Giving the front office credit

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Mar 24, 2018.

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    And you should up the name-calling, thats obviously what you've been reduced to. And then project your own faults and failings on someone else. You know, just like you've been doing.

    $4 million for one game. Epic failure. Bolded or not. In whatever font you write it.
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    Isn’t it funny how Jerry responds to public criticism .

    Just a few days ago we were bashing him without much involvement in FA while he was on vacation .

    Now that he’s returned he’s restructered a couple contracts to loosen up some Cap space and made a couple sensible acquisitions.
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    lol. Okay now - no more bolded words, just repeating them over and over - that changes everything!

    I happen to think in the absence of a major negative impact the team, the word "epic" doesn't apply. You don't, and all the repetition, and bolded words don't do anything to make me feel differently.

    To me there is a huge difference between a player not working out when a team uses major resources to acquire that player, and that player is expected to be a long term anchor at a position, from a player not working out who was acquired with moderate resources, and was only meant to help transition from the previous veterans to the 4 young CBs the team drafted in 2016 and 2017. And, using hindsight, as you are to discuss him only playing one game, the drafted CBs look pretty good, so the impact of Carroll not working out may be very minimal.

    But let's not worry about reasonable discussion. Bolded words and repetition are much better options. And please, don't let me dissuade you from all the bolding, and I think you should consider my suggestion to use bigger font too. It may not make a point any stronger, but it adds some variety.
  4. stasheroo

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    Hers the thing, I don't care how you feel about it. Maybe that hasn't occurred to you? Feel whatever way you want about it. Yiu can think it was a brilliant signing for all I care. I just don't want myself or anyone else to have to eat something so far from the truth. And any time I see anyone trying to sugar coat that disaster, I will make it a point to correct it.

    Nothing that any other player did or will ever do erases the epic failure of the Nolan Carroll signing. Every penny they wasted on that worthless bum I said one less that they're able to pay anyone else.

    You see, there's no scenario where it was anything but an epic failure. Because no scenario ever consists of paying a player $4 million for one game.

    From the looks of it, neither I nor anybody else needs any suggestions from you - about anything. I don't need a damn thing to make my point stronger. The fact that Nolan Carroll was paid $4 million for one game's worth of work does it all for me.
  5. OmerV

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    Yep, it's obvious with all the bolded words and repeated comments and separating of comments in my posts so you can comment on different thoughts individually that you don't care what I think. Some might say you care too much, to the point of it being irrational, but if you say you don't care, who am I to think otherwise ...?

    I do find it funny that you don't mind using hindsight to make your point, but it' off limits for someone else to do that. Besides, the team drafted 3 CBs after signing Carroll, so even if you disregard how those players ended up looking, even at the time it was obvious the team was covering its bases and focusing on youth.

    As for my suggestions, as much as it hurts me, you don't have to take my suggestion about using larger font to compliment your bolded words. You should know I'm crushed, and for you to say nobody needs my suggestions, well, that's just a dagger in my heart. I have to wonder if I'll ever recover.
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    Now if they could somehow manage to steal Navorro Bowman I would be more than happy.
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    I don't care, but I'm not going to let revisionist history pass off as the truth just the same. As I said, think whatever you want, but if you try to pass it off here, I'll be sure to correct you on it. Each and every time.

    It's funny that I'm being "irrational" and yet, here you are, again and again. Only proves my point where you try to project your own faults and failing on someone else.

    Hindsight? Ah yes, the buzzword for anyone making excuses for Cowboys failure. Again, nothing about the epic failure of Nolan Carroll was done by design. In no scenario was the plan to give him $4 million for one game. What happened with him has nothing to do with what they did otherwise. But you go ahead and keep trying to make excuses.

    I'm guessing that you'll continue to make excuses and give unwanted advice. It's your thing.
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    Ummm 2017?
  9. MileyDancer

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  10. OmerV

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    Ahhh - another of your little catch sayings. Revisionist history. Of course, it doesn't fit any more than your claim that I excused the team from making a bad signing even though I have repeatedly said it was a bad signing. It seems you just throw things out there hoping something will stick.

    How is it revisionist to state facts like Carroll's contract being very moderate, and the team drafting 3 CBs even after signing Carroll? Facts are facts - those aren't interpretations.

    The only interpretation is the impact of Carroll not working out. You apparently think the impact was of "epic" proportions, and I think it was a minor speed bump with no significant lasting consequence.

