Hard liquor recommendations

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Crazed Liotta Eyes, Feb 24, 2022.

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    Your state legalized prostitution? Good for you!

    I don't care for the feeling of not being in control of my thoughts, actions, or body, so a little buzz is about as far as I like to go. That's not to say I haven't accidentally gotten drunk, but I can say that when I do end up drunk, I'm having a good time...but regret usually sets in, once it's time to be responsible.
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    Cigars n whiskey, my go to sins.

    A fine crystal double old fashioned glass, like Waterford, with large clear cubes with the nectar of the gods in it and a fine hand rolled on the thighs of virgins cigar are the last vices left to me. My doc tried to get me to cut back on both so I decided to get a second opinion, my own, and shelved his well meaning suggestion.

    His case was pointless. I would live longer. Did he miss the part about this being my last two vices? Life without vice ain't living to me, I gotta feel I am getting by with something.
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    11 years ago I lost my wife and for the first time in my life I used alcohol to numb the feelings, tried to make them go away. I drank with purpose like I hadn't since I was in college. I still didn't free pour but I did assign myself the required amount to do the trick every night and I wanted to feel bad the next day.

    Other than not taking advantage of grief counseling, that was the biggest mistake I could have made because it postponed temporarily and drug out the grief over a longer period of time. On the plus side, one of my closest friends lost his wife about 3 years ago and I was able to counsel him on my experience. And I share this with anyone in hopes they can sidestep a real self-inflicted punch to the gut and heart.

    Since that time, I discovered something. I can use alcohol to open myself up but go too far and it has the opposite effect. I discovered I am a pretty happy and funny buzz guy and can recall the times my wife and I made ourselves laugh with abandon. I can actually recall those moments and it doesn't take much to get me there. However, go too far and it's the reverse effect and I become sullen, full of self-pity and I hate me. And once I go too far, there's no going back, have to feel that way and can't undo it so I stay very aware of that.

    Well, life is too damned short to feel that way so I self-medicate and any doc would raise their eyebrows with that but I know myself better than they do. I do not particularly like myself sober or drunk but in between, I think I am a swell guy.
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    As a raging alcoholic I'd recommend the following.

    Bourbon - Buffalo Trace but it can be hard to find so Weller in a pinch. Buffalo Trace is my nightly drinker and H2O is the only beverage I consume more of.
    Rye Whiskey - Bulleit rye is what I use for making old fashions and it's the only time I drink rye. I just got a smoking board so I'm experimenting with smoked old fashions.
    Canadian or Irish - Don't drink them. Their American counterparts are far superior.
    Scotch - I like the less peaty stuff so I drink Black Grouse or Johnny Walker Black.
    Vodka - I drink it but can tell little difference and I just use plain ole Tito's made here in Texas. I also like the Deep Eddy ruby red vodka, especially when it's hot outside.
    Tequila - Fortaleza Blanco, I never looked at a bottle of Patron again after this.
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    Life is too short. Enjoy the good things while you still can. I've already had the doctor talk: "You are determining the way you die now...." LOL
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    Ahhh the local dispensary. I crack up every time I go there and leave with a little shopping bag. And to think that not that long ago you could get locked up do so,etching that is now 100% above board.
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    So do we, CC...So do we.
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    Anyone else get this ad at the bottom of the page? lol
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    No, but my ads right now are for cocktail recipes. Sneaky internet, LOL!
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    Stick with single malts. Keep trying different brands till you find what you like best. No ice, room temp, add just a tiny drop of water.
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    Dark Meyers
  12. reddyuta

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    rittenhouse rye.my go to for Manhattan and also use it in old fashioned sometimes.
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    I tried to be a prostitute. No one would pay so I settled for skank.
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    I'm a huge spirits guy. Well, I'm a huge beer and wine guy too. But I'm also a huge spirits guy.

    I love everything in the Bardstown portfolio and Buffalo Trace portfolio. I enjoy the occasional rye and stick to Angel's Envy there, but it's about a $100 bottle where I shop for liquor in South Carolina. Irish whiskey is fine, but I prefer to take shots of that, not sip it. To be honest with you, unless you shell out for at least $50, all Irish Whiskey tastes the same to me. Don't let anyone tell you any differently, Canadian Whiskey is trash - and always will be. Scotch is great too, but unless you're a full blown alcoholic it requires a keen understanding of geography to really get a pulse on what sorts of Scotch you like (kinda like wine, I'll always pick a French or Oregon Pinot Noir over a fruity California Pinot).

    The most well kept secret amongst bourbon snobs in the clubs that I am in is Rebel Yell 100 Proof. It's a perfectly priced wheated bourbon and sips phenomenal neat, as well as in a cocktail. I pay $19 for a fifth and it always has a spot in my liquor cabinet. I can't stress enough how much money that bourbon has saved me over the years.

    I'm a Bloody Mary fiend because I crave the salt sometimes, but I usually use gin in mine instead of vodka. Not a lot of people can handle it, but one of my favorite things to drink during the summer is straight gin over ice, with a lemon wedge.

    I'm not a tequila expert at all, but I freaking love it. Give me a reposado and an ice cold beer, and I am happy as a clam.
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    I'm using 151 overproof Rum.
    Less intake double the results.
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    Make it dark rum and Dr Pepper please.
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    I've been making my own Bloody Mary mix since 1980 and everyone who's ever had one wants the recipe because it's not thick like tomato juice. I travelled Canada back then and they had Bloody Caesar's, which I loved so I appropriated the main ingredient, Clamato, and began to experiment. They made another product back then called Beefamato which I substituted and had with Tequila for Bloody Maria's. Then I combined the two and that was magical but they no longer make the Beefamato so the main ingredient now is Clamato. The measurements are approximate as I never have measured it, just eye balled it. It's all to taste anyway and some like more heat.

    I bottle of Clamato
    20 grinds on the pepper mill
    10 grinds on the sea salt mill
    Tsp of celery salt
    2 tsp Lea & Perrin, accept no substitutes
    4 tsp Crystal Hot Sauce, my go to
    2 tsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
    2 tsps prepared horseradish, I use Boar's Head or Helluva Good
    2 tsps pickled jalapeno juice, I make my own and control the heat and use this in margarita's as well

    I have made several different salts for the rim but my favorite is to rub a lime on the glass and dip that into a half and half Red Diamond Kosher Salt and Maldon Salt Flakes, which adds a little crunch. This Tuesday, Fat Tuesday (the only day I am Catholic and I don't give up anything for Lent except maybe cottage cheese because I hate cottage cheese. They actually call the cellulite on women that and eat it too?) I will be making Cajun Mary's and using a mix of Tony Chachere's and Maldon and packing some chilled boiled shrimp in it for garnish and have been known to do raw oyster shooters using this recipe.
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    Why don't you just go for the Everclear at 190? Then we can sit you out front with an empty can in one hand and a can of pencils in the other.
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    Yes, I recommend it.
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    Who says I'm not dong that now.

    I've got a nice place in front of the library.
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