Great Receivers Deliver In Big Games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SFloridaCowboy, Jan 4, 2022.

  1. RonWashington

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    Jamar Chase 266 & 3 TD’s against a Chiefs club Dallas scored 9 points on ….ugh
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  2. ondaedg

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    We’re among the worst in dropped passes. And I think Dak has at least three INTs that were balls that went through our receiver’s hands.
  3. ondaedg

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    Chase is an athletic freak and I swear I heard a sonic boom on that long pass play. Our WRs are shifty but we need a guy who makes safeties play back a few extra yards out of fear.
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  4. Sydla

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    Oh boy
  5. starfan1

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    well maybe I didnt word it correctly but the media and sports zealots all have dallas as more talented team than they actually are and the team is made up up individual who dont necessarily all pull their weight. The biggest problem is the interior line
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  6. starfan1

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    he is but he has baby tendencies. I love the guy and hope he stays on but he disappears all to often for my taste when the moment is big and the season on the line he sometimes shrinks. But ill agree with your assessment that so does the team
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  7. starfan1

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    dont you think there is enough of them threads? I realize you think its the cowboys biggest problem and its your goal to somehow crap on all threads and turn into a dak sucks but the matter is this offense has bigger issues than dak regardless of what you may think or feel. That doesn't mean he isn't part of the problem because he is but if you think that he is going to somehow turn into Aaron Rodgers or someone at midnight before the game youre deceiving yourself. he is plenty good enough to win big games

    I think you guys consistently use 2 or 3 bonehead throws a game to to define Dak and forget about the others because it suits your 40 million$ narrative. And we dont always know whose fault them throws are. They could be daks for sure but they also could be on the receiving corps
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  8. heir

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    While I agree with the overall point the one thing that is missing is how this offense is built. The offense is if someone is doubled teamed, no matter who it is, go to someone else. That sounds good in theory but any good offense find ways to get their best play makers the ball. This offense doesn't do that at all and it has been a problem all season.

    Same in the pass/run game. The defense shows 8 in the box. Dak checks into a pass, right before the snap the defense drops the extra defenders into pass coverage.

    Blame it on whoever you want to but it is not 100 on Cooper. The entire offensive scheme is allowed to be dictated by the defense. Sometimes you have to say screw how you are lined up and who you double, we are getting Cooper the ball. We never do that. Ever. It's stupid actually
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  9. Creeper

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    This off season should be interesting. The Cowboys have a CAP problem and Cooper is due $20 million in salary. Trading him (or cutting him) saves $16 million. I don't think Jerry has the guts to do it but he needs to start correcting the mistakes he made with big contracts. In 2022 it should be Cooper. In 2023 DLaw and Zeke. Then, and this will stir up some controversy I am sure, it's Dak's turn. His contract is up in 2024 with the last two years voided. Jerry needs to prepare now because if Dak comes back with demands for another huge contract that he does not deserve then Jerry should let him go. Dak is a good guy. He is a good QB, sometimes a great QB. But we are seeing the same nightmare every year now. Dak plays well to start the year then loses his mojo. We are seeing 2019 all over again this year. And the Dak we see against good teams is not good enough to win the big tough games. Maybe he will prove me wrong in the playoffs this year. But if he is dinking and dunking, bypassing deep throws for dump offs, and the offense starts slow allowing the opponent to get a lead, the Cowboys will be one and done again.
  10. glimmerman

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    You have to throw a accurate pass to the WR first. Dak was off the whole day and pressured..
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  11. fivetwos

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    Baseball fans....the tipping pitches thing....

    Maybe Dak has some sort of a tell. Or someone does.

    Sure seems like when we attempt a running play the defense knows it coming.

    That's a reach but I'm at loss otherwise.

    It's easy to say 'stick with the run' but when you're gaining nearly nothing each time how can you?

    I guess they can mix it up a little better but I can't believe that our lineman lose every snap on run plays.
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  12. Whirlwin

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    I don’t think anyone’s trashing the receivers. I think the trash and the team at least that’s what they should be
  13. Lodeus

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    Came to that conclusion last year. The defense is pretty legit this year but our offense is an overrated turd still.
  14. starfan1

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    This defense is contingent on getting turnovers and getting to the QB if those 2 things dont happen we are in trouble
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  15. Aven8

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    If you can’t run the football none of this other stuff works. Didn’t when Romo was here and not with Dak either.
  16. Nexx

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    but thats exactly what defenses have been playing against the cowboys since the Broncos game. Two high safeties.
  17. USArmyVet

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    ...just like great QB's are supposed to deliver in big games.....something Dallas lacks.
  18. Risen Star

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    Great QBs do too.
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  19. G2

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    I noticed Cooper running halfassed routes, jogging on a couple of passing plays. Anyone else?
  20. ondaedg

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    Those safeties are playing 2 high but they’re not all that deep and they rarely have their backs to the qb.. Guys like Chase would make those safeties play back 1-2yds deeper. Speed creates fear which creates hesitation and caution.

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