Has Zeke lost some of his speed?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by clff15701, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. QuincyCarterEra

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    We're seeing it AGAIN immediately this year with Ekeler replacing Melvin G. Very first opportunity for a RB and he's killing it.

    I guess Carlos Hyde was first and he is destroying Miller's best year as a Texan.

    It's truly embarrassing some havent grasped that RBs are replaceable. Even the elite ones like Gurley, Bell, Gordon, and Zeke.
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  2. Dylan88Wilson

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    Yeah, he doesn’t look nearly as explosive. He isn’t the homerun-hitter he was his rookie season.
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  3. Keithfansince5

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    Yes, Zeke is in decline. I have said it several times. Of course it is my opinion and anyone else can have theirs. But to me, he is not the same dude who played in 2016. He was dynamic then.
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  4. Keithfansince5

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    No Zeke is not like Emmitt. Zeke has more speed than Emmitt but has half the heart Emmitt had.
  5. Batman1980

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    Yup, all of this is why I would've signed Ajayi and let Zeke stew until we traded him.
  6. Future

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    That definition is b.s. for the modern game. Number of times a runner faces 8 men in the box means absolutely 0 when you don't know the offensive sets. It tells you nothing.

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT 11 PERSONNEL DOES and why it is the most common offensive grouping by a mile. Good teams throw when there are 6 box defenders because it means single-high and generally man coverage. It is quite literally the exact offensive philosophy that McVay uses and what Moore is implementing. They still don't run against unblocked defenders, unless they are optioning them.

    I did not realize you were so completely out of touch with the state of NFL offenses.
  7. BoysfaninVegas

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    I tried my hardest to convince people that they're easily replaceable but failed. At the end of all of it, all I saw here was, "It's Jerry's money. Let him worry about the salary cap."

    I respect the opinion of those who said that but I don't want to here them complain when the Cowboys let other players walk because they can't afford them.
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  8. tomsanders921

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    What about saquon? Giants have no passing game and teams know he is the only player that can beat them
  9. Shane612

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    Felix Jones put on some weight his second or third off season, and he was never the same.
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  10. ConstantReboot

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    Christian McCaffery and Devin Cook. Both I think are better than Zeke.
  11. quickccc

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    and they (Cowboys staff) did that to him because Felix was already having major issues with durability and staying healthy...
  12. Whirlwin

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    You didn't answer the question, did he lose a step. Personally I don't think so.
  13. stinkface

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    Let Christian run the ball as much as Zeke does and he will be a broken down man and that speed will be gone. Need to see some more of Cook. He seems a tad brittle based on how much time he's out of the line up.
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  14. gp_cowpolk

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    I will make this ezy Zeke is the fastest ewok in the NFL
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  15. CalPolyTechnique

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    What a completely ridiculous take, smh.

    If you can’t understand why facing 8+ men in the box as a RB is inherently different and more difficult than having facing 5 or 6 then I can’t help you.

    You got your little flimsy 11-personnel theory busted up by showing you exactly what the Cowboys were doing with Noah Brown bringing him and blocking at the LOS.

    Your response was “oh, you’re proving my point; there’s more defenders than blockers” which is effectively saying you don’t have a freakin’ clue how stupid your theory is.


    Because it doesn’t freakin’ matter how many blockers the offense has. The metric looks at the number of defenders stacked in the box at the snap.

    Here’s an entire article on how Brown is utilized including in 11-personnel: https://www.google.com/amp/s/inside...ew-light-end-noah-brown-makes-big-impact/amp/
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  16. QuincyCarterEra

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    McCaffrey had more touches last year and in college. No signs of any injury at all.
  17. darthseinfeld

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    And Demarco lost alot of speed in the process. He was a sub 4.4 guy at, what, 200 lbs when we drafted him? What was he in 2014? Close to 230?

    He lost speed, but both him and the Cowboys would make that transformation 10 out of 10 times.

    Felix on the other hand was all acceleration. You take that away and what do you have
  18. ka0tik

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    yes. that’s why le’veon looks like a turtle. patient runners.
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  19. Daktozekecoop

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    I understand. But Washington had just played the Eagles who are a super bowl favorite, in a really good game that the skins barely lost. Many here either picked the skins to beat Dallas or predicted a close game. Suddenly after the game everyone is saying Dallas has played no one. Not true, they just soundly beat a good team. So to my eyes what Dallas is doing is making decent or good teams look like scrubs. That is what champions do and so it gives me the feeling we are at the dawn of a championship season and that to me makes these recent games really exciting.
  20. boysfanperiod

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    To answer the question: Yes, he has.

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