    It's a difference of opinion, and it clearly drives you nuts that you can't repeat yourself enough, or type in bold letters enough, or throw around false claims about my posts enough to make me think as you do.

    The fact that you somehow interpret anything I said as the Cowboys intending to give Carroll $4 million for one game just underscores how ridiculous your attempts are to make a point.
  11. stasheroo

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    Because $4 million for one game isn't close to "moderate". And your attempted use of the term once again shows your weak attempt at "revisionist history".

    $4 million down the drain is a "speed bump". Fanspeak nonsense. Excuse making of the highest order. A joke.

    What's "ridiculous" are your continued attempts to minimize epic failure.

    Any time to attempt to minimize it, I'll be here to hammer you over the head for your stupidity.
  12. big dog cowboy

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  13. CowboyRoy

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    did they sign him yet? No I actually think thats a solid move, but by no means does that solve our problems there. He was a backup for that team that was thrown into the fire and held his own.
  14. CCBoy

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    Up O-Line With Fleming, Looney, Martin
    Monday, March 26, 2018 10:40 AM CDT

    FRISCO, Texas – After somewhat of a slow start to free agency, things have definitely picked up for the Cowboys, starting late last week and it has even spilled over into Monday.

    The Cowboys have bolstered their offensive line by signing three players, including a starter from last year’s Super Bowl. Former Patriots tackle Cameron Fleming signed a one-year deal. He started six games for the Pats last year at right tackle, and could wind up there again with the Cowboys.

    That move would likely mean La’el Collins would slide down to left guard, a spot he played in 2015 as a rookie?
  15. OmerV

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    lol - if you use an emoji you have to be right!

    The thing is, by your definition it wouldn't matter if we had signed a player to a league minimum contract and he was only intended to be a 3rd string player and special teams member it would still be an epic fail if he played one game, because to you it's all about the one game and has nothing to do with the actual impact on the team.

    I'll say it one more time - I think impact on the team matters in how significant a failure is. Or to use your term, in determining if it was "epic". I think it matters that the contract didn't put a dramatic and lasting burden on the team, and I think it matters that the team had 4 young CBs on the roster and planned them to be the future of the position. They didn't set up Carroll to be the defining player for the position, and they didn't commit significant resources, so in my mind the fact that he failed doesn't qualify as an epic event.

    If you feel differently, just accept we have different opinions. Bolding and capitalizing and using emoji's really have no impact on anything. Do that all you want and we still have different opinions.

    Oh by the way, Carroll actually played 2 games, with the second cut short by a concussion, which sidelined him 3 more games, after which the team decided they were better off sticking with the younger players who had played over those 3 weeks. I don't know if it would have made you happier for them to stubbornly cling to Carroll to justify the money, but they didn't. In any case, facts don't seem to matter, so let's just forget I mentioned it.
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    I didn’t like him from the beginning and just because he got paid more to go to SF doesn’t mean anything. Have you seen the contracts that have gotten signed? Most all are overpaid
  17. OmerV

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    I don't know if the contract is final or not. I saw some posts talking about them getting him signed on a more favorable contract than the poster would have guessed, but I haven't read the story yet.

    In any case, I'm not saying he solves all O-line problems. If he starts, we still have a depth issue, and if he is the swing tackle, we still have to find a starter at OG or RT. I understand his name wasn't written in ink all year as the starter, but like you said, he held is own the games he started and played, including in the playoffs and Super Bowl, and he has started an average of 6 games for the Pats each of the last 3 years. Considering the Cowboys already have an O-Line full of All-Pros, it's not necessary that the team have another player of that caliber to have a strong O-line.

    And in any case, it was wrong for the other poster to call him a scrub. It seems his belief is either a player is a star or a scrub, without there being levels in between.
  18. stasheroo

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    Yeah "lol" is so much better!

    No comparison to what is being discussed here. Not even close. Your obvious struggles are only growing.

    $4 million for one game in return is an epic failure. Type until your fingers bleed.

    Is that all you've got now? You're going to resort to the number of snaps the bum played? Again, your utter desperation is clear.
  19. stasheroo

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    You can gave your own personal bias against the guy, but that doesn't mean he didn't play well while he was here. He did.

    And a fan can and will tell themselves anything to justify why their team did or didn't acquire a player. Or retain them.

    Fact is that Cooper played well. Well enough to more than double his income.
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    You're such a weirdo and a tool. When are you going to drop this "thumb sucking" obsession with calling everyone that makes you butt-hurt a whiner. You by far are proving to be the lowest IQ poster on this board.
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