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Have a bad feeling Norv Turner could be our next HC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zman5, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

    10,198 Messages
    8,803 Likes Received
    I have a bad feeling if JG is let go, Norv may end up being our next HC. Or at least pursued by Jerry as one of the top choice if Norv ends up doing a good job with Cam. He is doing a good job so far. The CAR offense is currently 10th in points per drive. Since JJ thinks Dak is Cam lite, he might think Norv can turn him around and may tried to get him away from Carolina.

    He'll be an upgrade over JG but I prefer we get someone who will not take any of JJ's crap. I don't think Norv will do that.
  2. Idgit

    Idgit Riding the Red Rocket Staff Member

    52,982 Messages
    48,599 Likes Received
    Won’t happen, but it’d be a downgrade anyway. I didn’t want Turner back when he was a contender when Wade got the job.
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  3. black label

    black label Well-Known Member

    2,365 Messages
    4,179 Likes Received
    every end has dak as the qb nothing worse man
  4. acr731

    acr731 Well-Known Member

    1,031 Messages
    2,219 Likes Received
    Jerry is never gonna quit on Ken.
  5. noshame

    noshame I'm not dead yet...... Zone Supporter

    6,905 Messages
    4,374 Likes Received
    you are Idgit
  6. AmericanCowboy

    AmericanCowboy Well-Known Member

    2,106 Messages
    2,830 Likes Received
    Would be a thousand times better than Garrett
  7. buybuydandavis

    buybuydandavis Well-Known Member

    3,813 Messages
    3,178 Likes Received
    A guy who can work with Jerry and make use of a running QB.

    He would be a big upgrade.

    But I don't see Jerry going old at HC. Maybe Marinelli as interim. But Jerry wanted to leave Garrett as his legacy.

    Tomorrow, #RodHCMooreOC. Jerry made an inexperienced QB coach an OC before.

    I wonder if Rich Gannon would like to be a QB coach.
  8. beware_d-ware

    beware_d-ware Well-Known Member

    1,494 Messages
    1,977 Likes Received
    I like what Norv's doing in Carolina right now fully incorporating McCaffrey into that offense, but over the last 10+ years, he's shown to be a Wade-ish type of incompetent head coach and a pretty average coordinator.

    Turner's last head coaching was with the late-2000s San Diego Chargers, where he was literally just handed a contender. He had probably the best RB room to ever play football, all in their primes, a HOF level quarterback in his prime, a HOF TE in his prime, a defense brimming with studs like Merriman and Cromartie and Jamal Williams - it was just like Wade's situation after he took over from Parcells but even better. And Norv couldn't do squat with them. To be fair, his first year was just bad luck when he had to face the '07 Patriots in the AFC championship. But for 4 or 5 years after that, it was just 9-7 seasons and early playoff exits while the roster disintegrated. He couldn't elevate his talent - heck he struggled to win in spite of his talent, and he completely wasted a wide open Super Bowl window.

    If he can't take Phil Rivers and Antonio Gates to any better than 9-7, he's in for a hell of a time with Geoff Swaim and Dak Prescott. Norv's an old, turkey-necked man and at this point he is what he is - a decent OC and an awful HC. Garrett's terrible, but at this point, I'd rather have him over Norv. I seriously think the Clapper does a better job.
  9. bodi

    bodi Well-Known Member

    4,206 Messages
    1,985 Likes Received
    out with the old man coaches in with the new
  10. Melonfeud

    Melonfeud I Copy!,,, er,,,I guess,,,ah,,,maybe. Zone Supporter

    13,596 Messages
    22,970 Likes Received
    Ya,well ,,,Y'all know?,,, that ol' DICK VERMEIL ain't but around 80 something and he'd be a Heap big damn sight better than anyone I've seen presented in this thread thus far,,,besides, he'd easily just ' punk' the ol' JJ down with " shut-up,you young whippersnapper" & " that greasy kids stuff yer' rubbing on yer' Noggin's been effecting yer' thinking Kid!",,,yeah!,,, Oh, YEAH!o_O

  11. BoysfaninVegas

    BoysfaninVegas Well-Known Member

    1,650 Messages
    2,519 Likes Received
    I'd take Elmer Fudd at this point.

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  12. Melonfeud

    Melonfeud I Copy!,,, er,,,I guess,,,ah,,,maybe. Zone Supporter

    13,596 Messages
    22,970 Likes Received
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  13. Shinaoi

    Shinaoi Well-Known Member

    2,202 Messages
    3,325 Likes Received
    We all known Jeff Fisher is just sitting around waiting.
  14. dwreck27

    dwreck27 Well-Known Member

    2,326 Messages
    2,865 Likes Received
    I would be done with the Cowboys till he’s gone if he became the HC
  15. brooksey1

    brooksey1 Well-Known Member

    2,723 Messages
    1,835 Likes Received
    Dak will not be a Cowboy after this year, IMO unless he's playing backup which is unlikely.
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  16. BoysfaninVegas

    BoysfaninVegas Well-Known Member

    1,650 Messages
    2,519 Likes Received

    Melonfeud likes this.
  17. Melonfeud

    Melonfeud I Copy!,,, er,,,I guess,,,ah,,,maybe. Zone Supporter

    13,596 Messages
    22,970 Likes Received
    Man!!!,,,that dudes in MY " spiteful evil weasel " category of weaselnutt casing-linerso_O

    * I'd rather retain the rendered services of " CLAPPY BUTT SLAPPY" than have that floundering ferret faced rat raging mo-fo:rolleyes:
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  18. Mannix

    Mannix Well-Known Member

    297 Messages
    363 Likes Received
    I've been saying either Fisher or Holmgren for years....it will be one of those two. My money is on Holmgren.
    Melonfeud likes this.
  19. Melonfeud

    Melonfeud I Copy!,,, er,,,I guess,,,ah,,,maybe. Zone Supporter

    13,596 Messages
    22,970 Likes Received
    I'm pretty much of the same sentiments as you on that view,bro!:starspin:
    BoysfaninVegas likes this.
  20. Cowboy Brian

    Cowboy Brian @BrianLINY Zone Supporter

    13,504 Messages
    1,808 Likes Received
    IF Jerry makes the decision to finally cut JG. I'm not expecting him to bring in older guy. I'd expect a college hire, and knowing Jerry, I'd anticipate Jim Harbaugh being at the top of his list.

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