Front Office needs to be more discreet!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Coogiguy03, Apr 26, 2022.

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    This team is more interested in making headlines than being discreet. Thats why the players they want are intentionally leaked. It's also why their intentions to get rid of Amari Cooper and La'el Collins came out too soon and which is why they got nothing for Collins and next to nothing for Cooper.

    That type of news should never see the light of day until a move is actually made. Didn't the Cowboys' actual draft board get leaked one year? It's insanity.
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    Every team has targets
    Even the team picking second may have wanted the guy that went first
    The farther down you pick the less predictable it gets
    Every team gives news conferences and basically points out the obvious that everyone already knows
    Every team knows every other teams needs
    There are a whole lot of secrets in the draft. Generally it’s just how one team views a guy over another guy
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  3. RonWashington

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    After it got widely reported Amari was going to fly the Coop the chickens came home to roost and we netted a 5th rounder which should be good for ST practice squad or Washing Jerry’s yacht ….
  4. Syron

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    I listened to the whole press conference. There was nothing to glean from it, other than Jerry loves to talk. The closest thing to news came near the end when he said he doesn't take as many risks..then immediately started to back pedal when the reporter asked why. This whole thing was a nothing burger.
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  5. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    The one thousandth tread about the Jones' talking too much. Maybe the one thousandth and one will make a difference.

    What is the running definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?
  6. Bigdog

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    You are asking way too much from these two. What you are asking for is a miracle and that is not in the cards for this team.
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    You never have enough good OL talent. Collins had value but the Cowboys misplayed their hand and let the world know he was going to be traded or cut. That gave other interested team a big advantage over Dallas.

    Cooper was more complicated. Part of the problem with him was the Cowboys had him on a bad contract for the team. That was the team's fault of course. The smart thing to do would have been to keep quiet and rework the contract and then trade him. But Jerry let it be known he was unhappy with Coop the player but I suspect it was more Coop the contract. Anyway, Cleveland spent a net 5th and risked being able to rework the contract (which they did). IMO smarter still would have been rework the contract, keep the player and let Gallup limp off to free agency. Probably be very little difference money wise. And considering his physical condition there is a good chance of resigning Gallup for another year or two on the cheap.
  8. shabazz

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    Any sports journalist walking up to Jerry at a bar drinking bourbon is like lambs to the slaughter….he has to be watched very closely….like the “Big Guy”.
  9. Coogiguy03

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  10. Coogiguy03

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    They can't because they won't be allowed to be around to ask them
  11. Coogiguy03

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    Ok the team with the first pick however isn't saying anything and they're ON THE CLOCK. Do you even know the Rams owner etc, I know I don't why because they're not like the Jones family and have to be in the news being owner and coach
  12. offlimits

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    TBH, even these two football idiots know better than to show their hand this close to Thursday night. If a specific name is mentioned I would call it a smoke screen but it's not a secret that we have many needs so there are multiple names on our list. Basically, BPA.
  13. Diehardblues

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    We do this in order to engage the media and hype the fans . It’s all part of our dysfunctional ownerships attempt to spur interest to continue the revenue juggernaut without more success on the field .

    Unfortunately it continues to be effective despite however embarrassing and ridiculous it is along with the lack of success on the field . Truly remarkable but until the cash registers stop ringing there’s no reason for them to change their ways .

    On behalf of Jethro Jone$ and the hillbillies from Arkansas, we thank you Cowboy fans . Suckers !!!!
  14. fivetwos

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    Sometimes I wonder how they get up there for things like this without being thoroughly embarrassed.
  15. jnday

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    Does any other GM/owner stay in front of the cameras as much as the Jones family? Jerry may not have over-shared too much today, but he does it on a regular basis. There has been several times when Jerry has run his mouth when he should have kept it shut. He has stated the team’s intentions with certain players and he has publicly disagreed with the HC. I remember Jerry doing Garrett that way quite often. When players sees these public disagreements, they lose all respect for the HC.
  16. thunderpimp91

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    I have to disagree with this because the Bengals signed him at a 4.5M cap hit this year and an easy out next year if needed. No team signed him to a contract even equal to what he was making with the Cowboys. Therefor we have no other choice but to assume the guy had negative trade value on the market given his contract. If a team wouldnt match his Cowboys contract in free agency, what makes anyone think a team would have been willing to flip a pick for that same contract they wouldnt give out in FA?

    The cooper thing I get where you are coming from, but you cant rework a deal behind the scenes and then move a player. This isnt Madden, and you pull those moves the league has issues with hit, also the player has issue with it. Any player who gets their contract reworked to make them more lucrative in a trade? Cleveland didnt rework any deal, they just restructured it. The Cowboys could have done the exact same thing to Cooper with zero issues.
  17. thunderpimp91

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    Who says they didn't go to the GMs of other teams? Feels like we are assuming a lot. I agree its a dumb way to do business, but we dont know the sequence of events that happened behind the scenes. If other GMs and Cooper really got a twitter alert on their phone and that was the first time hearing of the situation, yes that is an issue. A leak to the media after going about it the right way is a different situation though.
  18. VaqueroTD

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    What’s sad about this is Jerry’s claim to fame remains his business credentials and wheeling and dealing, yet not only as a talent evaluator, but Jimmy Johnson was even twice the shrewd negotiator and GM trader. I guess I’ve reached that point where I just know it’s never going to happen with Jerry running the show.
  19. SinceDayOne

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    You are asking us to give Jones and Son the benefit of the doubt and assuming they MAY have went through smart management moves before they plastered their intentions all over the media. I say given their long history they are just about beyond any "benefit of the doubt." Like I said Collins and Cooper are just two recent examples of Jerry and Stephen doing their work in the media first. I can cite more....many more.
  20. OGCowboy

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    Discreetness is not in the Jones boys repertoire....they’re in a daily contest to see who can be the better Barney Fife

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