For Those Saying Conspiracy Against Dallas, Watch Other Games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Dec 24, 2018.

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    the swamp-hagg and his minions.
  2. jazzcat22

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    Right, that was a typical GB reffed game.
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    But, but... I like my guilty pleasure!
  4. jazzcat22

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    On the immaculate reception there were rumors. That the refs huddled. And decided to call it a catch when it wasn’t.
    Back then the rules were different, and should have been an illegal catch.

    But they decided and they called it complete as they feared for their lives to leave the stadium otherwise. So gave it to Pittsburgh.

    And we were screwed in the SB twice against them in the 70’s as well.

    Ever since Steelers got the calls. So if they get screwed on calls. I love it.
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  5. mmohican29

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    Enjoyable- until it happens week after week to YOUR team.

    If half the world wants to see a particular team- ummm... say the Dallas Cowboys... fall on it's face, and giggle with delight when it happens like you did yesterday when the Saints got the gifts, it makes it so, so much easier for an official to:

    a) use the rule book to overturn a clear catch and dive for an attempted score by Dez Bryant in the Divisional Round in 2014
    b) use the rule book to slow Dallas momentum early in the Divisional Round vs Green Bay with a strange and unheard of substitution infraction penalty
    c) use the rule book to call ticky tack holding calls, and not throw the same penalty flags vs our opponents that keep games close or turn momentum in favor of our opponents
    d) use the rule book to call penalties on effort plays like Zeke's collision with the Philly DB, Gregory's hit on Winston, Gregory's neutral zone infraction, Woods hit on Humphries
    e) use the rule book to call LP for a snap infraction on a potential game tying FG vs Washington in their home
    f) throw crazy PI flags vs a Terrence Newman vs Seattle in the game ending with the snap fiasco to set up 1st and Goal from the 1
    g) use the rule book to flag Ty Crawford vs Seattle which turned momentum in our first contest this season
    h) call DeMarcus Lawrence for Defensive Delay of Game somehow

    Give me the 80's and 90's when the games were decided ON THE FIELD and BY THE PLAYERS.

    There are only so many plays in a football game. The officials now account for no less than 20% of a team's chances in each ballgame. It's disgusting.
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  6. _sturt_

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  7. MikeT22

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    It can be both. There have been atrocious calls across the league this year. We've even seen some bad calls/non-calls against our opponents that have helped us in games.

    At the same time, it's hard to chalk up that long streak we had where opposing teams never had an offensive holding called against them as just coincidence. Multiple games in a row with holding going on throughout the game and not one penalty. That appears more than suspicious.
    Also, while Gregory has had some boneheaded penalties, there have been a string of horrible calls against him that weren't penalties. It could be coincidence but it really looks like he's being targeted.
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  8. Red Dragon

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    Seeing the Steelers get screwed by the refs is like watching the expression on the faces of Islamic terrorists when they realize that their airplane has been hijacked by anti-Islamic agents and is being flown towards a skyscraper.
  9. ghst187

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    Seems like it’s gotten a lot worse in the past few years.
    As much money as Dallas makes everyone, you’d think we would be the beneficiaries more often.
    Tainting the games like this has been going on for years in the NBA.
  10. Ranching

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    I watch the Cowboys, Longhorns and Texas HS football. We had almost 50,000 fans at our state championship games. Even Goodell can't ruin that.
  11. rpntex

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    I was telling someone just the other day that the league, and specifically the officiating, it’s making the NFL very difficult to watch anymore. Something has to be done.
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  12. Idgit

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    It really is. It’s becoming unwatchable. I worry that they don’t see it because the ratings are so high, but it’s heading for a crash.
  13. erod

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    I'm seriously considering dropping the game entirely after this season.

    Too many rules, too much PC crap, really average teams, high school offenses, ridiculous tackling rules, fraternity players who don't really care about winning as much as we do.....

    It's living off its past. The NFL isn't great anymore.

    But it's probably too hard to walk away from 45 years as a Cowboys fan. We'll see.
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  14. Roadtrip635

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    There's just been so much inconsistency and bad calls league wide. Some that have cost games and possible playoff berths. The Browns got screwed hard against the Raiders earlier this year that cost them a win. If not for that the Browns would be playing for a possible division championship this weekend.
  15. guag

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  16. Jake

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    Every fan forum has people who are convinced the league is out to get their team. :muttley:

    The Conspiracy Thread
  17. MarcusRock

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    If only we could confine ours to a single thread. I'd never log off. :laugh:
  18. The_Play_Maker

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    Vegas has payed off the refs. The teams have been very predictable the last few years allowing a lot of parlays to be won. Vegas had to put a stop to the predictability. That is why this season has been so crazy with any team able to beat any team no matter what the trend seemed to be. The NFL FO listens to Vegas and told the refs to manipulate the games so more underdogs win.
  19. conner01

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    Don’t believe in conspiracies
    Incompetence brought on by pressure to call more penalties
    The league has said they want more calls
  20. cowboyfan4life2

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    The league wants The cowboys to be good they need it in fact its horrendous officiating all the way around.

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