Greg Zuerlein is a less accurate kicker than Brett Maher

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hardline, Nov 28, 2021.

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    We were spoiled. We can admit it. For so long the Dallas Cowboys had the luxury of an elite kicker in Dan Bailey who made extra points and field goals so routine that they became boring and an opportunity for us to duck out while watching to go to the restroom or get a snack. It has now been over three years since the team released him and it has been a rocky ride at kicker ever since.
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    He has missed a kick in 46% of his games as a Cowboy.
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    The dude is fricking horrible and how he's still on this team is beyond me. He's cost the Boys AT LEAST TWO GAMES, against Tampa and now the Raiders with his misses.........
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    Special team coach is a Garrett clone. Once you become a favorite, results don’t matter.
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    Been saying this for a while. The old days of automatically counting the points and running to the bathroom are over for a bit.

    They moved the EP back so it’s not a chip shot. They moved the kickoff up so more touchbacks..

    We will eventually get a more accurate kicker. Until then we have to deal with it. Greg is a average kicker in the NFL. So there are teams with worse..
  7. MountaineerCowboy

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    Him and Bones are buddies.

    That's why. It's the Cowboys way of doing things.
  8. Mr_437

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    That can not be the case. I heard on CZ that Greg missing XP wasn't the reason the Cowboys loss.
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    Can’t do anything about it right now.

    This is a offseason topic.
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    Bring back Hallelujah?
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    Problem is there isn't another kicker available. We're stuck with him. He's cost Dallas a few games all by his lonesome self. But yet, he gets a free pass for those games & the haters blame Dak.

    Funny how suckie players get the pass & the good ones are hated. Stupidity at it's finest lol.
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    Yeah, why is this not an option? I recall he was 12/12 when they worked him out.
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    he hasnt no proof of it and this thread is stupid...

    Gregs made the clutch kicks most of his ,issues are 59, 60 or early xp or FG ..late in games hes been great, so not sure another kicker can be better..not the ones available gregs pretty average to above average but not cost us single game you can prove,,

    you cant look at final score and go back and say that his missed xp or kick led to loss..TB defense lost that game, denver a total team loss(**** show), KC offense sucked, raiders the defense gave up 36 points that's the issue not the kicker..sure he needs to improve but hes not been the issue not when it really truly has counted..
  14. Praxit

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    ..Meanwhile, Kai Forbath is still scratching his head. ..:huh:
  15. Mr_437

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    Exibit A
  16. AbeBeta

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    Maher missed 52 points. Z missed 42. These are the only numbers that matter. You can make the stats look bad because of the missed extra points but that's just an agenda talking. The entire analysis is stupid.
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    Those stats are misleading. Yes, Zuerlein has missed some XPs but overall, he is MUCH better than Maher and it's not even close...they need to look deeper into the numbers and take into account the accuracy from distance.

    FGs from 0-49 yards:
    Zuerlein: 46/49 (93.8%)
    Maher: 39/51 (76.4%)
    *For comparison - Justin Tucker the last two seasons: 40/43 (93%)

    FGs from 50+ yards:
    Zuerlein: 4/13 (30.7%)
    Maher: 10/15 (66.6%)
    *For comparison - Justin Tucker the last two seasons: 6/8 (75%)

    I'm not going to criticize a kicker for missing 50+ yard FGs, especially since McCarthy has made Zuerlein attempt some ridiculously long kicks that had a low chance anyway. But Zuerlein is money from pretty much every else.

    He is still a good kicker. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have made the game-tying kicks vs. Tampa, NE, LV, or the game-winning kick at LAC. The missed XPs are not ideal but look around the NFL, a lot of kickers are missing them now, even some good ones:

    XPs 2020-2021:
    Zuerlein: 55/61 (90%)
    Nick Folk: 56/63 (88.8%)
    Harrison Butker: 80/87 (91.9%)
    Chris Boswell: 53/58 (91.3%)
  18. MaineBoy

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    What a farce of a post....”missed XPs are not ideal....”...yah, especially when they lose games, lol. And your “good kicker” is 25th in percentage of FGs made....Carry on.
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  19. TheCoolFan

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    Take into consideration all of the 50+ yard kicks that Zuerlein has attempted that makes his numbers look bad. He's 46/49 from the money range...comparable to Tucker, who is widely regarded as the best kicker in the league.

    Zuerlein's missed XPs has not cost the Cowboys any game so far. Has he missed them at the end of regulation or late in the 4th quarter? No. Those misses are just the same as any mistake the team makes during the course of a game. A Dak missed throw/turnover, WR drop, DB penalty, etc. Mistakes happen in a game.

    This team has a lot of issues, Zuerlein is far from one of the biggest. You want to replace him...fine. Good luck trusting a random kicker off the street to make a 47 yard FG with the game on the line.
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    excuse me?

    I dont trust Greg but Maher was only accurate from 60

    anything less you may as well go for it

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