Good win but offense in general needs work

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Direwolf63, Dec 2, 2021.

  1. Direwolf63

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    Offensive line, Dak and Moore all had bad games tonight

    This offense in general needs work
  2. Jake

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    Fix the running game. That's the problem.

    But for now I'll take the win. We needed it.
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  3. MysteryIceGuro

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    I’m officially on the Dak sucks train. He had everything he needed tonight. So what’s the excuse now?
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  4. Havic

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    Kellen Moore is out there calling games like he is playing Madden. When we do run the ball, its with a hobbled Zeke. Let Zeke rest and give the rock to Pollard. Dak is missing easy throws and doesnt look comfortable. The offense is a mess.
  5. freemanjc19

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    This team is still a Cinderella team! I thought they had turned the corner but I think I was wrong!
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  6. Cydios

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    They just don't seem to he the same team pre Patriots.
  7. Bob-Lillys-War

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    Kellen was complete trash tonight .

    un believable .
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  8. TwoDeep3

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    The offensive line and the Saints front seven were the problem today.
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  9. Darkhound

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    nothing.... he is mediocre
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  10. Dallasfann

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    Just go away. Let Cowboy fans enjoy one night.
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  11. Ranching

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    No HC and no OL coaches.....I. a difference...hopefully we get Cooper in shape and don't lose anyone else.
  12. Aulac

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    He is a 4th round pick for a reason. No one does less with more than Dak. No one. Colt McCoy and other backup QB does more than Dak.
  13. plymkr

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    Everyone on offense, besides Pollard, should give their game checks to the defense.
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  14. superonyx

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    Except a clean pocket. Don’t blame Dak for you not understanding what an offensive line contributes to this sport.
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  15. Aulac

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    Stop it! Enjoying a win when our QB only scored 13 points? I want a Lombardi, not going to settle for this win that expose our QB for the fraud that he is. He overpaid worst than Goff.
  16. pacy

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    How about giving that Saints defense some credit?
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  17. MysteryIceGuro

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    I’m aware that the offensive line is bad but there were times he had a clean pocket and just threw an ugly ball. He dropped back plenty of times and had time to throw but just hesitated. Don’t forget the time he could have ran but forced the ball. He’s just making bad decisions and his timing is off.
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  18. dfense

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    Yup. Saints run defense is good. It's in their house. Cowboys Oline had issues with blitz pickup. Zeke is hurt. Questionable play calling.
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  19. MysteryIceGuro

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    The same saints D that had two of its DE’s missing? The same Saints D that let the Eagles and Bills score 31 and 40 points on them? Nope. Not giving them credit for Dallas’ ineptitude.
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  20. CarolinaFathead

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    Shut up khiladi lol
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