Gregory, Aldon and Gallimore

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by quickccc, Dec 6, 2020.

  1. quickccc

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    i do wonder what may have been if Goody Dell had reinstated Randy Gregory earlier and he hadn't missed virtually a month per post suspension - though he's coming inas rotation -i'm seeing gregory more than i am aldon smith as per his 2 sack game vs Wash. on thanksgiving game

    - i dunno what has happened to Aldon Smith who has really cooled off after a hot start that had him with 3 sacks vs seattle , maybe an injury that is being kept on the downlow ..or has he physically hit a wall?
    what kind of production will we get from Smith if we do manage to re-sign him ?

    - Gallimore had a great game vs Pitts, but has really been on the quiet since. i wonder if he was told not to
    work on getting upfield and splitting double more so than just holding his ground vs run , but like the other DTs he has either one solo tackle or no tackles at all, that means not making plays, not making presence felt or showing up.

    These guys (along with Trysten Hill) are being counted as supporting help with Dlaw in the very near future. We have to get breakout player. o_O
  2. big dog cowboy

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    Cowboys need a huge run stuffing DT. Have for years. Get one early next April and watch how much better the line looks next year.
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  3. bewp7

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    go for it and draft rousseau

    maybe smith is conditoning

  4. CowboyRoy

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    Hill is garbage. Gallimore has some hope. Dt as big a need as anything.
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  5. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Draft Marquiss Spencer from Mississippi State in the fourth. He's listed as a DE, but he's 6'4" and 300 pounds. Put him at DT and he could be Aaron Donald-ish for us.
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  6. Cowboyny

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    -Very strange how Aldon started the season and how he has been a total non-factor since. Is it injury related? Is it him not playing for a few seasons? I'm not sure if the team should even consider resigning him, even if his cost continues to drop.

    -Never a doubt about Gregory's talent, always about his issues with substance abuse. He is proven to be our best pass rusher, even can kick inside and is very underrated against the run. Sky is the limit, if he can remain in the NFL.

    -Gallimore looks like he has hit the rookie wall. With further development, the hope is he emerges in 2021.

    Team needs serious help along the DL, before even addressing what to do with Jaylon Smith. May need two impact starters and improved depth.
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  7. quickccc

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    - I would never kick Gregory inside to nickel DT, even in obvious nickel rush downs, he makes his biggest impact when he's on the edge with his great 1st step get off and ability to turn, twist with
    a counter move to get inside of tackle shoulder that over-play, over-committ his outside edge move.
    Randy is a natural pass rusher and in terms of pure athleticism, is our most athletic pass rusher- and that includes Aldon and Dlaw.

    - If anything i'd be more enticed to move DLaw inside to nickel DT,to match him up with OGs, even if it's on stunts and twists, which Marinelli did on occasion.
    But I've noticed that this package move is not in DL coach Jim Tomsula's repeitore.

    - Aldon is an agile rusher himself and he has unreal power in his extreme long arms and has a host of various rush moves, but I'm not seeing the explosiveness and block shed as I did early in the season. For a guy's that's being asked to start, he's disappeared and too much of a non-factor too often.
    I had to worry if its either a low-profile injury that team is down playing, (neck?) or has he hit a physical wall from years of inactivity ?
  8. Creeper

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    This is so obvious to me I just do not get why the Cowboys don't see it. But equally important is Safety. Look what a guy like Jabril Peppers does for that Giants defense. The Giants defense was awful a couple of years back. What did they do? They drafted Dexter Lawrence and Dalvin Tomlinson, traded for Leonard Marshall, signed Blake Martinez (who is way better than anyone of the Cowboys LBs) and obtained Jabril Peppers. They signed Bradberry and Logan Ryan too.

    I posted early that the Giants off-season acquisitions are the core of their defense. The Cowboys free agent acquisitions have failed them miserably.

    The Cowboys unwillingness to spend on defense has hurt them badly. They overcommitted money to Lawrence and Jaylon Smith. They signed Smith to a 6 yr, $68 million contract while the Giants signed Blake Martinez to a 3 yr, $30 million contract. Martinez is so much better than Jaylon Smith.

    The Giants do have an advantage in that they do not have to pay their QB $31 million on a franchise tag. But this has nothing do do with them overpaying some of their players.
  9. jazzcat22

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    Give them a complete off-season, instill the stuff they did not get to this year. Throw in a few players from the draft. I will not judge or make any rash thoughts at this point. Just such an odd year with everything. I know many will have their usual opinions going forward. Especially come March and FA. Many fans may have short memories of how this current season was not regular.
  10. charron

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    I think Aldon is wearing down from having to face teams LT. Gallimore is just young and offenses have figured up how to block him.
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  11. stilltheguru

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    Fans and Jerry will hold out hope just because he was a high pick. Hes so trash though. You could get a dt from arena league better than hill
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  12. Whyjerry

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    Ok but Donald is a HOFer. I will take a good DT and pray for great.
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  13. Whyjerry

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    When you ask a guy to lead your defense after he hasn’t played in nearly 5 years it will fail.
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  14. ChuckA1

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    Many of us have been saying this / begging for this for years. Hopefully the new coaching staff understands the importance of a push up the middle. I guess we'll see.
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  15. Cover 2

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    Aldon hasn't played football in a long time. I'm sure he's not in football shape as much as he would be if he didn't miss the past few seasons.
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  16. MyFairLady

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    Good old Randy. The future of the Dallas Cowboys pass rush for the last 6 years. Just hang tight guys. The domination is just around the corner.
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  17. buybuydandavis

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    Huh. Somehow we only ended up spending 2.5mil on Griffen. Not as bad as I thought.

    Still, this was a massive jerkface move on the part of Goodell. The whole Gregory Saga has just been a series of moves to screw the Cowboys over.
  18. MyFairLady

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    If only the entire world wasn't stacked up against poor Randy he would have be great.
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  19. quickccc

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    I wasn't knocking the move to sign Griffin, as I thought it would be great move to sign a guy that has resume credentials as a immediate starter while we had two previously DEs that were previously out of NFL for such a long period to be rotation options,
    or emergency injury sub starters if needed while Griffin and Dlaw manned the starting roles.

    That would have been the perfect scenarios with guys (aldon, gregory) to have lesser toll and chance of hitting a fatigue wall after just returning to the game again.

  20. exciter

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    Gym shape and football shape are two completely different things. He was listed at 287 coming into the season. His old playing weight was 264. He’s gassed, and has been since the 3rd game.
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