Garrett’s biggest game yet

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zekeats, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Diehardblues

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    Last year we were 5-3, lost 3 straight without Elliott then won 3 in a row to get back in contention only to lose to Seattle on Elliott’s return laying a big egg.

    Egirls have rebounded and in position to save their season.

    If we are believing what Jerry said we’re being set up to fail.
  2. ItzKelz

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    The media said he was on the hot seat....but he wasn't. Not should he have been because the GM let the team down by not getting a #1 prior to the season starting.
  3. LatinMind

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    Can u guys stop with this is "the week" thread every week? The "make or break" game. Do you people realize how ridiculous you people sound? The Jones' are telling you people whats gonna happen and whats happening. Why some of you refuse to listen is beyond me. Maybe if you guys would listen you would enjoy this entertaining promising season from this young and upcoming team.

    What the Jones' have said:

    Dak Prescott is going to get an extension. And it probably will be this offseason because its smart business as he will come cheaper then if they wait until after 2019.

    Amari Cooper will get an extension aswell.

    TE and S need to be upgraded, and will be upgraded this offseason. 2 names i want people to think about .

    Safety Earl Thomas, this defense and secondary is really young. Signing Thomas would be the glue that brings it all together. He's gonna be 30 so he's not going to sign a huge deal. But a 3-4 yr deal would be smart.

    TE Cameron Brate, i know the Bucs just signed him to an extension. But what makes a trade for his possible is the team made 11 of his 18mil guaranteed remaining only guaranteed if he is on the team on the 5th day of 2019 and 2020. IN 2019 Brate has his base of 7mil guaranteed on the 5th day of the league yr. And in 2020 4mil on the 5th day. Dallas was reported to having tried to trade for him before the deadline. They can work out a trade for him with TB in the first few days of the league yr or after the superbowl and TB wouldnt be on the hook for any money for Brate.

    JG is not coaching for his job. I think Jerry had some reservations before that NO game, but i think now Jerry is going all in with JG.

    Jerry and Stephen have basically said all this but some of you refuse to listen and make thread after thread wrecking your own brains in frustration.
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  4. GMO415

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    Make or break....PLEASE. His statute is already being built.
  5. Willfreedom909

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    Dak saved Jason’s job. He’s not a choker like Romo. Never once with #9 did I feel we had a chance to win meaningful games
  6. waving monkey

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    We're past that
  7. waving monkey

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    this team is playing winning football
  8. waving monkey

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    confirmation of confirmation bias
  9. Vomit

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    ....and ZERO chance "GM" Jerry fires himself........

    But, hey, I will be optimistic til I can't be. LET'S GO DALLAS!
  10. rpntex

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    It’s a big game for the Cowboys, but not that big. It’s a divisional game, and it’s pretty common in the NFL for teams to split with their division rivals. An eagles win muddies things up, but let’s not forget what’s on the remaining schedule for Philadelphia. Dallas can easily lose this game and still win the division.

    Anytime you sweet what division rival, it’s big, however. Therefore, it would be a big win… But not such a terrible loss.
  11. CF74

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    Beating the #1 Saints gave Garrett an extension in Jerry’s mind, whatchoo talkin bout Willus
  12. Parcells4Life

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    Getting Tyron back is a huge advantage
  13. CowboysDrew

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    Garett already had two bigger games and lost.

    Not even close to those.

    Not going to elaborate because you know what I'm talking about.

    This one isn't even there yet.
  14. ConstantReboot

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    Garrett only coaches when it really mattered. Other than that he is comfortable in loving arms of Jerry. Thats too bad.

    Mediocrity here we come (again).
  15. Doomsay

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    I bet Garrett is counting on his ability to survive a loss on Sunday. It will be interesting to see if the offense plays with any sense of urgency.
  16. Proximo

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    No he was not on the hot seat before this winning streak.
    And no this is not a make or break game for him.
    Have you been paying attention at all?

    It’s like some of you guys follow the team yet have no idea how this works. :huh:
  17. Proximo

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    Generally speaking, time off during the season has always been overrated, IMO. Only good for one thing- injured or banged up players getting healthy.

    Other than that it’s better to stay in a groove and keep playing, particularly if you’re on a winning streak.

    The last thing these early 20’s millionaires need is more free time to party during the season.
    And I’m talking about the entire NFL.
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  18. Hawkeye19

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    So true... the bye week has not been kind to Garrett lol

    That said— I don’t care what team we are talking about— playing 5 games in 25 days is insane and getting a few extra days to rest and recover is essential even if its not an “advantage” lol

    Also— going on the road following a Mon night contest is always a disadvantage. If the Skins could have kept it close and made the Iggs empty the tank it would have been better for us— but of well
  19. Joe Realist

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    Extra time off usually is not good for the boys. Eagles are more desperate and I expect them to play that way.
  20. Jake

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    I think his biggest game to date was against the Packers after going 13-3, having a bye, and home field advantage...he lost.

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