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Giving three years to a QB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by waving monkey, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. waving monkey

    waving monkey Well-Known Member

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    I'm copying this from a article @ NFL.com by Bucky Brooks.
    Because it must apply to Dakota also,shouldn't it?

    n the scouting world, it takes about three years to determine whether a guy can really play. Although coaches and scouts want to accelerate the process for their young players, they understand that it takes some time to acclimate to the speed of the pro game while also mastering the nuances of the scheme. When it comes to the quarterback position, it takes about 30 starts with a strong supporting cast to make a solid assessment of someone's talent and potential as a QB1.

    "You can't really figure out if your quarterback can play until you surround him with enough weapons to have a chance," an AFC college scouting director told me. "In a perfect world, you want to make sure a young quarterback has a couple of pass catchers, a solid offensive line and a running back that you can depend on. When they have those pieces around them, you can quickly see if they can play at a high level or not."

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  2. JoeyBoy718

    JoeyBoy718 Well-Known Member

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    I agree. That's why I don't want to give up on Dak though I don't believe he is our long term solution.
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  3. ScipioCowboy

    ScipioCowboy More than meets the eye.

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    Exactly. @percyhoward has done excellent work determining the situations in which Dak has struggled. I have to think the Cowboys coaching staff has reached the same conclusions. Give him time to learn how to handle those circumstances.
  4. Ranching

    Ranching Well-Known Member

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    I'd like to give him a good coaching staff and students receiver!
  5. Shinaoi

    Shinaoi Well-Known Member

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    Dak is going to get a third year so that’s not an issue in my opinion.
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  6. knightrider94

    knightrider94 Well-Known Member

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    He needs a veteran qb in his ear. Bring back Sanchez. Makes more sense than having that Boise dude on the roster for most of the season.
  7. robjay04

    robjay04 Well-Known Member

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    I wanted Fitzpatrick so bad.
  8. knightrider94

    knightrider94 Well-Known Member

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    Fitz would have been good.

    The stupidity of the front office to have a second year qb with no veteran presence behind him. Romo, gone; Sanchez, gone. That Boise dude doesn’t count. No help. Dak may be a leader, but he is stil a young player in the league who has some serious flaws. A veteran backup was needed.

    It’s almost just as bad as Dooley coaching wide receivers, but that’s another topic all together...
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  9. Hawkeye0202

    Hawkeye0202 Well-Known Member

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    Actually, this is nothing new. Heck, even Tom Landry used to say the same thing. Amazing how many fans/posters only need a year or two to make evaluations. Thanks for posting ..........
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  10. StarBoyz83

    StarBoyz83 Well-Known Member

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    Well ya. You give most players 3 years. Let alone a qb who did damn good his first year.
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  11. calicowboy54

    calicowboy54 Well-Known Member

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    I think Dak COULD be the long term solution BUT that does not stop me from Drafting a QB in RD 1 - 3 this year as insurance if he does flop... if he does flop we have covered ourselves and bridged the gap hopefully.
  12. knightrider94

    knightrider94 Well-Known Member

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    You would take a qb in round 1?
  13. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

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    Absolutely. That's why I'm giving Dak next year. He took a step back this year especially after Zeke's suspension. Still think he got shell shocked after the Atlanta game. Hope he can come back. He's a good guy.
  14. CF74

    CF74 Vet Min Plus

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    Three years for Dak and Taco should be the minimum, some players have taken 4-5 to fully bloom...
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  15. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

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    Some can make an evaluation after a game or two. lol
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  16. cowboyschmps3

    cowboyschmps3 Well-Known Member

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    He will be fine.
  17. kiheikiwi

    kiheikiwi Maui No Ka Oi

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    One of the biggest things Dak needs is a competant QB coach.
    Wade Wilson has never been that, and if the reality is that most of the coach's will be back - they need to target a young QB wisperer to work with Dak.
    Wilson skated by with Romo after David Lee groomed him. And brings nothing to help Dak at all.
  18. ShiningStar

    ShiningStar Well-Known Member

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  19. Hawkeye0202

    Hawkeye0202 Well-Known Member

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    :lmao::lmao2:tell me about it
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  20. RJ_MacReady

    RJ_MacReady mcompact

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    Of course Dak should get a 3rd season. Heck, Romo didn't see the field until his 4th. If we got to see Romo start in his 2nd year in the league, he'd probably been run off the team.

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