Twitter: Fox signs Tom Brady to double Romo or Aikman's contract

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, May 10, 2022.

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    ^^ FIFY lol
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    I've seen Aikman get pretty heated about team and coach performances before - one specifically in 2015 when we faced the Eagles (The game Romo got hurt), Aikman was pretty heated about the Eagles in that game outright saying he hasn't seen a team play so pathetic in a long time. He gets on players and coaches every now and then.

    Romo however, it just doesn't seem to be his personality.
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  3. Motorola

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    I was thinking he was heading for Hollywood..
    wasn't in that movie about a talking teddy bear?
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  4. Motorola

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    I believe Peyton wants to stay on the lighter side of TV - funny, offbeat appearances on shows, interviews, along with commercials. Doing the serious weekly broadcast as analyst is not his cup of tea, IMO.
  5. Motorola

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    The networks care.
  6. J_Allen

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    I didn't read the other posts because he's made this a huge **** show and I don't care to hear any more about him.
  7. lostar2009

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    Man wow!! Lol. They should at lesst give him a one year test first lol.
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  8. Pass2Run

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    Madden is the best. Followed by Pat Summerall. The next best, imo, is Romo.

    You have to really listen to hear what he's saying, because he's not loud like Madden, and doesn't have the command Summerall had in his voice. But he's definitely the best analyst.
  9. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    LLLOOOLLL, most of the time you not getting the job due to not having the experience looking for in the Real World.
  10. Kingofholland

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    People care when they're bad, but people tune in to watch their team. The network should save their money
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  11. KJJ

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    Brady will be paired with Kevin Burkhardt which means Greg Olsen who’s done a great job will demoted. Fox will be doing the Super Bowl and it was reported that if the Bucs get knocked off in the playoffs and Brady were to retire it’s not out of the question that he could join Kevin Burkhart in the booth for the Super Bowl. Poor Greg Olsen would get the boot for Tom Brady. What a raw deal that would be.
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  12. DandyDon52

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    DAK will make more than that in half the time! He may get that on his next contract with jerry!
  13. Motorola

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    I don’t get the discontent about announcers and analysts.....every sport has them.
    And fans really like the local broadcast teams tv and radio - for all sports because they root for the teams.
    I just watch the games and sort of tune out the voices in the booth, and on the sidelines.
  14. SpaceCowboy99

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    A couple of things to help you simple minded folks.

    Tom Brady...

    -has a proven track record of putting in the hard work to obtain greatness. Won't be any different here.

    -has the drive and will to succeed.

    -he has that old fashioned American don draper look.

    -he has one of the most recognized names in the world and most of us grew up hearing, seeing, knowing who he is, including all of your children.

    -he has a huge built in fan base.

    -he isn't just being bought for commentating on games he is going to be a brand ambassador. Basically Fox is going to use him for a ton of stuff, including recruiting. He will be used as the face of the network.

    -i would say over half the NFL fans are casual and actually do watch or stick around longer because of the commentators. Think about the women that watch because the husband is watching. Now they get a super hot looking guy to watch. These little things help keep casual fans longer. You guys don't understand because you love the sport but numerous people would turn it off if it was just football and silence.

    -fox doesn't care if he sucks at first. They are going to throw the best talent at him to help train him to be better. Again they aren't only just buying him for commentating so he will have a relaxed 10 years to break it in.

    -on the commentating, can you imagine anyone better? Not how he speaks but the content. This dude knows more about football than most coaches. He is going to be a treasure of knowledge and insight.

    I'm happy for him. Keep crushing it. He's a treasure to the NFL and one day we will look back and say yes I got to watch TB. Just like people got to watch Madden play, coach, then commentate.

  15. dckid

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    It's all relative. If Fox can afford to pay him that contract imagine the revenue the TV deal brings for FOX. Companies are not stupid, they don't set themselves up to lose money.
    The only downside is if he turns out to be Montana in the booth or studio show. I am sure Fox has an out if he sucks.
    I would love it if Tom is openly criticizing QB's and coaches, that would be fun.

    This whole thing just nicely ties back to why Jerry doesn't care about winning, he could very easily spend a little more cash and hire the best of breed at coach, front office, etc. He just makes so much money that he doesn't care. He has three rings, HOF, 7 Billion plus franchise value. He prefers to be .500 all the time. The juice of a title is not worth the squeeze at any level for him. He has no incentive to win. ZERO

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