Hard Knocks episode 4

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    Training camp is about turning 90 players into 53. Those nobodies are fighting for spots. The school of Hard knocks.. ? It’s not really about the guys who already have a roster spot.
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    I have never watched Hard Knocks and most likely never will.
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    Ears Open Eyeballs Click
  4. Blake

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    Little orphan Funkhouser.
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    ~3 minutes on JaQuan Hardy eating yams.

    John Fassel’s lone appearance was figuring out how to draw on the telestrator.

    Our inside look at the QB meeting room featured Dak discussing the “pylon game”. No actual football talk was shown, because that’d be so boring!

    Tarrell Basham’s standup bit was so good (apparently) that we needed to see it twice.

    Isaac Alarcon’s mom is still loud, and we apparently needed to see/hear more of her. Yeah, let’s turn her into a star.

    This is the behind-the-scenes look at training camp you were hoping for?

    Does HBO think we’ll get bored by actual football-related content? Did they make this series for me or for my wife?
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    Hard knocks has been a snooze fest after episode one it’s all the guys who ain’t making the team
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    And then the majority of the football highlights we already seen on Twitter and they're showing highlights of preseason games we already watched.
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    I think it is so weird that they focused on guys like Kamara, Alarcon and DiNucci, when there are so many other interesting stories involving star players. I mean seriously:

    1. Dak - between coming back from his injury and then the should injury they should have had a camera up his *** to catch every minute
    2. Jaylon Smith - he is such a polarizing figure, he would have been ratings gold
    3. Micah Parsons - dude has been the talk of camp and they really didn't show that much of him
    4. Diggs - nice little story with the kid and stuff, but he has been the most talked about defender behind Parsons
    5. Gregory - finally set to play a whole season, with huge expectations
    6. Zeke - his commitment to returning to past year's success
    7. Jarwin - his recovery and journey going from backup to expected factor to missing the whole year and trying to regain his spot

    All of these are better than the feel good stories. Maybe they could have featured one bottom of the roster guy for each show, but not for as long as they did and through multiple shows.

    I did like both Kamara's Mom and Alarcon's Mom. Different styles but both so supportive.
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    ..wasn't to bad. I enjoyed this one and #3. Kinda sad in a way, most guys they were showing got the axe. Its really weird seeing it from a hindsight point of view.
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    Luckily I watched it on my laptop right before bedtime so it worked out perfectly. #SnoozeFest
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    He thinks he sounds intelligent ... but he's not.
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    Its a traffic jam, when youre already late...
  14. GimmeTheBall!

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    Isn't, though?
  15. GimmeTheBall!

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    luv tha Diggs Family!
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    Is the show good? NO

    But I feel like if the show was good you guys will still find **** to complain or be negative about. Its just the way yall are I guess.
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    There are so many good stories about a team that could be told. How about 2 minutes with the various trainers on how to treat injuries or guys getting treatment, getting their ankles taped, or guys who work behind the scenes to get the stadium ready for the fans. Hell, how about 30 seconds on the food at the stadium for a game etc. There has to be a uncut version of stuff that would be interesting to watch. I wonder if some guys said right up front to keep that camera out of my face. PS. A piece on LVE would have been interesting as well. Maybe the budget was less this year for Hard Knocks from HBO.
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    How many speeding tickets will Zeke get in that Hellcat Durango?
  19. Sydla

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    It's not weird in the sense this is what Hard Knocks largely has done. They feel the drama in camp is with the fringe guys, the cut down days, etc. Them focusing on Alarcon and Kamara is pretty standard for the show. I agree that there were other interesting storylines with this team but focusing on a couple of the rookies and then fringe roster guys is pretty standard for them.
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