Garrett’s strengths and weaknesses-Can he improve as a HC?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jul 12, 2019.

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    I don’t think it’s a question of blame.

    I think it’s hard assembling a world championship roster. It’s a competitive league.

    When we don’t advance, though, it’s typically because of an execution breakdown. 36 yards on third and long from Rodgers to Cook rings some bells.
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    Garrett certainly likes to see others take the fall for his mistakes. We've seen that over and over throughout his tenure.
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    As long as JG is the coach we are not winning anything...important.
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    An Eagles fan perspective for what its worth. I was a huge Andy Reid fan and was disappointed when he was fired, although it was apparent Andy was stubborn and reluctant to make any changes in his methodology or his approach to coaching. My biggest concern was could the ownership make the right decision on the next head coach and we all know how that turned out. The jury is still out on Doug Pederson although he has done a nice job so far with the talent that Howie has provided him.

    The bringing in of a new coach with a young roster such as the Cowboys have, will shake up the status quo and more than likely get the players to bring a new level of competition to camp and put some pressure on the NFC east coaches as they have to prepare for different looking Cowboys team going forward.

    This will only work of course if management can find the right guy from outside the organization that can work within the structure that is the Dallas Cowboys.

    As an Eagle fan I'm all in on Garrett getting a life time contract.
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    I don't think you mean it to be, but this is a major indictment of the head coach.

    Generally my complaint about JG is that he's so ineffective as a head coach that he can not get this team to play better than the sum of its parts. He's entirely talent dependent, and that's what you're saying here.
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    Nine years. Nine.

    Kids old enough to die fighting for our country were nine years old when Garrett became coach. Think about that.
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    Just using the word “specific” doesn’t actually make it specific, btw.

    He did throw Callahan/Romo under the bus after that 2013 GB game where they blew the lead. That's probably what you're referring to. That's the only time I can remember him making a mistake like that, though. Despite the fact that he's been accused of throwing players under the bus for years. He actually does pretty much exactly the opposite--running interference for them. And several players have said over the years that they appreciate that public support, even though he gets on them hard when the cameras are not around.
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    garrett does not understand x's and o's. he is not an innovator. is the fact the team doesn't quit on him a credit to garrett, or a credit to the individuals on the team. I think the latter. garrett has been content with a plethora of incompetent assistant coaches until recent changes made by Stephen and will mcclay. he couldn't work with Callahan. he was happy with monte. he had a failed love affair with linehan. we couldn't develop a te or wr during his tenure until last year when sanjay lal came here and Nussbaum took over the te's. he buddied around with witten and tony going to mavs and stars games without caring how that might have been perceived by other players. smacks of favoritism. he is not a good hc and the team will be better to move on from him. jmo
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  9. ShiningStar

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    yea, a bad call made by a mediocre coach
  10. glimmerman

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    And a hold on Irvin. Right in front of the ref and rogers. Marinelli and calling prevent. Grrr. I can’t let that one go.
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    Garrett hasn’t had what I’d consider a good defense until this past season. Many times it was the lack of defensive talent that caused the team to either just fall short of winning the division, or to get eliminated in the playoffs.

    Everyone here talked about how mediocre to bad the defense was from 2011-2016... so why people are upset that Jason didn’t win a championship, and blame him, I’m not sure.

    Though last year’s team did (IMO) have a good (not great) defense, the whole team was very young and had a lot of growing to do.

    Typically when a very young, talented team starts out the season so-so and then gets better as the year goes on, making the playoffs and getting a playoff victory, then that team is looked at as an up-and-coming team with with a bright future... not as some type of catastrophic failure. A still maturing QB with the second youngest team in the league is not a shoe-in to be in the Super Bowl.

    I expected the team to start out slowly and get better game-by-game, so last season was about what I expected. Particularly with very little pre-season play time for the starters (which I feel like was a Garrett mistake). Hopefully, that was another instance of Garrett learning a lesson and he lets the starters play more this pre season.

    I don’t know if Garrett is the right one or not, but expecting a super bowl with the defenses he had and then a complete re-boot in 2016 might just be a bridge too far.

    This year though, my expectations have gone up because the young team is maturing and the defense should be good to very good.

    This year will tell us a lot, IMO.
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    strength: strong suction
    weakness: everything else
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    Maybe one of the reasons for no extension yet.
  14. CowboysFaninHouston

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    I think wishing/wanting/hoping Moore is going to just blow everyone's socks away is very pre-mature and perhaps wishful thinking on many people mind.....he is a rooke OC, with 1 year of coaching experience at any level. in the NFL you earn your stripes......he will be middle of the pack as he learns his way around NFL. iwouldn't trust the offense to Moore...not this year.
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  15. AsthmaField

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    Probably so.

    It was a mistake to not give the youngest group of starters in the league more pre season snaps. They just started too slow.

    I would imagine they will play more this year.
  16. glimmerman

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    That and everyone that thinks he is totally changing this Offense will be disappointed also.
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    The crossroads for Garrett is whether or not he can learn to be more flexible, adaptive and creative...or listen to those who are. His stubbornness to stick to his scheme and ways of preparing are and have been a roadblock for this team.

    As I said in the OP, in today’s NFL, the best NFL HCs are those that can adapt to quickly changing circumstances. Creativity is at a premium now because the talent levels between teams is becoming thinner. If Garrett can’t change, I don’t expect much change in results.
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    I think close to a decade is enough for one coach.

    How much more time do we give him?
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    It's NFC Championship appearance or bust for Garrett.
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  20. PA Cowboy Fan

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    We are only halfway through the process.;)
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