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    dear fellow fanzone freaks--- it was to me the most putrid game i have watched since 2015..actually

    i did not watch the game because my nerves were so shot i felt such a "dread"..so i went to cowboy zone

    chat for a while....then i left after we went up 10-9....then i saw the final...12-10....i could not sleep

    i believe there is a Garrett Ghost that reappeared from that 3 game stretch in 2015 when we could

    score no more than 10 and were beat soundly for all 3 games....that Garrett Ghost is what allowed

    that sub-for-Tyron left tackle to give up 6 sacks against Atlanta and no one helped him much....Ok..the game for

    me last night was so bad i did not even bother to watch the replay on "gamepass"....then it hit me

    tonight...we have never had a Penta-Platinum guarantee which is 5 times stronger than just a Plat

    so dear folks we have our first Penta-Platinum guarantee cowboys defeat Green Bay next Sunday

    i just hope Cameron Fleming is not our left tackle in the game or they put a perma-extra blocker

    with him...We just gotta beat Green Bay....i could not handle the shame of such a loss...Go Cowboys

    4-1 next Monday
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    I thought many cowboy zoners voted and you were banned from making anymore platinum guarantees ?? :huh::grin:
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    cheft--deep down i dont care about platinum or Golden or Urianium guarantees...i just want cowboys to win...i dont bet on games either..
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    Please stop.

    We're OK if you want to guarantee a loss but please stop the guaranteed wins.

    A 9-7 record is the opposite of a guarantee.

    A guarantee should mean close to 100%. We would settle for 90-10.

    A 9-7 record is 9 wins of 16 predicted. That's about 57-43 not 90-10.
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    hey dont worry i must have pissed off admin cause they moved the thread off fan zone

    GORICO Well-Known Member

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    hey friend dont worry it must have pissed off admin so they took it off..plus i would never guarantee a cowboy loss ..ever..i am not betrayer
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    Rock--- i was thoroughly crushed by this loss...i dont care about stupid platinum guarantees as far as me maybe looking good...i just want cowboys to win every game they play..one person after the loss told me why not guarantee some losses?...i told him i would never ever guarantee a cowboy loss no matter who they play...if the 1980 US hockey team can beat USSR ( which they were like 100-1 underdogs ) then cowboys can win any game they play...plus Rock i must
    have really ticked off Admin cause after loss to NO in my despair i five times downed a penta-plat guarantee we beat Packers next sunday...it was immediately removed from the fan zone...so i realize its time to suspend all Plats for near future...the NO game i was so nervous could not watch game and left the chat after we went up 10-9...then when i saw final score 12-10 i went into a panic attack...i know..get a life Gorico....i have tried..what kind of life is there without cowboy victories???????..cowboys have been my heros since i was 12 watching them lose in Super bowl 5 to Baltimore Colts 16-13...when i saw that star on the helmet i was hooked..what can i say
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    Please refrain.
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    time to hang'em up dude

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