Giants name Daniel Jones starter

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Risen Star, Sep 17, 2019.

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    I disagree. They need to see what they have in him. The coach probably does not want the team to give up and the young QB can give them a spark. He will have his ups and downs though.
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  3. Joe Realist

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    A bold move would be for the Saints to trade for him, IF Bridgewater does not work out. I doubt Eli plays after this year, so maybe he would be up for it.
  4. JackOfNoTrades

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    Eli returning this season has been a headscratcher for me. His best years are obviously behind him and he's been to the promise land twice. For a team that is rebuilding and drafted their heir apparent, paying Eli $23+ mil just didn't make sense.
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  5. Romo_To_Dez

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    Keeping an eye out for how he plays this season. Will be a example of the threat he could be to the Cowboys in the future for the NFC East title.
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    Giants announced rookie Daniel Jones as the team's Week 3 starter.
    And the crowd roars. It was an obvious transition once coach Pat Shurmur left the door open for a potential change on Monday, but the good news is the organization didn't hold back any longer despite being on the books for Eli Manning's $23.5 million in 2019. Danny Dimes most recently went 29-of-34 (85.3%) for 416 yards and two scores on just 60 snaps during the preseason. He'll likely battle uphill in his first start without Sterling Shepard (concussion) and Golden Tate (suspension), but it's the correct call to insert the No. 6 overall pick immediately. It's not farfetched to think Week 2 was the last start of Eli's career, finishing with a 116-116 regular season record over 16 seasons.

    116-116 regular season is about as average as you can get

    SOURCE: New York Giants on Twitter
    Sep 17, 2019, 10:11 AM ET
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    Eli has the survivability of a cockroach, he is probably back in when Jones stinks it up :lmao:
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  8. IAmLegend

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    Overdue. Get your QB of the future his reps and see what you’ve got. This season is a wash anyways obviously. Start preparing for life after Eli.
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  9. IAmLegend

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    I think they would much rather have Gardner Minshew than this version of Eli.... as would I.
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  10. darthseinfeld

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    Im trying to figure out exactly what kind sex offender Jones looks like
  11. Pape

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    It's a shame... Only 7 games away from a tie with Vinnie testaverde for most regular season losses.... I was rooting for Eli...
  12. Hardline

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    Eli has two Super Bowl rings.

    Giants got a return on their investment.
  13. LACowboysFan1

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  14. LACowboysFan1

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    $11.7 mil dead cap, that's why. Eli's an UFA next year.

    And what happens if Jones gets hurt? Eli's available, he can at least run the offense so that Barkley, et al can get time with an offense run by a quarterback who knows it...
  15. InTheZone

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    Should have

    I feel though Eli should've been benched 3-4 years ago. Very average career with tons of turnovers. Wondering if those pouting about McAdoo benching him are complaining about this move
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  16. Furboy

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    Not a bad move on JAX part. Though, their QB looked pretty good against Houston.
  17. Techsass

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    The old ways of keeping your future QB on the bench are dead & gone, especially a top 10 pick. Kind of wild he's ending it at 116-116.

    I guess it's a win-win for NY. Jones gets practice reps this season & they still get high picks next Spring.
  18. whynot

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    They should trade him to the Chargers just for the lulz.
  19. AmericanCowboy

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    So, I think we should be rooting for Daniel Jones to show some talent.

    Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettlemen are terrible at their jobs! I mean they are both stuck in the stone ages- Shurmur is an awful awful head coach and Gettlemen is probably the worst GM in the league other than the Bill O’Brien thing going on in Houston. I mean the man has 35 million in Dead Cap BEFORE benching Eli Manning. That’s like 60 million they can’t use this year because he is so terrible.

    But, if Daniel Jones shows to be okay, then Shurmur and Gettlemen will be there for a while! And as long as they are there, the giants will not amount to anything.
  20. visionary

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    I want him to suck
    Giants ain’t giving up on him for 3 years since he’s a top 10 pick
    It’ll be fun to watch him and the Giants suck and the giants to keep defending him because they don’t want to admit they were wrong
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