future assistant coach for TEs after he retires?

    Do they not know Sean Lee is being handled the same way in his final year here?

    He will be a LBer coach for us.

    Both will probably return next year as assistant coaches.

    No doubt they have been told this and they have been told to pay attention to their position coaches this season to prepare themselves.

    I am all for this.

    Garrett and the FO are obviously happy with their progress of former players being coaches like Columbo and Lett and others.

    I remember very well Landry taking Ditka and Reeves as assistant coaches and them succeeding in the league themselves.

    Also add Jack Del Rio, Ken Norton, Jr and Everson Walls as assistant coaches as former Cowboy players and it's nice to see the influence our franchise has and continues to have.

    Of course just look at the broadcast booth for more..Aikman, Jimster, Woody, Moose, Romo, etc.

    And Moose did a great job as GM of the recently folded San Antonio Commanders in the AFF.

    Like to see us hire him for the FO in some capacity. He was excellent here in SA.

    Comments from the peanut gallery?
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  2. robjay04

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    I don’t hate the move but that’s a lot of salary from our cap for two assistant coaches.

    Hire him as a coach then. Players don’t need to be groomed as a player.
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  3. Jarv

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    Wonder how a player/coach would be handled under the cap? Would the salary be split in half?
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  4. Redball Express

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    I agree somewhat.

    Each of them are getting like $3.5 mil for 1 year deals.

    That's why I suggest the dual purpose of their playing.

    Two for the price of one and a little going away present.

    Pappa Jerrah..
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  5. RodeoJake

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    If Witt plays a limited role, I'm all for it. If the plan is for him to play a high percentage of snaps, it's not a good idea.
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  6. The Quest for Six

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    The notion that Witten at 37 or Sean Lee needs another year to be groomed to be a coach is nonsense, they forgot more about how to play the position than those who coach them......I love the guy, but Witten's 37, a year away from the game, He's not going to want to play a limited role, he's lost two steps and can't even stretch the field anymore, he should have stayed retired....
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  7. jazzcat22

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    This just in...
    Goodell seen the list of all the Cowboys in the booth and that coached are going into coaching.
    Invokes new made rule on the spot and suspends Zeke. States it must stop, as Mara is getting angry over it.
  8. cern

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    we already have a very good linebackers coach in ben bloom. just witness the development of Jaylon and vander esch last year. do you really believe the cowboys will dump him for sean lee as the lb coach? I doubt it. imo, we should have just moved on from lee after his lackluster play last year. witten was probably embarrassed by the criticism he took last year as an announcer, especially following romo's success at the same job. I have no doubt he made the first call to the front office. for what he will be paid, probably an ok move. he's got more left than lee. and we just hired a new te's coach. are we going to jettison him too for someone that's never mentored any other te on this team? again, I doubt it. they're both cheap insurance.
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  9. KingintheNorth

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    You lost me here Redball.

    Players like Lee and Witten don't have to be told to pay attention.

    You're overreaching here to try to make a point.
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  10. dsturgeon

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    Has anyone looked at his contract? If we cut him before the season starts, what do we pay him?

    If he does get cut, he should qualify for social security
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  11. Eanwen

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    I don't care much really, I just want the Cowboys to get an elite player at the position.
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  12. Seven

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    Jason is a money pit......... not an asset.

    All hat and no cowboy.
  13. Redball Express

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    I believe I suggested them as assistants to their positions..

    I did not say immediate replacements for their position coaches.

    Coaches in training for future consideration.

    This is not a revelation.

    Both have been mentioned as coaches before.
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  14. Direwolf63

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    Witten was drowning in the broadcast booth and Jerry threw him a lifeline.

    He shouldn't be on the field. He can't run. He makes Frankensteins monster look agile and nimble by comparison.

    Jerry should have hired him as a coach and leave it at that.
  15. TheCount

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    As long as his approach to coaching isn't, "No, just stand over there and watch me do it." like his approach to helping out other TE's on the team, I'm fully on board.
  16. JayFord

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    If we cut witten before the season starts it would be the most embarrassing thing this franchise has ever done and it would be downright disrespectful to witten
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  17. Redball Express

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    I bet.

    Funny thing that Goodell has to deal with.

    Like it or not..

    when Dallas is on TV on Sunday..

    it's usually a national audience watching.

    That means ratings and money in the bank for everybody.

    It's a conundrum.

    But it's what pays his $40 mil/yr contract.

    Life is a b_tch!
  18. Redball Express

    Redball Express All Aboard!!!

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    Of course you realize this organization tends to hire from within?

    Been going on for years.

    Where you been?

  19. The Quest for Six

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    Witten has only been playing the position for 18 years at a high level yet you think just one more year with a new tightends coach(Doug Nussmeier) who was a quarterback coach is going to make him a coach....please if anything it will be Witten teaching him the position, not the other way round!!!!
  20. dsturgeon

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    Why? That just means he got beat out. Why would you want him on the field if he doesn't deserve it?

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